Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Concealer/Powder Recommendation: Pujo Paisa Vasool Products!

                  Hello guys! I'm back with another drugstore list consisting of concealers and powder. I am so busy lately as I have been running around. I am going to be doing makeup for my college fashion show tomorrow so I've been doodling some face charts and cracking my head about the makeup! Okay I shall write a separate post regarding that so lets focus on this one! After my Primer and Foundation Recommendations, here is the concealer,compact,blush post mainly based on products available in India!



Oriflame The One Illuskin Concealer: A great pick for brightening your under eyes. A light weight, light coverage concealer, easy to blend. Available in 3 shades and affordable price tag of INR 349/-.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer: My favourite under eye brightener. On it's own, it will only work on someone who doesn't have much dark circles. For those who do have dark circles, apply it on top of your concealer and you will look very rested. The price has increased to INR 600/-. 3 Shades again and I use the shade Honey which is the last one. Why do they only stock 3 shades of every base? :/

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: Good for everyday wear. Not for major dark circles. Available in 3 shades. INR 655/-

Revlon Colorstay Concealer: Once I used this, I was hooked. It has a very beautiful easy to blend consistency and provides a good medium coverage. It does not fade for a long time and does not settle into fine lines like my other heavier concealers. It contains salicylic acid so great on blemishes. A great pick for everyday wear and comes with a price tag of INR 725/-. BUT, available in only three shades. Light, medium and deep. I use medium so they really need to do something about their shades :\ 

L'Oreal True Match Concealer: I did not use it I did try it at the store. It has a really good consistency similar to the Revlon one. It lasts as good. Only in 3 shades *sigh*. Good medium coverage, does not settle into fine lines like other heavy concealers. INR 895/-

Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick: Great for slight blemishes. 3 shades only. Good medium coverage. Good for dark circles (not heavy ones). INR 675/-.

Inglot AMC Cream Concealer Tub/Tube: The tube one is slightly on the drier side compared to the tub. So if you have acne to cover, the tube one is a better choice as it gives a medium-full coverage. The tub one is very creamy and hydrating and hence it is good for the under eyes! The tube costs INR 800/- and the tub INR 850/-  :)


NYX Concealer In A Wand/tub: I really really love the yellow one and the beige one as they cover so well! It is slightly on the drier side so if you are going to conceal your dark circles, you will need an eye cream. It works great on blemishes as well. Gives a solid medium to full coverage. However, if you have butter fingers like me, you will HATE the packaging. Both fell on the floor and both the caps broke to the extent that I had to discard or bacteria would build up! I had purchased it for INR 475/-. It is always OOS. It has a better array of shades compared to the ones above and also color correcting shades. It even comes in a tub packaging which is the same thing in a cream formula. :)

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme/TV Paint Stick: A no brainer. This is in almost every post LOL! Read it HERE.

This portion of the post is less as these are the only ones that to conceal acne to a great extent so I do not want to mislead anyone! 


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: A great affordable pressed powder for oily to combination skin. Do not expect it to keep your skin oil free all day long cause I have to break it to you. NO product did that for me so far. It is even great for touch ups as it does not have a lot of coverage to it. Does not break you out. Doesn't give the flat-matte finish.

Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturising Powder: Loved by many. Best for normal/dry/combination skin. Gives a flawless natural matte finish. Available in 3 shades. Medium coverage. INR 490/-.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Skin Light Compact with SPF 23: Great for normal to dry skin. Blends beautifully. Natural skin like finish. 5 shades. INR 200/-.

Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact: Great for combination/oily skinned girls. Blends well. Gives a matte finish. Available in 3 shades. INR 375/-.

Colorbar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact: Suitable for oily to combination skin. Gives a matte finish. Available in 5 shades. INR 250/-.

Elle 18 Glow Compact: Great option for college students. Normal/dry skin.

Essence All About Matt Fixing Powder/Mattifying Compact: The fixing compact is translucent. Mattifying comes in 3 shades. Both are good for combination/oily skin. Both costs INR 350/-

There are many other compacts but I did not try the new launches and the reviews can be quite mixed so I shall update this when I try them! :P


Loose powders are my favourite because they just control the oils on my skin better and set the foundation and concealer much better.

