Friday, 25 October 2013

EOTD: Diwali Eye Makeup!

              Hello Gorgeous! The other day I tried to do this post and thanks to my AMAZING *COUGH* internet connection, I could not complete this! Remember the story about Midas and whatever he touched, turned into gold? No, this is not a story telling post. Just about the colour gold. I NEVER liked gold. I always preferred silver cause it looks PRETTIER! I would always choose silver instead of gold. Silver dress, accessories, silver paper, silver glitter and the sparkly silver fuljari (fire cracker) that would light up golden. The sparks with the sparkly silver fire cracker would look so amazingly beautiful! 
             My love for gold started when I joined the makeup world and of course the festival of lights, Diwali ! I love Diwali for the sole reason that it's so pretty with golden crackers everywhere and I see A LOT of people including gold in their outfits and makeup! So the other day when I decided to do an eye makeup keeping Diwali in mind, the first thing that popped in my head was GOLD. Indian's look so beautiful with gold be it eye makeup, jewelry, a sari, anything! I did this eye makeup long back when I attended a dinner party and got tons of compliments for it and that's when I decided that this look HAS to go up my blog one day! And I think Diwali is the perfect time for this look! Do let me know if you want a tutorial for this look! :)

Just a pic of what I would team it with! I didn't plan on face pic's and hence the barely there makeup! :P



Kryolan TV Paint Stick reviewed HERE.
Lotus Herbals Purestay Face Powder reviewed HERE.
Lakme Rose Powder reviewed HERE.
Kryolan Ultra Underbase reviewed HERE.
Meylon Waterproof Bronzer
VOV Blusher


Jordana Eye Primer reviewed HERE.
Kryolan Cake Liner In Black reviewed HERE.
VOV Golden Eyeshadow Palette
Miss Claire Eye Shadows ( black, brown )
VOV Gold Cream Eyeshadow ( I LOVE )
Miss Claire Eye Pencil in Gold reviewed HERE.
Lakme Insta-Liner reviewed HERE.
Faces Eye Pencil In Black


Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Pencil In Hollywood Red reviewed HERE.
Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Windsor Rose

I could not find my collection of falsies as I arranged my vanity and draw so please excuse me! Falsies will be up soon in my other diwali looks! :D You can do this eye makeup in other colours too! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Let me know if you have requests!

Much Love! <3


  1. This look is just perfect for Diwali! hey, I am yellow toned. i thought greens are my best bet. But actually, as I found blues look better on me!
    Where do you buy your Kryolan stuff from? They seem to give you the perfect matches around!

    1. Thanks so much! I actually go to a shop in new market most of the times and the shopkeeper gives me the shade! Plus I check shades online!
      Also, I have noticed that indians look so nice in blue eye makeup! You are really good in eye makeup yourself.. I'm sure you will be able to create a beautiful look! Talking about blue.. I have a blue eye makeup post coming up next! What a coincidence! :P

  2. Your blog is really nice and you look really pretty in that salwar!
    you have been nominated for a liebster blog award on my blog, do check it out :)


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