Friday, 26 July 2013

Pink Smokey Eyes Anyone?

                      Hello everyone! There will be a whole lot of EOTD's coming up since I have to finish tons of eyeshadows and even complete a 100 EOTD series post! This is the 3rd of the series and I hope you all like it! As always, request for tutorials are welcomed! :). I plan to focus on all colours! :D. Today I present to you an eye makeup using a very shimmery pink eyeshadow teamed with a purple eyeshadow. I love bold eye makeup just because it looks so bright and eye catching! ;). I will be doing both bold and simple eye makeup so stay tuned! You can watch my updates on my facebook page, "makeupwithemmy". Sorry for not being able to blog regularly and stuff! Computer is acting funny plus exams! I will not be blogging as much now because of university exams next month! Please don't mind! :( I hope you enjoy it! 



Qianyu 12 color eyeshadow palette. A budget must have for party makeup! 
Kryolan Cake Liner reviewed HERE.
Avon Simply Pretty Eye liner reviewed HERE. 
Kryolan False Lashes in TV 2 
Lakme Perfect Definition Eye Pencil
Miss Claire Eyeshadows ( Navy Blue and black )
Faces Go Chic Palette in Mauve Taupe ( baby pink as highlighter ) reviewed HERE.
Faces Eye Primer reviewed HERE.
Nice Shop Eyebrow Duo


Deborah Milano 5 in 1 bb cream 
Rimmel 25 hour Lasting Finish Foundation
VOV blush in 007
Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme reviewed HERE.
Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Champagne

I am not very fond of pink eyeshadow's and I don't know why! I'm beginning to like it though!

Do you have a particular pink eyeshadow that you just LOVE?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Match Your Eye Makeup To Your Earrings Instead!

                Hello everyone! Last night I was going through my makeup stash and I came across this berry eyeshadow that I bought long time back just because it was the last piece! =P.  I didn't use it as nothing came in my head till last night I felt creative! This eyeshadow is so pigmented and such a beautiful colour! I even had a glitter palette that I bought because it was really affordable and now I'm beginning to like the palette A LOT! I'm beginning to like bold eye makeup! Too bad I cannot wear them or people would be like O.o? I am really wanting to do a 100 posts on eye makeup all composed by myself! I hope you all liked this look! :D 

Here are the pictures of my eye! 

These are all the pics that managed to upload to the comp.. I don't know where the other files are! =\. 

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Requests for tutorials are ALWAYS welcomed! :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Jordana Eye Primer!

              Hello everyone! Now I will be reviewing my very FIRST eye primer that I really like! Another product from Jordana! I have quite a few Jordana products that I love because of its price tag and quality! 



Enhances the wear and color of your eyeshadow

Ingredients list and expiry date is missing! 

SHADES: Jordana say's 2 shades available. I haven't seen the second one! It is supposed to be yellow toned!



This product comes in a screw packaging. The moment I saw this in the shop, I HAD to have it! I was a beginner and I wanted to know the wonders of an eye primer. Plus, my favourite shopkeeper had two pieces! I asked him the price, 140 he said, I thought I heard wrong but nope! =D

There was a problem of the base moving that was faced by many bloggers. Many thought it was packaging problem so did I. I was upset to find the packaging this way until one day I was playing with screw drivers and found out that the packaging is made convenient for depotting! I really liked the fact that I could depot it with so much ease! So it's not a problem at all now! 

Firstly, it's pink! Totally not for dark skinned beauties unless you are opting to go for heavy eye makeup! When you touch it, the texture is completely confusing! It is something like rubber! You have to warm it up really well to get a good amount, prevent tugging and spread it out! This was a bit of a task till I decided to use a little damp brush! The application was easier and better. 

It feels a bit sticky on application which goes away after some powdering. Once I used it over powder since I forgot to apply primer and it looked horrible! 

It POPS up eyeshadows really well! I tested this in summer and winter. If you use A LOT of this and you have oily lids, it will definitely crease badly when your lids get oily. If you apply just a bit of it, eyeshadows last for 4 hours with good intensity after which you might notice a bit of creasing. Winter has a better scenario. For that price I really don't care! :D. Therefore I use this the times when I will not be out for long! Not for a function or occasion! Oh! It brightens my eyes and covers the veins!

See the swatches under least pigmented eyeshadows and a pigmented eyeshadow!

