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Review: Lacto Calamine- Oily to Normal and Dry to Normal!

                      Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing Lacto Calamine. A bottle that is kept in every household. It is used for various purposes and is said to be a favourite among us Indians. Why? Read on! 




Available in 4 sizes

10 ml ( INR 22/- )
30 ml ( INR 45/- )
60 ml ( Mine is 60 ml ) [ INR 78/- ]
120 ml ( INR 118/- )


Is it just me or is it just that Lacto Calamine changes it's consistency in every bottle I buy? =\. These are my latest bottles ( I don't know how much I have repurchased! ). The white and purple bottle is for oily/normal skin and it is the new packaging. The green bottle is for dry/normal skin. The green one is thinner in consistency. 

These are multiple uses of it:

Apply on cuts and acne to cure them
Apply this with your face mask
Reduces dark spots and blemishes
Cures burn
Calms skin after waxing, threading, etc.
Cools the skin
Good makeup remover 
Can be used to clean smudged kajal, liner, etc. <3
Makes a good primer by mixing it with my oil free moisturizer! ( The point I loved the most! DUH! =P )

The product comes in a very boring packaging. It becomes messy too as the product gets accumulated in the cover and stuff! I like the really tiny bottles because its so easy to carry it in my purse!

Now I have skin rashes. Why? Because I used this product. Even before this product use to give me rashes. My skin is still itching and it has become red like a tomato. I cannot do tutorials thanks to this! This was suppose to be a cure so I'll tell you how I got rashes.

1. I used TOO much product
2. I forgot about my previous experiences and did not use my head 

How I used it. Washed face, applied tons and got a tomato face. How I usually apply it? wash face, apply moisturizer and VERY little product. Good results! Works like a good primer too!

Some people swear by this product and how it removes blemishes and acne and spots etc. For me, it did do a good job but not an EXCELLENT one!

I love to mix this product with moisturizer and use it as a base for foundation. It makes a decent cheap primer. It does not give extraordinary results. Just decent results! It doesn't give very good oil control ( 2 hours max ). Its okay cause no product ever gives me good oil control!

On application, it finishes to a matte finish and you begin to feel a bit sweaty after sometime! No, not oily, sweaty. Yes, it's a funny product. It is a baby pink liquid and it brightens up my skin on application. Dark skinned beauties will get a whitish caste if they use too much.

Both the purple and green give me rashes on using too much and made my extremely oily skin dry like the Sahara. Hence, this products are not at all for dry skin. 

I like using this to correct my smudged liner, kajal, clean fall outs, correct eye shadows, using it as a makeup remover, primer, on cuts, burns, tan, etc. 

 As a makeup remover.


- Available almost in every shop!
- Affordable. It has got to be the best affordable multipurpose product like vaseline!
- Controls oil for 2 hours
- Can be used as a base, to correct makeup, to remove makeup, to cure skin problems
- Contains little sunscreen ( Zinc Oxide )
- Mattifies the skin


- Not at all suitable for dry skinned beauties
Cannot be used alone or cannot be over used. Mix with moisturizer or you will get skin rashes!!!
- Comes in a baby pink colour. Will leave a whitish caste on dark skinned beauties. It should come in different tints and be more moiturizing. It would make a lovely BB cream then!
- I don't know why they have variant's when they all are the same! =|
- Messy packaging

RECOMMEND? Yes. Multipurpose products are always welcomed!

REPURCHASE? Always have and always will!

RATING 4/5 ( -1 for the skin rashes if you apply too much. Trust me, it itches the whole day! Plus, it was my fault. )

Do you have any favourite multi-purpose products?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3 


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