Lakme Rose Powder: The saying old is gold is true. This has been there for I don't know how lon but this powder is really great for setting your base. It is not the best powder for oil control but for the price, you cannot complain. I will be buying my third dibbi! Oh btw, the packaging can be VERY messy and flimsy. Available in 2 shades and I use the second shade as the first shade is too pink. Literally like pink roses! :P INR 140/-. I remember buying it for INR 90/- :/ All skin types will love this. 

Kryolan Translucent Loose Powder: How could this be incomplete without my dear Kryolan. I dislike repeating products in every post but trust me, this is worth it. I actually saved a little tiny amount for special occasion :P. It comes in 14 shades (I KNOW RIGHT?). I use the shade TL4 which is a yellow powder and trust me. I have not found anything better to set my under eye concealer. It sets my other makeup well too. I am currently trying the Dermacolor fixing powder and Anti-Shine powder and they are really great as well! INR 400/- for 20g and INR 800/- for 40g.

There is the list of concealer/powder products and I hope you found this informative. I would be happy if you too put your little inputs to help others! Love you all! 

Much Love, Emmy <3

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Primer & Foundation Recommendations: Pujo Paisa Vasool Products!

                 Hello everyone! The weather is already changing and so is the atmosphere and idk why it's getting me more excited for Durgo Pujo! :P I thought of giving my makeup looks a break and give recommendations instead. These recommendations are purely out of my experience or products which are very popular in the blogsphere! I am trying to recommend everything that is drugstore and something easily available in India. Since there are tons of recommendations, there are no pictures and a line or two about the products. I will be breaking them up into categories. 


Oriflame Perfecting Face Primer: Best for dry to combination skin. If you have pore issues, it would not cover pores. INR 499/-
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer: Best for normal/oily/combination. Good for blurring pores. INR 825/-
Kryolan Ultra Underbase: If you are looking for something ultra moisturising for your ultra dry skin. Try this. INR 999/-
Revlon Photoready Perfecting/Colour Correcting Primer: I did not try this yet but it's got great reviews everywhere. Best for normal/combination/oily. Does not do wonders for pores though. INR 1300/-
L'Oreal Base Magique Primer: I've heard raves about this. It is good for oily skin and blurring pores. To be honest, I tried this at the store and my skin started itching like crazy. INR 899/-
The Body Shop Instablur Primer: It's got very good reviews and even doubles up as an eye primer. Good for oily/combination skin. INR 1595/-

FOUNDATIONS (my favourite part lol):


Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream with SPF 20: A very good product that I would keep repurchasing. Although it is a BB Cream, it photographs beautifully, feels light, not drying or overly moisturising. Photographs beautifully and lasts well! INR 625/-
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: Needs no introduction. I haven't tried it but it would be great for normal/dry/combination. Stays long, photographs well. If you are oily skinned like me, you can try Bourjois 123 perfect foundation. Shades are a problem. Bourjois Happy Light is also another great one for combination/normal skin. However, it is more orangey than their usual ranges. 
Lakme CC Cream: Photographs well, stays well, feels good and priced well. Medium coverage. Two shades. INR 275/-
L'Oreal Nude Magic Liquid Powder with SPF 18: This is one foundation even a child can blend. Results? Poreless skin! This foundation lasts for a decent amount of time on my very oily skin. I prefer using it in the winters. Dry skin however, moisturize well as it emphasizes dry patches. 
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation: A great mineral foundation for combination/dry skin. Medium Coverage. INR 1795/-
The Body Shop Flawless BB Cream: Light coverage. Best for dry skin. Works on combination in the cooler months. INR 1095/-
Ponds BB Cream: A really really good medium bb cream that photographs well and stays long. Only one shade. INR 75/- for 9g, INR 140/- for 18g, INR 325/- for 50g. Flawless results!
Lotus Herbals Purestay Nourishing FoundationBest at medium coverage. Very natural finish. SPF 20. It does not photograph very well with flash. 100% vegetarian. Preservative free. INR 625/-


