Friday, 15 November 2013

What I Loved Last Month & Loving This Month! A Mini Review :)

              Hello Darlings! Long time no blogging thanks to the amount of work I have these days! So much work in so little time! Lately, My super duper oily skin has become a SAHARA DESERT! :O. I broke out so badly and I had to change every bit of my skin routine and foundation routine just to calm my skin down. After so much of trial, I finally found some stuffs that my skin is loving. There are days when it is quite chilly and some days when the humidity is slightly more. My super oily skin is sometimes combination and sometimes dry or super dry! Here are some of the things that I seem to be reaching out the most lately!

I LOVE.......

1. Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation in Nude Light 4 - This was one product I always had in mind but kept away from it after hearing that it does not fare well on oily skin. So, after my skin became dry, I did not want to spend a huge amount on a foundation for a few months. Results? I LOVE IT! Review to come up soon! 

2. Miss Claire Full Coverage Makeup in 06 Glow - First when I saw this, this is an exact replica of the NYX concealer in a jar! I thought it to be worthless until I used it and I am in love! The price is so good and the best part? The amazing shade range! 8 shades and the lightest one seems to be a beautiful yellow toned concealer. The other shades are pretty dark which is so good! I use this as a corrector and it's beautiful! I will talk about it more after using it more and yes I think it will be a rave review!

3. Lakme Rose Powder - This powder is super budget friendly and gives such great results! Reviewed HERE.

4. Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon & Peachy Sweetie - This is even more famous than some celebrities I feel! :P. A beautiful budget buy! :) 

5. Kryolan Ultra Underbase - If you read the review HERE. You will notice that this does not at all suit oily skin. Since my skin becomes very dry at times, this seems to be my favourite base! 

6. Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream ( Fair 01 ) & Ponds BB Cream - BB creams tend to be more forgiving on dry skin. These two beauties seem to be my " go to " on a daily basis. Gives a lovely medium coverage and lasts well in this weather!

7. Kryolan TV Paintstick in FS 45 - Reviewed HERE. A must have for a special event! Along with my underbase, it suits my very dry skin to the T! 

8. Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact in Ivory Fair - It did not control oil very well during the summers but during the winters, it gives a beautiful finish to the skin and controls whatever little oil that tends to come up the surface. Forgiving on dry skin unlike many compacts! Oh and it has an SPF 23! :D 

 9. Nivea Lip Balm In Cherry - After seeing the video by Lisa Eldridge on the stained berry lip look, I wanted a berry lip balm! I didn't really like berry lips till I saw the video. I opened my draw and found this long lost beauty and every since, it seems to be my everyday fall lip colour, over my lip pencil. 

10. Kryolan Cake Liner - It's in every LOTD & Tutorial & Favourites Mini Review. Check the review HERE.

11. Miss Claire Glimmer Stick For Eyes In Graphite - So Cheap and So Good. Since this fall, grey eye makeup is in trend, it's something I look out for quite often! Reviewed HERE.

12. Jordana Fine Liner in Black - A beautiful liner. I have forgotten my other liners because of this beauty.

13. Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner in Metallic Silver - Budgetted, long lasting, creamy. 

14. Miss Claire Eyeshadows in Silver, Grey and Black - Beautifully pigmented, cheap, easy to blend and lasts for so long. The shades are perfect for fall.

15. Maybelline Eye Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt - I will always love you. Review HERE. .

16. Jordana Quick Liner For Lips in Ruby Stone - Budgetted, beautiful berry lip liner. 

17. Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash - Mild, Soap free and suits my dry skin well.

18. Olay Natural White Night Cream - Moisturising, makes skin look healthy, lightens spots very slightly. Overall, a good night cream. 

19. Dabur Gulabari Rose Water - The only toner that works for me atm and saving my skin from becoming worse! Along with glycerin, it's my Hero!

20. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel - Soothes my dry skin like anything. Also, since I can't use salicylic acid on my dry skin now, this heals my acne slowly. Reviewed HERE.

21. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Moisturizer - Sometimes the weather becomes pagla ( mad ) like how my dad says :P. So when my skin does not feel stretchy and feels rather moisturized, this is my choice. Reviewed HERE.

22. Honey Drops Glycerin - I LOVE GLYCERIN lately! I use it for bath, use it for face packs, use it with rose water and I think everyone needs to have a bottle!

23. Nivea Soft Cream - When skin feels dry, this saves my skin from tearing apart. It's light and when used in right amounts, moisturizes your face instead of greasing you!

24. Dabur Gulabari Cold Cream - I use to collect any and every cold cream in winter, just for it's tiny tiny container specially ponds cold cream. I love collecting tiny cold creams. So far out of all my collections, I tried ponds and I tried Dabur. This cold cream wins over ponds! Ponds leave my skin so oily and greasy. This cold cream vanishes into my pores and makes my skin feel so smooth and soft! Even my teacher loves it! :P. It even smells beautiful! I will get a bigger jar!

Sorry guys, I said this was going to be a mini review but I hope you enjoyed it! I am loving this items in the cold but I am absolutely prepared for the severe cold weather to come unlike last year! My skin had craters more than the moon! :\ 

What are your current favourites? :)

Thanks For Stopping By! Much Love! <3