Yes, it really does POP them! LOVE! <3


- SO affordable!
- POP'S up eyeshadows! <3
- Extends the wear of eyeshadows
- Brightens eyes
- Covers my veins

- Not easily available
- VERY weird formula
- This shade will not suit dark skinned beauties
- Creases on oily lids if used in excess
- Will not last for long functions! 
- Takes time to blend and not for 5 minute emergencies!


REPURCHASE? Got 2 already!

RATING: 4.5/5! ( Did not like the formula one bit! It was the most disappointing part! BUT I LOVE THE POP IT GIVES! Okay, I will shut up with the pop! )

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Do you own any cheap eye primers? Please Share!

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Review: I LOVE! Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel

              Hello everyone! I was always in search of a clear aloe vera gel instead of a green one! We all know how good aloe vera gel is and blah blah blah! Hence, I landed up buying Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel which is clear and said to be 100% pure. This review is going to be a long one as I will be talking about both the product and it's uses!



PRICE: I bought it for INR 325/-


This gel comes in a convenient packaging and a flip flop cover which shuts tight and thus making it travel friendly.
The product does not collect at the nozzle which I really love!

The gel is thick and therefore when you finish half the bottle, you really need to shake the bottle to get the gel near the nozzle. The gel does not ooze out by itself like other lotions! You can very much control the amount you need!

I use this gel every single day on my face and my body. It is so multi purpose! On applying, it feels sticky but becomes alright after sometime. It makes the skin very soft and supple! After bath I use this daily as my body skin is dry and I really like the refreshing effect! The problem with this gel is that, this gel does not moisturize enough! Since my face is oily, it provides enough moisture for my face but not enough for my body. I find reapplication needed every 2 hours which I don't do! :P

I use this as a spot treatment too. No doubt it dries up my pimples and heals them BUT it will NOT show results super fast. My pimples from last month have just healed so if you have patience.... =P. What I did notice was that it did not prevent pimples. It did not prevent skin blemishes or blackheads but its alright cause it doesn't claim to do so! It does not heal or make scars vanish either.

Few weeks back I spoke about an eye infection near my tear duct region, cysts like ( not sure but it was HUGE AND PAINFUL! ). My mom and dad told me to put ointments and take homeopathy and I did not listen. I googled about this and I just got creepy remedies like operation and stuff that scared the ____ out of me! SO, I just put this Aloe Vera on that cyst like creepy thing for continuous days and what did I see? It vanished just like that! I was really surprised cause it was big and REALLY PAINFUL! Now it seems like I had nothing! A little scar is left behind which is upsetting but I'm glad my eyes are normal again! AND AND AND! My cousin brother cannot call me scar anymore! 

Yes, the moment he saw that cyst, he was like, " You look like Scar from The Lion King! And you even have long black hair like him! Hahaha! ".
Me, "............"

You can feel the pain I went through! To top it, we went for " World War Z" and EVERYBODY was looking at me as if I was one of the zombies from that movie =.=".

ANYWAYS, also, yesterday hot boiling water fell on my hand because I was dreaming thinking of something. I put ice and I could feel the burn and see my hands red. What was next? This gel! I applied a thick layer. After sometime, I couldn't even say I got burnt! Amazing thing!

I used it before and after threading and it was good. Being a monkey, there are times when I have SUPER sensitive skin. Even if a hair strand tickles my face and body, my skin becomes itchy like crazy! Mosquito bites, itchiness anything, this aloe vera gel is a winner! It does burn a bit but it makes sure my skin does not feel itchy again! 

I love to apply a thick layer of cold aloe vera gel after a hot day and rinse my face after sometime! In the heat, my face gets really red and this gel really calms down and refreshes my skin. Surprisingly, I use to have a major difference in body and face tone. It has lightened up a little bit as I use to have a sudden tanned skin where short sleeves end. Now it is not very visible. 

It works decently as a primer. Nothing great in oil control and I don't expect either cause nothing can keep the oil tanks free of oil! This will however not be moisturizing enough for dry skinned beauties. You can however, mix this with your moisturizer! =D

This gel works decently as a shaving gel and hair styling gel as experienced by other bloggers. Overall, a really great product and it suited me to the T! This product did not work for everyone so I cannot assure that it will work for you but it definitely deserves a try!


