Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aishwarya Rai Cannes Outfit, Makeup & Hair 2015

                  Hello everyone! I have been super busy with a guest over my place so I'm not able to post anything! Last post, I had recreated one of Aishwarya's look here. I wanted to discuss about her other looks as well in this post so here we go! 

Aishwarya Rai appeared in an Oscar de la Renta Strapless gown on the second day for the unveiling of her film " Jazbaa ". I really loved the makeup on her in this one because it is a red carpet classic. Very glamourous and beautiful! The gown however, looked very ill fitting ( see the armpits ) and the gown looked fine till her waist and then the rest is really disastrous! :(

Now this dress was my favourite ( by Ralph and Russo ) ! It looked soooo beautiful. Just like a fairytale. Then I saw a close up picture of hers.......

Why Aish? Why? The makeup is soooo.. nevermind! Her gown was white and she paired it with nude makeup which further washed out her face. I think the look that she opted for on the unveiling of her film would have looked beautiful. Or, a soft smokey eye with red lips like last year. Loved the dress but disliked the makeup!

I really loved this Ellie Saab Gown as well. It looks so beautiful! Why do I feel this these type of gowns don't suit her frame? Nonetheless, the gown is very pretty. Now, makeup......

Oh no! The makeup does not look pretty! I feel if she had gone for a soft n*de smokey eye and striking fuchsia lips, she would have looked much more chic! Her lipstick shade is not bad but I just feel like the lavender eye shadow and lippie did not go together. Also, her eyes look very very tired and the pastel purple eye shadow did not help! The neck piece? I think she should have gone for something else!

I don't even want to start about this Georges Chakra dress. Period.

This year, it seems that Aish went a bit haywire with her outfits. I was not a fan!

Hair? It's the same for all the days! She has lovely hair though. It is repetitive but more than her hair I feel that she should have focused on her makeup and outfit more. We need that Roberto Cavalli moment again! I think she stunned everyone with that look! 

Images: Source

If you guys have any request for recreating any of the looks or even requests for recreation of any look =P then let me know in the comments box!

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

LOTD: Aishwarya Rai Cannes Festival Makeup 2015

                  Hello everyone! The only thing that most girls would check out at the Cannes festival would be the outfits, hair and not to forget.. the makeup. There are always some hits and some misses. I am not a person to keep up with such events and stuff but I do like seeing images of these events in the magazine and online. However, I feel that Aishwarya Rai is taking Cannes quite seriously since last year. She is a beauty and nobody can deny that. I really liked this particular makeup of hers. See below..


I really love the colour of the gown ( Ellie Saab ). The gown itself is pretty but it did not at all suit her frame and why those shoes? Okay we are suppose to talk about makeup * focuses *

Her skin is matte and flawless. There is some contouring going on but not the in your face kind of contouring.

I LOVE the eye makeup. Something so simple and yet striking. A very simple look to do. You just need that striking turquoise green eye pencil/liner. 

I may not be Aishwarya... but I liked how it turned out! =P

I literally struggled to get that lip colour cause I usually kind of stay away from deep plums. The lips turned out quite dark in person. It looked very similar to Aishwarya's but photographed lighter. 

I did not have a turquoise eye pencil. Cool. So I just mixed a blue eye pencil with an emerald green shade and voila! I got the shade! In the Pic, Aishwarya does not have super dramatic falsies. I could not find my natural pair of falsies so I settled for this and it looked great! 

My base was full on coverage. To get that glow like Aish, I decided to use two shades of foundation. Result? love it but too tedious lol. Brows were a bit too much for me but it got balanced after the whole look was completed. Also, I used a very light touch of blush and contoured my nose and cheeks a bit. 

Lastly, I raided my wardrobe to search for a matching outfit and a matching pair of earrings. 

If you want to know the break down of the makeup I used or have any request, feel free to tell me and I will try to make it simpler for you =]

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Emmy <3.

Monday, 18 May 2015

EOTD: Date Night/ Romantic Eye Makeup & Tips!

                  Hey everyone! My ancient computer and network has been giving problems so I might suddenly vanish =| Anyways, I'm back with an EOTD. Pink is one of the shades I usually stayed away from but I always admired how beautiful it looked on other's eyes and I thought I'd create a look with it and I must say that I am very happy with the outcome cause it look so beautiful, fresh and very girly! You can pair this with a little pink blush and a pink gloss/lipstick. I was wearing a pink dress so I thought it would look TOO pinky. It seemed perfect in the end so no worries! Grab your pink eyeshadows and other pinky makeup! ;]


By any means, do NOT experiment before your date. You might end up leaving like a panda or staining your clothes or even end up with half a falsie hanging from your eyes. Not pretty girls!

If you plan to wear falsies, choose one which has thin bands instead of a very thick one. They are lighter and more comfortable.

All girls love rainbows but not the guy on your first date. Please do not go with extra bright eye makeup. Not that I hate bold looks, I love them but I feel less is more on your first date! ;)

Okay, a haul is awesome but it's advisable to go for makeup products that you trust. What is the new products have an opposite reaction? You don't want to spend your date itching yourself or anything.

Waterproof makeup maybe. What if you are meeting up with an ex? Or see him cosy with someone at the same place? Take no chances!

Smell good. No, don't get bees gathering around you. Smell as fresh as possible. 

No chipped nail polish. Date or no date, it does not look very presentable.

No new haircut. What is your hair dresser was not present that day and you went to a new place? Also, no new hair colour, unless you tried it before. No experimenting on yourself without any experience. I had done that once and I had to wear a hair band for so many weeks!

Clean, presentable shoes. Unless you plan on falling ;)

There should be no wardrobe malfunction. Keep safety pins.

