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MOTD: Tips & The PERFECT Fall Lip!

                           Hello my Dolls! I am back with a look. I know I should start reviewing products again but I do not know where to begin as my stash is double the size now! lol. If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen me posting this look where I put this really dark shade of lippie. Honestly, I am very intimidated by shades like these because it makes me look all the more pale! I don't think I wear wear it out anytime soon but I LOVE the shade! Oh, even my favourite blogger friend Nivedita from MakeupandChitChat insisted that I do a MOTD post of it! ( Love you Nivi! <3 )

Here it is..........

I decided to put this one up as everything is more clear (lipstick is much darker in person). The one on my instagram with the top knot looks very ugly without edits :P. Not only that but also because my forehead was looking so huge and the makeup looked different. You know how us girls find a flaw in every pic! ;)


Keep it simple.


Matte. For some reason, I love matte foundations paired with dark lips! Others may have other preferences and that is completely fine. Make sure that all blemishes, scars, redness, darkness are all concealed. Dark lips can emphasise the smallest blemishes! Also, remember to moisturise your skin well in this dry weather. Use a hydrating primer if you wish!
I used:
Himalaya Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion (dry/very dry skin)
Oriflame Face Perfecting Primer (dry areas)
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (for pores and T-zone)
Ashley Concealer Palette (Thai brand. For colour correcting)
Sivanna Colors Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation
Sivanna Colors Pro Make up Creamy Concealer (for blemishes)
Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation (for under eyes)
Loreal Infallible 24hr Powder Foundation


Even a makeup noob can do it. Use a primer, followed by a creamy grey eye shadow or a grey eye pencil as base. Apply it till your crease. Next, using a flat eye shadow brush, take a similar eye eye shadow and apply till crease and blend the edges. Don't forget to apply the eye shadow on your lower lashline too! Take a taupe eye shadow to define your crease and blend it with your grey eye shadow. To line my lashline, I went with a grey eye pencil. The goal is to make your lips the focus so be soft with the eye makeup! Now, if you have horrible dark circles like me, the grey eyeshadow might just make it look a bit tired. Hence, I recommend that you highlight your inner corners with a shimmer white eyeshadow. Add a bit on 1/3rd of your lower lashline. Next, instead of using white eye pencil on my lower waterline, I chose a silver. I just wanted that extra pop and it popped the eyes beautifully! Finish off with a very very natural pair of falsies. If you are one of the lucky ones with super long lashes (I envy you), just apply a few coats of mascara!
I used:
Deborah Milano Eye Perfect Primer
Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (grey shade & white shade)
Sivanna Colors Smokey Eyeshadow Palette (taupe shade for crease and outer corner)
Unbranded lashes
Meis Eyebrow Duo
Essence Mosaic Compact Powder (to highlight)
Sivanna Colors Bronzed Professional (contour)


The star products....
Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner in Cocoa Fudge
Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick in W267

FEW TIPS (my personal preferences):

ALWAYS opt for neutals when wearing shades like this. You cannot do rainbow eyes and pair this lippie. Just saying! Cause I saw one girl in broad day light with blood red eye shadow till her brows, paired with red blush and red lipstick! Oh, she was eating paani puri and everyone was a bit intimidated! :P

Go for a nude blush. This goes unsaid.

Idk why, I LOVE contouring and highlighting when I wear dark lips. Not a must but definitely a try!

Use a lip liner. Dark colors on unlined lips do not look prim and proper.

Skin needs to be as flawless as baby bum.

TADA!!! :D

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Which is the darkest shade of lippie you own? Mine is this so far! Share below!

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

3 MOTDs: Including The Pantone Colours Of The Year!


I hope this year, you all have a prosperous and a great year ahead of you! May you get all you wish and all the worlds makeup <3 Atleast I wish I do. Lol. Okay..  

Oh my goodness. I have been LONGING to post. Honestly. I don't know what on earth happened to my dongle. It was just being a....never mind. I had created looks. Yes, THREE. Two for new years and one featuring the pantone colour of the year and very obviously, nothing happened according to my plan. I AM SO SORRY! :( I even had a HORRIBLE breakout. It was so bad that I did not want to step out on Christmas even with makeup on. Now that Christmas and New Years have gone, my skin is clearing. Does this only happen to me? T_T. 

The first makeup look is what I did for Christmas Eve. You want your eye shadows and everything but you cannot go to Church looking like you are going to Park Hotel! =P Here it is.......

I love Rose Gold. I paired this with a brown liner as I wanted the look to be subtle and I like the softness of this look. I paired this with a nude peachy lippie, peachy blush and added very natural falsies. I did my brows very natural so it does not steal the subtleness of the look! 

The second makeup look, featuring what I wore for the new years:

Very simple. Let me tell you, this looks very simple. On camera, it's a different story. Every picture of mine looked so pretty! Simplicity at it's best huh? ;) This eye makeup is sooo easy to do and you can pair it with any lipstick shade that you wish. Brows are more defined, liner is sharp enough to cut haters. Just kidding. LOL.

My third look that I did yesterday after finding out the pantone colour of the year! Tbh, I LOVE how this came out! I thought pastels are boring but I really like how beautiful Rose Quartz and Serenity pair up together!

I paired it with baby pink blush, a little highlighting and a very pastel pink lippie. Tbh, this lippie looks VERY weird and washed out on me. After blotting it down, I liked how it complemented the makeup! This eye makeup is easy as well just like the other two. This one, unlike the others, did not even need 3  eye shadows! 

Also, what did you guys do for Christmas and NY? Did you do any kind of special makeup?

Which one did you love out of the three? If you want to know about any products used. Leave your comments and doubts below! xx 

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Much Love, 
Emmy <3