Sunday, 13 March 2016

FOTD & Mini Reviews: Keep It Casual!

                 Hello my dolls! I am back with a post and I have been getting quite a few requests to do work/college make up and review some good products as well so I thought I'd just combine the two and make both parties happy! :P When it comes to work and specially if it's a bit conservative or if you newly joined, you want to keep it casual and simple. I am just doing a bit of base, blush, lip balm/ neutral lip and eye liner or only mascara and that's it! My acne skin looks awful but trust me,  I cannot be bothered with too much make up as I look like a zombie after my working hours anyways! Lol. Lets move on to my selfie LOTD ;)

No, I do not have such flawless skin. My skin looks like the roads in Kolkata atm as I broke out like crazy! 

Now, this does not even look like I did anything. I have to say though, I used everything. Primer, concealer and the rest. I also just realised that my eyebrows are not in talking terms. Lol. Sorry but it's all because of the light! For the first time, I actually made an effort to do a FOTD in daylight! Okay I should just keep quiet and write the important things instead!

Things Used:

Clean & Clear Oil Free moisturiser: Oil-free, contains salicylic acid, non-clogging and cheap. Definitely a very good option for those who have oily/acne prone skin. 

Biotique Almond Under Eye Cream: I had literally finished all of the VLCC under eye cream and I was searching for something new. I got hold of this one as it claims to be soothing and nourishing. Firstly, soothing.. it stings your eyes if the product enters your eye so I do not really get the "soothing" part. The product does not sting once you know how to use it though and actually is kind of soothing....Strange! Nourishing? Oh yes! my under eyes do feel very nourished but I think that when I use too much of it, my under eyes become slightly oily!

Essence All About Matt Oil Control Make up Base: This product does not have that smooth silicone texture. Neither does it do very well in the oil controlling and pore refining department (Kolkata humidity). I would not say it's the best primer but it does a decent job for the price and is good enough for daily make up!

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake: To be VERY honest, I was really really disappointed with the product. Then I thought to myself, it's not really right to judge the product without using it like the way it is actually suppose to be used! So I applied this product using a damp buffing brush and I am quite impressed! Impressed, that I actually took out all my powder foundations and started testing them. I have to say, even thought some of them completely failed as a compact, they impressed me in their foundation form! I never wear powder foundations but my views are slightly changing!

Palladio Herbal Stick Concealer: I found this product while randomly window shopping. I did not expect much but I quite love it! I wish Palladio was more accessible as it's not available easily. 

Jordana Eye Primer: I will not even say anything because it is in every look of mine. Click on the link to read the review! :)

Miss Claire 98-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette: Must have. I used an eye shadow shade close to my skin colour (shimmer finish) and just defined my crease with a taupy brown and blended it. I took the same taupe brown on my lower lashes. Brightened my inner corners with the first shade I used and added more definition by lining the outer lash line with a grey eye shadow.

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Grey: Oh my Gosh. How was I even living without this one? I am a fan of grey liners and this one is super impressive. It is not waterproof. However, it is water resistent and stays till the end of my working hours. The applicator is good as you can make really thin lines. The shade is super gorgeous. A beautiful gunmetal grey with shimmers and really makes the eyes look so pretty. I love it so much that I bought the brown and green shade (equally gorgeous). I want the blue one too! <3

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes in Creamy Cinnamon & Fresh Coral: Must haves. Who does not love these? 

Sivanna Bronzed Professional Bronzer: A super budget friendly bronzer with a good mixture of warm and cool tones. I really like it! Do buy it if you get a chance! 

Essence Mosaic Compact Powder: This product is super confused. Is it suppose to be a highlighter? bronzer? compact? no idea. Essence claims it can be used as all three! I use this product as a highlighter during the day and it is pretty okay.Bronzer/compact, I don't think that idea is good. Not going to repurchase!

Lastly, Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick in Royal Rouge: If you are upset about not being able to wear red to work, don't be. This is such a beautiful and wearable red! I usually use it as a stain like as seen in the image. However, even after building it up, it is very safe to wear this shade to work. It was a beautiful creamy formula and feels very comfortable to wear! 

Konad Eye Brow Pencil: Great formula, very blend-able, stays well and I really like it! 

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara in Very Black: I love this mascara for everyday. I usually don't apply mascara. But when I do, it's this one! ;) It is not waterproof so I cannot even think of crying with this on! :P

Did you enjoy this FOTD+Mini Reviews? If yes, then do comment below! If no, then do let me know what you want to see! 

Also, I am thinking of doing a make up look inspired by Beyonce in the new music video, Hymn For The Weekend. I think that make up look is sooooo gorgeous! 

Much Love,
Emmy <3