           Okay, so all these tips sound like you are going to a convent school but these are just tips! Most importantly be comfy in what you can be no worries. However, if the guy doesn't seem to like you for you then call it a night and show him the way to the exit =P

If you want a tutorial or know what products I've used, please comment below. What are your date must haves? Please share!

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

EOTD: Makeup is an Art and I believe so!

                  Hello everyone, the title? Well, yesterday I was really in the mood for something creative I'd say. Something not very usual. Something UNusual. I had seen this picture on instagram and I had wanted to experiment with the look in my own way. I do not have special brushes or face paints so I had to use what was in my vanity case. This was not what I wanted but I thought it is no harm posting cause it was a trial. I can definitely do it better next time =)

Rise of the Phoenix. Why this title? Cause when I have started blogging again, I feel like I've risen from the ashes of laziness, funny but true =P I admit I am very lazy but I was also very busy with college. This makeup would make you be like? Uhhh? I understand. I am on my journey to learn more makeup by myself. Such as face painting. I was never into it cause I don't have the tools. But honestly? I think it is a lot more exciting and fun. I can utilise products that have been lying useless. Also, there is no end in learning. Plus, it did not even require expensive products! What do you say about it? =)

Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Luxola Haul and Shopping Experience!

                  When almost half the blogosphere had shopped from luxola, I thought to myself, I WILL shop from Luxola one day too. Why not? It has so many other brands like sleek, 3ce, Miranesse, Dr.Jart, Real Techniques, Ecotools and many others. TheBalm too just recently. If you did not shop from Luxola, I highly recommend you do. Why? Read on.....

What was my order? Your order had to amount to INR 2300 then, now it has been raised to INR 3000 but I'd say it's easy to amount to that as you will be totally wanting to buy more than your budget. What did I buy?

1. This is a no brainer. The much raved beauty blender. I had wanted to buy one but the cost of one beauty blender was approx INR 1400 to INR 1500. I bought this duo for INR 1998. Now wasn't it a steal?

2. Everything except the makeup brush was free samples. Free? Did I read correct? Yes, free. You can CHOOSE your samples. Ahhh! I love it!

3. Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush. This looked like the much raved MAC 217. I read great things about Zoeva brushes and plan to get the whole set soon. This brush is so soft and is of such great quality! I'd say, first class. I bought this for INR 569. It is definitely pricier than our vega but quality is much better!

If this was not enough, let me tell you..... NO CUSTOMS on delivery. YES, I repeat, NO CUSTOMS on delivery. The custom prices have all been added to the products. I find this is major advantage as you are totally aware of your budget and how you can sleep with peace without worrying about paying extra.

Hold on! there's more? Yes, there is more. Here, I was sleeping away to glory when I hear the door bell. My sister said, " Your parcel has come ". I was confused. Parcel? What parcel? It's only a week. It's coming from Singapore. Even Indian sites take so long to deliver and I see aramex with my parcel. I pay him then. Cash on delivery. BINGO!

Now, slight disadvantage.. that was BEFORE they removed the COD option. I was so heartbroken as though I suffered from a break up. I wanted to buy so much more through COD. No doubt I can purchase through card but COD option is what I prefer.

Also, Luxola has a very limited set of brands. They are updating no doubt but I want MORE. More brands and collections and I think it will gradually happen.

Do I recommend? Oh yes. You MUST shop from Luxola at least once.

Rating: 4.5/5 ( -0.5 for removing COD option and limited brands )

Do you know of any other websites from where I can shop brands unavailable here. Without customs if possible?

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Palette You MUST Have!

                  Hello everyone, I am reviewing after a long time and I wanted to review something which I really really love. After the famous coastal scents palettes, everyone wanted one. Who could resist the beautiful rainbow colours? I wanted one but the palette and shipping charges just did not cut off for me and I have been on a search ever since. I was so engrossed searching for eye shadows that I landed up with quite a few palettes =P BUT this is ONE of my favourites. It has totally distracted me from clicking on the Coastal Scents and BH cosmetics buy now button. It has also prevented me from buying those makeup kits with blushes and lipsticks.. you know.. the ones the SA's show? Who is this beauty? Let's find out!

Miss Claire? Again? I am sorry but Miss Claire products have absolutely stolen my heart! Well.. some of them =P Can you beat that price? The prices have gone up ever since I bought it so you might be charged more. Why did I choose palette 2? Well.....

Need I explain why now? What I totally loved about this palette is that it has a very very beautiful collection of earthy colours and vivid ones. The search for a perfect neutral palette is satisfied. These eye shadows are much more prettier in real life. More bright. the pigmentation of most eye shadows is very good for the price. Some have fall out and some need layering. However, a good eye primer will really solve the problems. I use Jordana Eye Primer

This palette is so versatile. From day looks to night looks.. anything. In a rush, need a highlighter? use one of the pale golds or skin colours. Need contour? Use the dark browns. I will not say this palette is comparable to Urban Decay, TheBalm, etc. It is much cheaper. I have use this palette here and here. Although only 4 are matte.. yes 4. The rest have very very subtle shimmer that look very very pretty. Some are a little more shimmery but so beautiful! It's a super versatile palette which I use for outside use or self.

Recommend? Absolutely. Even my Aunt who is a makeup artist has this!

Repurchase? I might not even finish this till I reach old age but yes =P.

Where can I find it?

Suvidha Store
A.C Market, 2nd Basement.
Shop No. J203
Shopkeeper - B.N Pandey ( My favourite shopkeeper =P )

I am not paid for advertising or selling.

Rating: 4.5/5

Much Love,
Emmy <3