Monday, 29 February 2016

Workaholic Favourites: Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream!

                  Hello dolls! As promised, I am going to review my work go-to makeup favourites and do some looks soon too. As you know, I started working and luckily (or unluckily) my workplace always has A.C. Unlucky, because my skin doesn't know whether to become oily or flaky. Lucky, because my skin can use dewy bases! So, I have this huge hoard of foundations as I love foundations and I need something mattifying 24/7. As I joined work, I noticed how everything just looked so cakey and dry on my skin. That is the time I thought of trying and opting for something more hydrating and lighter for everyday wear. I wanted to buy the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick as I loved it previously but I was so upset to find out that.... IT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! Is it just me or do the best products just get discontinued? :( Anyways, I went for this one because of the price and it looked like a decent product too! So dolls..... presenting you, the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream! 

I love the product's packaging. It's so cute! Also, the size is so perfect to fit into my makeup pouch (which is blue as well :P). What I like about the tube is that, you can really control the amount of product you dispense. 

The texture? Smooth, creamy and light. Very easy to work with!

The shade I have is 02 Radiance. It is not the exact bang on shade as it is more on the peachier side. However, it doesn't really matter as it adjusts pretty well on the skin and also because it does not have much coverage. 

The product takes a little time to set. When it does set, it sets into this beautiful my skin but better product. It feels very lightweight and has this beautiful sheen which makes your skin look really nice and healthy. Also, my pores are not that noticeable and my skin looks smoother and redness is minimised. It is not the type of product to conceal any marks so you definitely do need a concealer. It is a light to medium coverage BB cream, depending on your skin. 

There is but one slight problem. Oil control. This is not going to be a product for the humid, sweaty summers. When I am travelling to my work place, I do have to step out in the heat and I do feel like the product cannot handle heat very well. Right now, the weather seems all right so it's okay but I'm 100% sure that this is not for oily skin in summer. Also, you have to set it with powder if your skin is combination/oily. Oh, because it does not control oil well, don't let it mislead you to think that dry patches would be invisible! DO moisturise using something oil-free!

I noticed that I blot twice a day with blotting sheets (even after setting with powder). I thought my BB cream just slid off my skin by the end of the day.To my surprise, it was still very much there. I had it on for 10 hours! (9am to 7pm). Imagine! 

Now, I find myself reaching out for it most of the times and I can see myself finishing this tube up soon! I RECOMMEND! <3

Btw girls, which is your favourite BB cream? Could someone please confirm if the BB stick is REALLY DISCONTINUED? :( 

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Makeup Tips For The Workaholics!

 It's been a long day without you my friend,
I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.

No, relax. Nothing tragic happened but that is how I feel lately....when I see my bed! Lol. Why? I joined work recently plus doing some freelancing makeup, hence the super slow blog posts! As I am home, I want to sleep. I cannot promise that I will post 24/7 but I do promise that I will not vanish! :)

Belated Happy Valentines Day to all my Dolls! I missed you all dearly! Valentine's day I thought that I would do a post. By the time I got to it, the day ended! =\ I was thinking what to do and then I thought, since I started working, I should share my tips on what make up I wear to work or quick easy to do make up! Now let's begin......

I LOVE my bold lips and smokey eyes and crazy looks but if you are working, forget about being a rainbow to work. You have to look professional and polished. Not like you are heading for a girls night out! Hence, the "less is more" dialogue REALLY fits in! If you are working in a place where you can experiment then I really envy you. I cannot even think of colour as I work in the bank! LOL. 


I have noticed that my make up routine has changed a lot. I tend to search for products that are very easy to use, fuss free, fast, blend easily with my finger tips. Thus mousse foundations, bb/cc creams are my choice for base make up. I even tend to choose hydrating base products as my skin gets pretty dehydrated in the A.C at work. Concealers are a must for me because they just make me look well rested and cover my blemishes. I opt for hydrating under eye concealers and cream/stick concealers for concealing acne. I set my make up with a semi matte powder. Matte powders make my skin look very dead in the office lights. Semi matte powders look very natural and let's my skin look healthy and glowy. Whereas for primers, I just use a mattifying/pore refining one on my T-zone. Oh, if you are into the Kim Kardashian contouring and highlighting, then you need to stop.


 I opt for matte or luminious looking blushes. Do not put a lot of blush or a blush with lots of visible shimmer because my friend, those dreaded white office lights show EVERYTHING! I can even count the pores on my skin. Those white lights can challenge any make up artist or make up product! I even noticed that I like using cream blush because it looks soooo natural like you did not even apply blush! I have only one cream blush but I reach out for it a lot and now I am going to buy lots of it! 


Eye primer/concealer as base and neutralise darkness on the lids. A wash of eye shadow or cream eye shadow and that's it. Sticking to neutrals is a must but you must also remember to use more of mattes. If you do want to use shimmer eye shadow, restrict it to your crease. Always blend the shimmer eye shadow with a matte eye shadow. Remember to be light handed while applying or use a fluffy eye shadow brush, to give a wash of the shade on your lids. Do inner corner highlight only if your concealer is really failing to brighten your eyes! I reach out most for grey or brown eye pencil as it is subtle compared to black and give my eyes definition. Sometimes I just put eye liner on my eyes. Try avoiding cat/winged liner. Just a simple eye lining is enough. Days when I am lazy to the power of infinity, my eyelash curler and mascara is my choice!


Say goodbye to fall lips and red pouts and bold lips. Say goodbye to mattes. Okay, not exactly but you know those pretty drying ones? Go for more creamy formulas. I have so many lipsticks in my stash that just cannot lie there forever. They are so bright and pretty! How do I wear them? Stain them. It upsets me to be honest but seriously, it is much better than lying idle! If you have a huge stash of nude lippies then noone is stopping you! ;) I also see myself going A LOT for tinted lip balms. They are so easy to reapply and give me hydration on my lips.

Btw, what would be your recommendations/favourites for work or college? Would you like to see some office/college looks and product reviews for office/college friendly makeup? Don't forget to leave your comments! xx 

Much Love,
Emmy <3.