Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review: Faces Makeup Wedges!

               Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing the Faces Makeup Wedges  that I use in my LOTD's. I have even used it in my concealer tutorial HERE. At first I use to use my fingers for foundation application, sponge tip applicators for eyeshadow, puffs that use to come with compact and so on. I then saw YT Guru's use such interesting tools for applying foundation and other makeup and I wanted to use makeup tools too! I always wondered what was the difference in using my fingers and makeup tools. I have so many makeup tools and I can absolutely not survive without it. One of the easiest tool to apply foundation with is a wedge/sponge. This was my first one! Here's the review!




I was really confused whether I wanted the Audrey's wedges or the Basicare Wedges. I didn't want to order online cause I just wanted wedges and free shipping. I was roaming around in New Market when I saw this hanging! I ran to it and instantly bought it.
My friends: " What on earth is this? "
Me: " Makeup Wedges! I wanted them since ages! "
Friends: " You want everything in makeup! It's just a sponge! "
Only makeup lovers will understand my story! =P

The wedges are so soft and look like triangular shaped marshmellows! *YUM*.
I use to rely on these wedges till my favourite foundation brushes began taking importance. Why did I stop reaching out for these? 

Firstly, these wedges do not come in a sealed packet and I can see my white sponges becoming dirty! You really wouldn't want grey sponges on your face! 

The wedges are not cut fully. They are all joint in the middle and hence you have to cut it yourself. Do not seperate with fingers or it will tear. When you take out the brand new wedge, foundation application is pretty good and becomes easy for the first two usages. After the second usage, my sponge did not give me the same results. After the third and fourth time, I use to see some funny residue on my face. Yes, the sponge crumbled! Two of them tore apart and the third one here is also tearing apart. 

It applies foundation evenly and gives light coverage. What I have noticed is that this sponge gets very stained! Specially when I used fast setting foundations like Revlon Colorstay and Lakme Absolute. The stain does not go and the sponge tears if you apply force. Foundations that do not set very quickly, come off easy. The sponge applies slow setting foundations quite well. It does not soak a lot of product when you damp it well. Using it dry will suck a lot of product, specially fast setting foundations.

Wedge sponge or other foundation sponges are said to give light and even coverage. It does its job well in that aspect. However, I was not impressed at all by its longevity. Three uses max ( for me ) and it needs to go to the bin! I don't blame the wedges as I am quite heavy handed. Girls who have a lighter hand will definitely like the wedges for its application and longevity. I have noticed that when I did use a light hand for my third sponge here, it lasted me for about 6 usages, after which it has become the condition below.

I tried applying blush with this and it blended the blush alright. Not flawless! 

Overall, I find this product ideal for all those who are beginners and want to experiment with foundation application. This product is affordable and blends Liquid, stick, cream, powder concealer/foundation very well. It is also ideal for those who apply foundation or concealer for occasional basis. This pack of 8 would last 3-4 months for those would use them regularly! 

They are a great pick! BUT I would suggest all girls with acne and sensitive skin to stay away from wedges or sponge completely as it is very unhygenic. Plus, the stains do not get washed off completely on these wedges!


- Affordable
- Easy Available 
- Blends all kinds of concealer/foundation well
- Does not soak a lot of product
- Even & Light Coverage
- Long Lasting if used with light hands


- Those with heavy hands will not like the longevity ( like me ). The sponge crumbles faster ( after 3 uses )
- Fast setting foundations stain the sponge very badly. Even after a good wash, it looks dirty. ( Read: Bacteria! )
- It does not come in a seal pack and hence you have to store it in a seperate container or draw.
- Force is prohibited. After few washes, the sponge is not as good! 

RECOMMEND? Yes, to beginners, light handed people and those who want even and light coverage!

REPURCHASE? No. I have got 5 left and colorbar wedges too! I do not like light coverage on my horrible skin. PLUS, I'm more of a brush person! =P

RATING: 4/5! 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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