- Affordable
- It is clear! =D
- Great moisturizer for oily skin
- Makes a decent primer
- Cures burns! 
- Cures funny infections =P
- Instant relief from itchy skin and insect bites
- Helps in curing skin problems like pimples
- Lightens tan slightly 
- Hygenic & travel friendly
- Product does not get accumulated at the nozzle
- Can be used as shaving gel and hair gel


- Not easily available! I never saw this around Kolkata. My favourite shopkeepers keep the best products around! =']
- VERY VERY slow results. Not for impatient people! 
- Although it heals pimples and skin problems, it does not get rid of the scar afterwards. Neither does it prevent pimples or blemishes
- It is said that it may stain some fabrics! eeeekkksss! I did not experience it AND I will not apply it before going out since it mentions it so proudly! =\
 - Not moisturizing enough for dry skin

RECOMMEND? Yes! Give it a try!

REPURCHASE? Yes, I will be going to my favourite shopkeeper to purchase it again. He has another aloe vera gel which I really want to try! I overheard a girls friend raving about it! Not my fault! She was talking loudly. =P


Thanks for stopping by! Do you love Aloe Vera Gel? 

Much Love! LOTD's coming back VERY soon! :) <3 

Friday, 19 July 2013

20 Tips For Oily and Acne Prone Skin!

               Hello everyone! Just like any other blogger, I would like to cover the basics of makeup. I have oily skin with a lot of blemishes, blackheads, large pores, uneven skin tone and pimples. After tons of trial, this is what I figured out worked for me and some tips along side too! 


1. DO NOT by any means pinch or try to burst your pimple! It will lead to scarring and more pimples! When I use to have pimples, I ALWAYS use to burst them or peel the skin and my face had gone to the gutters! Now that I do not do that, I have noticed A LOT of improvements!

2. DO NOT wash your face every time it gets oily, thinking clean skin is good skin! It's a myth! I use to wash my face every time using a very harsh cleanser and my skin became so dry and yes, pimples were just not stopping!

3. It is a myth that moisturizers are ONLY for dry skin! Oily skin does also need a moisturizer but an oil-free and non-comedogenic one! It makes a whole lot of difference!

4. Who needs sunscreen? Pffft! YOU! Yes YOU! Sun damage lead's to a lot of problems like ageing, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. Go for gel like formula's or non sticky if you have oily skin. If you still don't want to put on sunscreen specially on your face, use makeup products like bb cream or compact powders that contain SPF!

5. Oily and Acne Skin should COMPLETELY avoid makeup. Partly right. BUT not completely! If you are going somewhere like a grocery store or a walk down, avoid makeup! If your profession requires you or if you LOVE makeup like me, get oil-free, non-clogging makeup!

6. Use face wash that contains or has salicyclic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, neem, etc. It helps to heal pimples while cleansing the skin.

7. Try to avoid toners with alcohol content. They strip oils from your face!

8. Scrub your skin not more than twice or thrice a week. Exfoliating everyday will lead to more acne! Yes I use to! -.-'

 9. Use face masks. Mud packs, herbal ones, home made ones are all good!

10. Avoid touching your face and make sure you tie your hair specially during summer! The natural oils from your hair will add oil to the face! Touching your face will transfer unwanted dirt and bacteria!

11. Avoid applying foundation with dirty fingers! Avoid dipping your fingers in makeup tubs with unwashed hands! Do not share makeup! Unless you have pump dispenser foundations and all that jazz!

12. Change your pillow cover often. Most of us sleep in cotton pillow cases which trap oils and dirt from our face! 

13. Drink lots of water and eat healthy ( A point I dislike a lot since I'm a junk food freak ).

14. Having oily face doesn't mean you can't massage oil on your face! Most of us think it's gonna lead to worse! But it actually cuts down excess oil! I don't do it because coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil are suppose to be good for hair growth! So.....hmmmm! 

15. Just because your face is oily, that doesn't mean your body is too! I have very oily skin but VERY dry skin on my body! So I make sure to moisturize both face and body :)

16. DO NOT opt for full coverage everyday if you have oily and acne prone skin. Let your skin show through. Use a light coverage foundation or better use a bb cream with concealer and compact and you're good to go! Your face will feel lighter! :)

17. DO NOT reapply loose powder on oily skin! My Gosh! ASK ME! It becomes very chalky and makes skin look horrible! Also, you would not want to use your clean puff or brush on that polluted skin! :O
18. For open pores, rub ice cubes. It will shrinken the pores. It is only temporary and hence you can do this before makeup application!

19. Warm water is good for oily skin. It is NOT. Warm water opens up pores and strips oil from the face. However, when warm and cold water both together are used to rinse the face alternatively, it is good! 

