Thursday, 10 December 2015


                  Hello my Dolls! Recently, my blog has really slowed down as I am very busy doing makeup in this wedding season. I cannot believe this is my 100th post. It is small, yes. However, it was slightly difficult for me. If you have ever seen my first few posts, you would see how I have 0 comments and let me tell you that it was absolutely demotivating for me. There was even a time when I had stopped blogging for a year. It was not entirely because of demotivation but also because I lost my grandmother who I was so so so close with! 

                 I wouldn't have gone back to blogging, had it been for Nivedita from Makeup&ChitChat. Yes, I am always praising her because honestly, she gave me the boost I very much needed. She is not just a beauty blogger but she is also such a beauty at heart. Today, each and every post of mine at least has some comments and I could never be more grateful. Hence, you would notice that I always reply to my readers, even if it is late. I appreciate each and every one of you reading my blog! One day, I do hope I get my own domain name and inspire millions and zillions! 

                 Very honestly, I had posted this much earlier too. I just found this picture appropriate for the post so here it is again! The caption? Yes. I feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! 

                 To all my fellow bloggers, I salute you all for your hard work. My readers? my support pillars! Okay, I shall stop the speech because I am talking as though I am receiving an Oscar award! Haha! 

                 Also, I just want to ask you all.. what post do I do next? I am totally confused! =P Till then.....

Keep Loving and Inspiring Dolls!
Emmy <3

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Review: Crushing On Elois Hair Removal Cream!

                  Hello everyone! Lately I have been having a lot of problems blogging but now I am here with a post! The first hair removal cream that I've ever used was Veet. For some reason, Veet never seemed to work for me. It use to sting a lot, have a very strong chemical smell and did not remove all of the hair. I only use hair removal creams for underarms. I don't need waxing on my hands and feet. So when I had received this products from the Company, I thought it was just like any other. Why do I love this one but? Read on!

Variants: Three. Aloe for Sensitive Skin, Rose for Normal Skin and Papaya for Dry Skin. It has 100% Natural Extracts!

Price: INR 40/-


I had used the dry skin variant as during winters, my underarms tend to be very dry which leads to itchiness. The tubes come with a pink spatula and a leaflet with the required instructions. I did not do a patch test because I don't do patch tests. I know it's not good considering my skin problems! Anyway, the product was easy to apply just like any hair removal cream. Also, I did not detect any strong chemical smell. The smell was very mild and non-irritating. It is said to have the product on for a maximum time of 7 minutes. I faced very very slight tingling, not at all bothersome. Usually, I have a problem in removing the hair but it was not the case with this one. Hair came out very easily. 

After removal, I usually experience a bad stinging sensation if I use roll-on/deodorant. I use hair removal creams before bath by the way. I thought it would be the same for this one but honestly, I did not get any sting from it. I can wear sleeveless for a good 4 days. Even when the hair grew back, it did not poke and cause discomfort or dryness. It remained moisturised and comfortable.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product! If you face problems like I do with hair removal creams, give this a try. Specially the Papaya Variant this winter. You will not be disappointed. I would repurchase it!

Note: Although this is sent by the Company to me, my review is completely honest like always. 

Try it to believe it! :)

UPDATE: I tried the rose and aloe vera variants too and faced no issues! :)

Much Love,
Emmy <3.