Monday, 8 July 2013

A Mini-Review & A Few Of My Favourite Things! : Something's that I hauled and Something's that I loved!

               Hey everyone! I hauled a lot lately and loved something's too! My skin was really bad including that horrible infection near my eyes. It is curing and I hope it cures soon so I can continue with LOTD's! My skin is atm behaving so much nicer compared to before and I HAVE to be grateful to my new skin care! I hope it stays this way! O=]

LOVE & HAUL ( I did not put all the items ! ) : 

1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub - My second tube. Like that it does not have harsh granules! Leaves my skin clean, visibly better. It did not help preventing  blackheads and pimples or get rid of dry flakes! I'm not repurchasing! My eye's are on Hip Hop Kiwi Scrub! 

2. Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner - This is the first toner that I am LOVING! Leaves my skin feeling clean, non-oily is completely non-drying! I can use it any number of times cause it does not strip the oils off the face. It is now an important skincare in my routine! 

3. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera - LOVE IT! I use it as a spot treatment after my CTM routine. It helped in curing the infection of my eyes and helped in reducing my pimples. It did not completely remove my pimples but it did a better job compared to spot treatments and stuff by other brands! It is a slow process but its alright! Also, it works really well on itchy skin and dry skin too!   It works on various cuts on the skin and sun burnt skin. Such a multi-task!

4. Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack for Combination to Oily Skin - I had switched to this from the neem pack as the neem pack burnt my skin so badly! This burns too but not like the neem one! It did improve my skin slightly compared to the neem pack which did not suit me much! This one keeps your skin feeling soft, supple and most importantly, did not suck the oil's out of my face! My skin felt quite moisturized and comfortable and not stretchy!

5. Lotus Alphamoist Moisturizer - I always break out few days when I change my moisturizer. My skin becomes okay after getting used to it. Anyways, I LOVE this! Even more than my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture reviewed HERE. which broke me out in the beginning. It does not keep me oil-free for long but I love it because it keeps my skin so soft and smooth! I do not use my Neutrogena anymore! :(. This is a bit more moisturizing than Neutrogena but I LOVE it! 

6. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash - In the beginning I HATED it! I had used it alone and it dried my skin out! But now, I LOVE IT! Recently I had HORRIBLE break outs. I used this with my Lotus Herbals Basiltone toner and Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Moisturizer and I LOVE THE RESULTS! It has cured my acne and shrunk them a lot! My skin has never felt better BUT it does not prevent cause I got one pimple today!:O 

7. Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion - LOVE THIS! My 4th bottle. Need I say more? Reviewed HERE.

8. Suthol Chandan Plus - Smells better and is a boon for monkey's like me who always scratch! I used it after a shower for refreshing feeling. Use it on itchiness, summer rashes, prickly heat, sanitize and disinfect items including my makeup, relief from little burns, etc.! So multi-purpose for only INR 33/- beat that! 

I did not number this or give mini reviews as it is too soon! These are SOME of the things I hauled recently! I'm liking some of emmm! <3 :D

Have you used any of these products?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love!<3 


  1. Don't want to look like a stalker. You have an amazing blog and since it's my first time here, I am going through the posts. Where are the brushes from? I am more looking at the wooden handle flat top ones. :P

    1. Haha so sweet! You ain't a stalker! You aren't alone as I am stalking your blog as well!
      Flat top brushes are always what we makeup maniacs are searching for! It's very easily available and super cheap. Would you believe it's the Audrey's bronzer brush? I love the brush cause it's a super multi tasker! :D
      The yellow one is C2P professional magic face brush.
      Thank god for online shopping! :D

  2. Hi Emmy. I would like to know how is the quality of C2P makeup brushes and length of the brush asap. It'll be a great help.

    1. Hello dear, the C2P brush that I have is of good quality. I cannot say about the other ones. The length is good enough. It's the size of my hand! Thanks for stopping by! ♡

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