20. Acne is NOT something that comes and goes by itself! If you see that your are battling acne for too long, visit a dermatologist! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope these tips have helped you guys!

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

Much Love! <3

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Basicare Eyelash Curler

               Hello everyone! It is said that a girl MUST have an eye lash curler and a mascara. When I was a makeup noob, I threw away some nice mascara's because it did not curl my eyelashes! When I was suggested to use an eyelash curler by my funny shopkeeper, I simply rejected it saying it is useless and that mascara does all the work! I WAS WRONG! I always wondered what was it that made girls love them! Even, I was intimidated by that scary looking tool! It looked like I was in Saw and I had to take my eyeballs out to free myself! =\. This lead me to buy the Basicare Eye Lash Curler! 



PRICE: INR 115/-

Don't know other things cause I lost the packaging! =[


These eyelash curlers are so bulky ufff! =\. I never find eyelash curlers travel friendly unless its the mini one!

Firstly, my eyes are so tiny! This eyelash curler does not fit in my eye area well and hence my inner lashes are never curled! ='[. I sometime's press my eyelid! OUCH! so hurtful! These eyelash curlers come with a spare pad which I like.

The handles are self releasing. If you press the handles together and leave them, it immediately goes back to its normal position if you know what I mean! That way you can control how long you want your eyelash to be curled and even remove it from your eye area if you squeeze your eyelids instead! =P. 

 See below! I have no makeup on so please don't mind!

As you can see, I had 0 lashes and the eyelash curler did make my lashes visible! BUT did it click?

No, not for me! I was really disappointed in this aspect! To get that curl above, it took a lot of time! I curled my lashes 4-5 times to get that curl. For me, its definitely not for those dramatic curls! It certainly performs better  with my HG mascara but if I am going for a more natural effect, it performs decently! It will be suitable for those who have really long lashes and just want a decent curl! For those who have lashes like me and want a dramatic effect, this is not for you! 


- Easily available
- Affordable
- More control in curling eyelashes because of the handle because it is self releasing
- Extra rubber pads provided


- Gives a natural curl ( con for some, pro for some )
- It does not curl the inner corners well
- It takes a lot of effort to get a good curl

RECOMMEND? Yes, to those who don't want a lot of curl.


RATING: 3.5/5 ( Marks reduced for the effort you need to put to get a decent curl and not curling the inner corner! )

Do you know of any eyelash curlers that give you a dramatic curl? Please share your comments below!

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Review: Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner

               Hello everyone! I'm reviewing today a toner that I am loving on my skin! I've had not so great results with toners. Actually, I never really found the need to use a toner when I was far from the makeup world. Now, I cannot live without one!



PRICE: INR 225/- FOR 100 ML


This product comes in a pump packaging which I LOVE! It's hygenic and dispenses good amount of product. I need 5 sprays to dampen the cotton decently and put it on my face. It has a transparent cover which does not come out easily so it is travel friendly.

The toner smells of vegetables! =P. I dislike veggies but this smell is alright and refreshing and goes away after sometime. After applying, after a few seconds, the toner leaves the skin feeling oil-free and fresh. It does a good job of taking out dirt and residual makeup cause my cotton ball always becomes dirty even after I wash my face or use no makeup! 

It does not mention of alcohol content in it so it is most probably alcohol free. I have huge pores on my face and I haven't seen any decrease of pore size. It does not prevent black heads or pimples.

I have tried applying this even when I did not wash my face. It took out dirt and kept my skin oil-free and fresh! What I like about this toner is that is does not drain the oil's out of my face. It sets non-oily but skin feels slightly moisturized. This toner will not suit dry skinned beauties. It does not have great oil control. Mostly 1 hour depending on humidity and when the weather is slightly cool, 2 hours. Which is alright for a toner! I can't expect everything to have good oil control now can I? =P

This product never irritated my konky skin which changes its type like a girl changes clothes =P. It has paraben! There are hardly any products here that are paraben free so my face must be having a 1000 parabens on it! =\. Anyways, let's head on to the YAY'S and the NAY'S! 


