Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Tutorial: Will Oily Acne Prone Skin Accept Strobing?

                  Hello my beauties! I was not able to post thanks to my outdated computer and rubbish internet but also some emergencies that I'm facing here! Anyways, I must be the last blogger on earth to post about "strobing". The moment it came into fashion, every second person wanted to strobe but what is strobing exactly? Strobing is intense highlighting using mostly liquid or cream products ( you can even use powder ). Yes, JUST highlighting! *sigh* I was very dissappointed! I first thought I'd just write a post on strobing. Then I changed my mind to add a picture because we need to see the after effects right? Then I landed up with a picture tutorial! Kind of my first time so I hope you all appreciate it! :) 

                   Let's be honest now.. intense highlighting does not at all sound good to my pores and my acne scars! Tbh, I dislike my whole face to be coated with shimmer. The problem is that when something does get into trend, people do follow blindly without adjusting according to their own needs and here I am adjusting to all my ladies with oily skin! Let it rip begin! 


STEPS 1 TO 4: Prep and prime your skin. Use a pore filling primer, I used Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. Now for foundation, do NOT mix anything. Just apply a matte foundation. Blend it well. I have used the Loreal Infallible Foundation in the shade Natural Rose and used this new sponge which I purchased idk when! =P
Why matte? Oily skin girls have naturally strobed skin by the end of the day thanks to the oil factories and hence we want to make our skin glow without looking like tripped on a heap of glitter and don't talk about pores..

STEPS 5 TO 10: Take a liquid illuminator. I have used Miss Claire Illuminating Makeup Base. Apply the liquid illuminator on your forehead, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, chin, cheekbones and browbone. 

STEPS 11 TO 14: Apply a good coverage concealer. I used Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in D4. Next two steps are important. Apply loose powder on your T-zone using a fluffy powder brush as you only want to dust the area's you applied your liquid illuminator. I used Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4. For the rest of my face, I just patted a compact powder using a sponge. I used the Elle 18 Glow Compact. Your skin should look nice and glowy like picture 14. This is wearable enough to step out of the house. However, you can add more if you want which I'm going to do!

STEPS 15 TO 20: Take a powder highlighter and go over the same areas to intensify the highlights, i.e, the forehead, nose, chin, cheekbone and browbone. Now you will be super glowy! 

NOTE: I tried doing this the first time and I had gone to the mall. BIG mistake cause I looked like I was from Glitterland! However, I wore it the second time to a night club and it looked great! I would however not recommend this for non a.c environment and humid weather! 

Oh, I was quite surprised at this point myself but they say that in strobing, there is no requirement of blush! I love my blushes as it makes me look so lively! I thought I'd look so dead! I, however, actually skipped blush and I did NOT look dead! surprised!

LAST STEP: Finish it off! 

I only did my brows, put mascara and lipstick. Result was so fresh and pretty! Loved it!

To strobe or not to strobe?

I'd say 50-50. I love the way it makes my skin look so healthy but I dislike the way I have to think when to strobe! I honestly prefer to do my foundation routine and highlight with powder highlighter because the end result is more subtle and I can even wear it without the fear of looking like the Cullens! 

What do you think of this picture tutorial? Do I do more of these? Oh and hats off to all the beauty bloggers doing tutorials so often. I had a tough time moving my arms after this! LOL!

Much Love,
Emmy <3