Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Luxola Haul and Shopping Experience!

                  When almost half the blogosphere had shopped from luxola, I thought to myself, I WILL shop from Luxola one day too. Why not? It has so many other brands like sleek, 3ce, Miranesse, Dr.Jart, Real Techniques, Ecotools and many others. TheBalm too just recently. If you did not shop from Luxola, I highly recommend you do. Why? Read on.....

What was my order? Your order had to amount to INR 2300 then, now it has been raised to INR 3000 but I'd say it's easy to amount to that as you will be totally wanting to buy more than your budget. What did I buy?

1. This is a no brainer. The much raved beauty blender. I had wanted to buy one but the cost of one beauty blender was approx INR 1400 to INR 1500. I bought this duo for INR 1998. Now wasn't it a steal?

2. Everything except the makeup brush was free samples. Free? Did I read correct? Yes, free. You can CHOOSE your samples. Ahhh! I love it!

3. Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush. This looked like the much raved MAC 217. I read great things about Zoeva brushes and plan to get the whole set soon. This brush is so soft and is of such great quality! I'd say, first class. I bought this for INR 569. It is definitely pricier than our vega but quality is much better!

If this was not enough, let me tell you..... NO CUSTOMS on delivery. YES, I repeat, NO CUSTOMS on delivery. The custom prices have all been added to the products. I find this is major advantage as you are totally aware of your budget and how you can sleep with peace without worrying about paying extra.

Hold on! there's more? Yes, there is more. Here, I was sleeping away to glory when I hear the door bell. My sister said, " Your parcel has come ". I was confused. Parcel? What parcel? It's only a week. It's coming from Singapore. Even Indian sites take so long to deliver and I see aramex with my parcel. I pay him then. Cash on delivery. BINGO!

Now, slight disadvantage.. that was BEFORE they removed the COD option. I was so heartbroken as though I suffered from a break up. I wanted to buy so much more through COD. No doubt I can purchase through card but COD option is what I prefer.

Also, Luxola has a very limited set of brands. They are updating no doubt but I want MORE. More brands and collections and I think it will gradually happen.

Do I recommend? Oh yes. You MUST shop from Luxola at least once.

Rating: 4.5/5 ( -0.5 for removing COD option and limited brands )

Do you know of any other websites from where I can shop brands unavailable here. Without customs if possible?

Much Love,
Emmy <3

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