- Easily available
- Affordable
- A great toner specially for combination/oily skin
- Leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean
- Smells refreshing 
- Does not dry your skin out! <3
- Most probably does not have alcohol content
- It has a good amount of cucumber, basil and neem as shown in the ingredients list.
- Can be used after splashing your face with water or anytime of the day when skin feels oily as it does not make skin dry
- Travel friendly and a pump dispenser that works beautifully <3


- Contains parabens
- Will not suit dry skin
- Will not prevent pimples or blackheads

RECOMMEND? YES. To those who have very oily skin but little blemishes.

REPURCHASE? YES. At the same time, I want a toner that will prevent pimples and blackheads! 

RATING: 5/5! ( I won't minus any marks as it does not claim to prevent skin problems! ).

Does anyone have suggestions for good toners that prevent blackheads and pimples? 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Much Love! <3

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4

               Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing a translucent powder that I wear in all my looks. I had read really really great reviews about this product. I thought of giving it a go since I have oily skin. I had reviewed a budgetted loose powder which performs decently, i.e, Lakme Rose Powder reviewed HERE. Did I like it? Read more!



This classical powder preparation is characterized by it's fineness and high degree of colour neutrality.

Translucent powder contains a large share of modified rice starch, unique in its specification. It assures great absorption power and enhances the durability of make up on the skin. Translucent powder is outstandingly suited for all professional applications. The fine powder particles produce a comfortable pleasant wearing feeling. 

SIZES & PRICE: 20g ( INR 400/-), 60g ( INR 800/-), 500 g (refill) .

SHADES: Love the shades!!!! 12 Shades!!!! View them HERE.


The packaging and container has a transparent hole through which you can see the shades which I loved! It has 16 holes! YES! 16! If you have difficulty with 5 holes in a container, imagine 16! SUPER MESSY! I left 4 untaped and I STILL can't manage the mess! A lot of product comes out so be careful!

TL4 is yellow toned and will suit most skins! I bought a strong yellow toned loose powder as my foundations have quite a lot of pink in it thanks to my previous 0 knowledge of foundation shades. SA's ALWAYS show me pink foundations! They say I am pink! I AM NEUTRAL! Argh! I get fed up! I spend half an hour arguing about shades and giving lectures on undertones to them LOL. I hate foundation shopping attimes! =\. ANYWAYS, let's move on! :(

The powder is finely milled and feels smooth and silky to touch. It makes my pink foundations look more yellow toned and my foundation shade problems are gone! :D. It sets makeup beautifully, minimizes pores to some extent and sets matte. If you go overboard, you are going to cut some birthday cake! ( sorry if my joke was lame. I meant to say it cakes LOL ). 

Now, the oil control lover that I am.... I expected non-oily skin for the whole day! Ridiculous no? Of course! Cause this powder does NOT control oil the whole day if you are an oil factory! It makes my skin oily in 2 hours depending on weather conditions and if its more humid, expect lower! It even depends on your foundation type and a lot of other stuffs! It sets my foundations, Kryolan tv paint stick and kryolan dermacolor camouflage creme reviewed HERE. Beautifully! It is very easy to blend.

I love using this because of it's shade selections, fine milled texture and it's way of setting foundation. I blot my oily area's with a hanky and tissue. It does transfer quite a bit but not to the extent where you have nothing on your skin. This powder does emphasize dry areas. It did not irritate or break me out. If you have extremely oily skin, it won't last the whole day ( specially when its very very humid ). It will stay on the face for maximum 4-6 hours on very very oily skin like mine. During winter, it certainly performs better! It has a light to medium coverage. No SPF. Photographs well. 

As you can see, the dry area's are not taken care of! It makes my hand look nicer though! :P. For face swatches, check out my LOTD'S and Tutorials! :)


- Affordable & Reasonable
- Good quality, finely milled
- 12 SHADES! ( The best yay! )
- Soft, smooth, silky, easy to blend.
- It sets foundations and concealers well
- It lasts for a good amount of time too! It even has a smaller size and a refill.
- It minimizes pores to a certain extent.
- Light to medium coverage 
- Photographs Well


- Does not control oil very well
- Can cake if overdone
- Settles into dry patches
- Transfers a bit

RECOMMEND? YES, for those searching for a good quality loose powder that sets base makeup beautifully and for those who do not have very oily skin.

REPURCHASE? YES & NO. YES for the shades and NO because I want to buy the ANTI-SHINE POWDER next! I found out that Anti-shine has no hint of colour at all! =[. I'll most probably buy both. A big tub of anti shine and a smaller one of this! =D. 

RATING: 4/5 ( -1 for the nay's listed ).

Which is your favourite loose powder?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3