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Requested Picture Tutorial: Adele's "Hello" Look!

                  Hello Dolls! Few days back, I had done a MOTD, inspired by Adele's look in Hello. Swathi from curiousandconfusedme and Sangeeta from BeautyNyx requested me to do a tutorial for this look and I was so happy to do it because I love receiving feedback and requests from my readers! Even though the makeup looks very simple, it does require a bit of work. It is easier for me to do picture tutorials as lighting and gadgets is a big issue (reason why I still cannot start youtubing). I thought I would just tell you how to go about the face makeup and elaborate on the eye makeup so here it is! 


Prep your skin really well and get rid of any dry flakes as Adele's complexion is kept matte. If you prefer a dewy finish because of dry skin then it's not an issue! 
Apply foundation, concealer, powder. After each application, let them set well.
Enjoy contouring your face because Adele has a strong contour like always!
Apply a very nude shade of blush to just enhance the cheeks.


Matte again. Choose a nice lipstick shade that is the shade of your lips or something similar.


1. Prime your lids with a tinted eye primer and dust it with compact, to even out discoloration. If you do not have a tinted one, use concealer and powder.

2. Take an eye shadow shade that is a little lighter/similar to your skin tone.

3. Apply with a flat eye shadow brush on your lid to your crease.

4. Next, take a taupe brown shade on an angled eye shadow brush.

5.mark your crease. If you have hooded lids like me, mark it just above the fold like I did.

6. Take a warm dark brown shade and go over the area you marked.

Blend the outer corner and crease very slightly as this eye makeup is supposed to look crisp.

8. Go for the skin shade again, this time with a fluffy brush.

9. Blend it above the marked crease till your browbone.

10. Take your eye pencil and very very roughly, with a light hand, line your lower lash line. This is because we only want to give an illusion of thick lashes on the lower lash line.

11. Take a grey toned brown/dark brown or grey on your smudger brush and blend the two on your lower lash line.

12. Use a jet black matte eyeliner. Adele does not use a glossy one. 

13. Adele does not have a dramatic cat liner so line your eyes normally like you would. Keep note that the lid shade shows through or else it defeats the purpose.

14. Highlight your inner corners and brow bone with a pearl/shimmery (not glittery) eye shadow.

15. Apply a nude eye pencil on your water line, to make your eyes appear bigger. Apply volumising mascara in your lower lash line well. Do the same with your upper lash line. Do your brows (brows on fleek kind), apply false lashes (short in the inner corners, longer in the outer corners)....

I like this more than my last look because the lighting came out better! For the list of products, you can check HERE. 

Hope you guys loved it as much as me! If you have any more requests, you can send a sample picture or any of my previous EOTD'S.

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Much Love,
Emmy <3.


  1. nice tutorial. Step by step process make it simple to understand.

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  3. I love the eye makeup you have done here!
    Have a great day!

  4. You've posted the tutorial.. nice :)
    Love this look.

  5. This was a gorgeous tutorial. You totally nailed the look and I love Adele :)

    1. Thank you so much! ♡ love adele too! xx

  6. Yay, thank you so much for this. Very clear instructions, loved it :)

  7. Nice Step by step tutorial Emmy :) And i love Adele :)

  8. Nice tutorial Emmy :) - Part 2 gold glitter smokey eye tutorial

  9. Thanks for the detailed tutorial, I've been very curious about this!
    You are gorgeous ;)

    1. Thank you so much Neha! Do try it and share your look! You are very sweet ♡

  10. Can you please review the Sivanna Palette Emmy? it looks exactly like my Essence All About Nudes palette. I love the look!

    1. Thank you Nivi ♡ I have the all about nudes palette too but it is not at all similar. It's very different!

    2. Wonderful! More reasons to buy these. Lol.

    3. We have every reason to buy everything! ;)

  11. Thanks Emmy for the descriptive tutorial :)

    1. You're always welcome doll! Glad you liked it! <3

  12. Love your eye makeup! I'd love to take every makeup inspiration from you :)

    1. Awwww! You are too sweet Mariyam! ♡


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