Revlon Colorstay Makeup 24 hrs for Oily/Combination Skin with SPF 15: I seriously love this foundation. It's true love. It's still the best drugstore foundation on my list. They have another version for normal to dry skin. I heard it is great as well. Stays for very long. Matte Finish. Don't worry about SPF as it photographs well. Poor shade selection. INR 875/-
L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24 hrs: This is another really good foundation. However, it is slighting more hydrating for my skin (it claims to hydrate for 24hrs so not a con). It is my go to in the less humid and drier weathers when my skin is not like a grease ball. This provides a semi-matte finish on my skin when I let it set for sometime. Lasts long as well. Good shade selection. SPF 18 but photographs well. INR 1325/-
Kryolan TV Paintstick/ Dermacolor Creme: A GREAT budget option for those who want good, full coverage and something that photographs very well. Good lasting power too. Shades available is phenomenal. Read the review to find out which one is better for which skin! :) INR 900/- for stick, INR 350/- onwards for dermacolor.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation: Another great product. It is however too hydrating for me (so I use it in winters). Application can be slightly difficult as it can emphasize pores if not applied well specially on the nose area. Lasts very long. Shades have mostly pink undertones. Natural finish. INR 645/-
Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation with SPF 25: A great product from Lakme. However, it breaks me out so do check it out at the stores. Shade selection is not enough to cater to very dusky beauties. Medium-full coverage. Matte finish. Dry skin girls be sure to moisturize well. Photographs beautifully too! The mousse is very good too. Lasts long. INR 700/-.
Maybelline Dream Mousse Liquid: I loved this product during the winters but got the wrong shade. This product makes your skin look very airbrushed however the airbrushed finish does not last till the end of the day. Recommended for normal to combination skin. Staying power is better in the cooler months. Shades once again, do not cater to all. INR 625/-. I think this has been replaced by the satin finish one. Correct me if I am wrong! 

I have put up the products with the updated price to make it easier for you guys. I cannot give guarantee on products that I did not try myself as I can't afford so much. I tried to research as much as possible. Do add more to the list if you have any favourites! 

Have you tried anything in the list? Do share your experience.
Stay tuned for my next recommendation!
Much Love,
Emmy <3

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

EOTD: All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold!

                 Hello everyone! I am currently loving this rainy weather in Kolkata as it is so cooling and inspires me to do more makeup looks! Since I promised I would do more eye makeup looks for you guys as the festivals are nearing, here I am with this one! Tonight I will be working on another eye makeup hopefully so stay tuned! :D


1.You do not HAVE TO use black and teal (I think it would look beautiful on Indian skin tones). This eye makeup is super duper experimental. You can always switch to purple, green, rainbow glitter of your choice. Just match the glitter according to your outfit! You can even switch the black base to a dark brown or any other rainbow shade :P. I did a similar look here. I used glitters by a brand called " Just Gold".

2. Do NOT do your face makeup first. The amount of glitter that will be all over your face will make you look like you just washed your face with glitter! Do use a good glitter gel or glitter glue to really get the glitter stuck on to your eyelids! I always use Kryolan Glitter Gel.

3. Keep the falsies as natural as possible. Why? I myself love dramatic falsies but when you really put effort into an eye makeup look, you want it to show through. What is the point of adding so much glitter just to hide it with dramatic falsies? So opt for natural looking, light falsies. Glitter with uncomfortable falsies = Partial blindness. Use good quality glitter that does not irritate your eyes.

4. Say good to frosty lipsticks and shimmery blushes and anything else that is shimmery. You already have a disco ball looking lid. Let that be the attraction :P

5. Highlighting the inner corners with a pale gold instead of silver and white really brings it together as warms up the eye makeup a bit! Also, Use a liquid liner as it will be easier for you to glide the liner across the lashline.

