Wednesday, 10 July 2013

EOTD & Some Joy's! :D

               Hello everyone! I went out yesterday and had a lot of fun with my friends! We I went shopping and my friends window shopped! We had such an  amazing lunch! Momo's (Dumplings, Dimsims) in BLUE POPPY, SIKKIM HOUSE! If you ever come down to Calcutta ( I don't like saying KOLKATA ), do visit Blue Poppy just for their momo's and chilli sauce made with Darjeeling chilli's! Super HOT and super TASTY! AND THAT'S NOT ALL! ITS SUPER CHEAP!<3 Its full half the time but it's so worth the waiting and empty tummy! Whenever I decide to go to Blue Poppy, my stomach starts roaring with hunger even if the plan is next week! Lol! I love being in Calcutta for the tasty tasty food and roaming about like a vagabond on the streets! The City Of Joy! Ahhh! :). Enjoy the pictures and EOTD! 

NO. I did not do smokey eyes for eating momo's! I couldn't fall asleep the night before the plan! :( . I was that excited to hog on momo's! =P

Ahhh! My favourite pair of Boots that I bought last year! I was cleaning my shoe rack and I had remembered I bought this when we went to window shop during college hours! ;). I did not get to wear it even once cause I'm too scared of the heels! Can't roam with it on Calcutta roads with it's pot holes! Hey! It rhymes! lol =D. I bought this because it was love at first sight and I  realised knew that I HAD to have it! PLUS......It's got PEARLS, A SHINY STONE (not seen) BOWS AND LACE! Which girl wouldn't love it? DUH! Had to be mine! One piece<3 Or maybe that shop keeper lied so that I would buy it? =O. I didn't see it in other shops though! There was a tan colour, I'm glad I bought this! I will fo sure wear it soon! <3

Momo's for you all! =D

Keep Hogging!

Thank's for stopping by! Much Love! <3 xx

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