Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Palette You MUST Have!

                  Hello everyone, I am reviewing after a long time and I wanted to review something which I really really love. After the famous coastal scents palettes, everyone wanted one. Who could resist the beautiful rainbow colours? I wanted one but the palette and shipping charges just did not cut off for me and I have been on a search ever since. I was so engrossed searching for eye shadows that I landed up with quite a few palettes =P BUT this is ONE of my favourites. It has totally distracted me from clicking on the Coastal Scents and BH cosmetics buy now button. It has also prevented me from buying those makeup kits with blushes and lipsticks.. you know.. the ones the SA's show? Who is this beauty? Let's find out!

Miss Claire? Again? I am sorry but Miss Claire products have absolutely stolen my heart! Well.. some of them =P Can you beat that price? The prices have gone up ever since I bought it so you might be charged more. Why did I choose palette 2? Well.....

Need I explain why now? What I totally loved about this palette is that it has a very very beautiful collection of earthy colours and vivid ones. The search for a perfect neutral palette is satisfied. These eye shadows are much more prettier in real life. More bright. the pigmentation of most eye shadows is very good for the price. Some have fall out and some need layering. However, a good eye primer will really solve the problems. I use Jordana Eye Primer

This palette is so versatile. From day looks to night looks.. anything. In a rush, need a highlighter? use one of the pale golds or skin colours. Need contour? Use the dark browns. I will not say this palette is comparable to Urban Decay, TheBalm, etc. It is much cheaper. I have use this palette here and here. Although only 4 are matte.. yes 4. The rest have very very subtle shimmer that look very very pretty. Some are a little more shimmery but so beautiful! It's a super versatile palette which I use for outside use or self.

Recommend? Absolutely. Even my Aunt who is a makeup artist has this!

Repurchase? I might not even finish this till I reach old age but yes =P.

Where can I find it?

Suvidha Store
A.C Market, 2nd Basement.
Shop No. J203
Shopkeeper - B.N Pandey ( My favourite shopkeeper =P )

I am not paid for advertising or selling.

Rating: 4.5/5

Much Love,
Emmy <3


  1. I have to go to that store! I had visited the AC Market, but didn't have a clue about how to approach. Now that you mention, I know where to start. :)

    1. Oh yes you must Nivedita! Tell him that the chinese girl who buys from him often, recommended his shop and he will surely give you a good price =P Also, he has two shops. One is owned by his brother. I go to the man with the tiny choti! Just incase you get confused! Haha

    2. Oh and you will be pretty stunned at his collections. Trust me! =D

  2. Oh yes! He is extremely friendly and he won't mind. Not rude at all :)

  3. So many neutral shades. Perfect for daily wear :)

    1. True. This palette is very reasonable and versatile. Love it! ♡


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