Wednesday, 28 October 2015

MOTD: Halloween is here!

                         Hello my Dolls! Hope everything is going great and hope you enjoyed your holidays! I had vanished for quite sometime because of fever (still having dry nose), my net had finished, pandal hopping and so on! Oh, I got a horrible wound! :(

I had sent this picture to some of my loved and dear ones and the response that I had received was very funny! My loved ones were all horrified till I had explained that it was ONLY makeup. It was my very first try. Note, I did NOT use any special effects makeup or anything of that sort. Just very very simple makeup. I am quite happy because I think it is really good for a first try! I just wish I could really experiment with face paints and special effects but I really don't know how to start! Maybe I would purchase them when I earn enough. Till then I can use what I have! :P 

Does the wound look realistic enough for you guys? Do let me know if you know of any cheap face/body paints! Any queries dolls?

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Saturday, 10 October 2015

EOTD: A Fall/Festive Eye Makeup!

                  Hello everyone! I have been caught up with quite a lot of work lately and I thought it would be nice to be back with an eye makeup look that I created the other day. Fall is approaching and so are festivals. All the plummy eye shadows that lay ignored in your drawer, this is the best time to use them! 

Products Used:

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Plum Shade (sorry I had depotted them all so I do not know the numbers!)
Miss Claire Glimmer Stick in Graphite
Meis Eyebrow Powder Duo
False Lashes (unknown brand)
Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lipgloss in Raspberry Reflections

To be honest, this look is quite pinky as the lip gloss is quite pigmented and bright. I like the pinki-ness (?) of this whole look though. This plummy eye would go well with a mlbb shade of lippie too. I feel like this shade looks sooo pretty on my desi girls! I could have used black eye pencil instead of the dark grey for a more dramatic look but grey eye pencils really help opening my eyes when I use dark shades on my lids. I also love a pop of golden in the inner corners with plummy shades as they gel so well! Most of my eye makeup looks are incomplete without a little gold as you all know! :P

What is your favourite plum eye shadow or plum must haves? Share below!
Much Love,
Emmy <3.