Products Used:

Just Gold Glitter (has no number or shade name)
Kryolan Glitter Gel
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick
Unbranded Eyelashes
Miss Claire Eyeshadow (black)
Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette Emerald Isles (for pale gold)
Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eyeliner in black
Meis Eyebrow Powder

I hope you all liked this look! I definitely did and I think it is something you can adjust accordingly to the colour of your outfit! Any request/queries, do let me know! Oh and any suggestions of what colour eye makeup to do next because I am kind of lost! :P

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Monday, 21 September 2015

FOTD: A Heartfelt "Power Of Makeup" Transformation!

                  Hello everyone! Today I thought of doing a post that is slightly different. We all know about how makeup massively transforms someone's look and we've seen tons of tutorials. Most of them I've noticed, is usually a very dramatic transformation. I thought of doing an unusual one where I want to show you guys the little things that actually make quite a bit of a difference! Be prepared.....

A very very subtle transformation isn't it? You may not even be able to see much but here are a few pointers:

  • My skin obviously looks MUCH smoother, lively and even
  • Eye brows look fuller 
  • Lash line looks fuller and the eye is more defined
  • Lips have colour and looks more healthy and hydrated
  • My under eye looks more rested

Serious Issues Now:

I have a lot of people telling me about how much makeup I put and it is a lot because I love bold dramatic looks. Not everyone is experimental but do not try to criticize someone who is. All my readers love my looks so it doesn't bother me much. When I see posts and comments about how girls put too much makeup and that they should be "natural" really annoys me at times. The "natural" beauty they talk about in actresses and posters.. they do not know how much makeup work goes into it! You may have the most "Natural" makeup on but what if your personality and character speaks otherwise? I believe everyone is beautiful with or without makeup. There are days when I will go with nothing on my face because I feel like it. Don't even get me started on posts that claim to take your gf for "swimming" on the first date. Either you love the person for who they are or you don't. Silly talks about how "bold makeup" speaks "cheap character".. I am sorry but the person to judge is actually proving their character! 

Why I got into makeup the first place:

The reason is because I have been battling acne since I was 14 years old and I was bullied by almost everyone I knew. It wouldn't go and so I had to rely on a temporary solution. Everyone use to even make fun of eyes and nose and crack those super lame jokes about chinese people. It just shows how you get happiness out of someone else's insecurities and sadness and speaks a volume about your immaturity. I do not crack any jokes about anyone's insecurities or race or sadness. I simply say, "That joke has become pretty old. Tell me something new and maybe I'd be entertained? " or "Wow, you seriously need to grow up. Were you born yesterday?".

It's not only makeup but can be anything like maybe weight or height or any other problems. Do not judge because you do not know what they are going through. Everyone has a flaw. No one is born perfect. Period!

Sorry for the long post but I REALLY needed to post this and give confidence and positivity to all my readers and bloggers. Do not sham and bring other's down.

If you have any similiar experience, please share and spread the love! Lets all support each other! 

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Saturday, 12 September 2015

EOTD: Because We Have The Festivals Coming!

                           Hello everyone! I have been quite busy with my life so I did not update my blog. Yesterday I had a little time in hand and I thought hard on what eye makeup to do for you guys. Since the festivals are coming up next month here in Kolkata, I thought I would give you guys tons of EOTD's to prepare yourself and look beautiful! ;) While doing this makeup look, I was getting so excited at the thought of the coming festivals. Kolkata seems to come to life at Durga Puja! Enough of my excitement and let's see the look!

This eye makeup beauties, looks so beautiful in person I cannot tell you! It obviously captures very light on my phone camera but trust me it was deeper and more intense. The eye makeup is golden, orange defined with dark brown. I did not opt for black solely because a warm dark chocolate brown blends in more beautifully with gold and orange. If this is not dramatic enough, line your lash line and pat gold pigment on 1/3rd of your eyes! Pair this look with a luminous/dewy foundation, some lovely peachy blush or bronzed skin and a mlbb lippie. List of the products used are given below:

Faces Bloom Makeup Kit (eyeshadows)
Meis Eyebrow Powder
Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12hr
Miss Claire False Eyelashes 501

Any queries, any requests, do let me know! :) 

Btw, have you'll finished your Puja shopping? What makeup do you plan to wear? I know it's early to ask but still! =P

Much Love,
Emmy <3