Saturday, 8 June 2013

Review: Avon Simply Pretty Eyeliner

                      Hey everyone! Sorry for not doing looks often! I have got some skin rashes. Will tell you in my next post! Today I am reviewing the Avon Simply Pretty Eyeliner!


I have purchased it from a shop so I don't know the exact details. I paid INR 150/- for it for 3 ml.


I am VERY particular about packaging. I really liked this simple cute packaging with the hot pink handle! It is travel-friendly too =]

When I first saw the colour from outside, I was arguing with the shopkeeper that this isn't black but more of metallic grey. We argued and I bought it cause of my hoarding habit. I love eyeliners with long handles! I find it easier to use them idk why =\. So, the product did look like metallic grey and I got so mad! One day I decided to use it since I was wearing grey. I lined my eyes and to my surprise, IT WAS BLACK with little glitter particles! It dries matte black and the glitter isn't OTT at all! Ufff! I wasted so much energy yelling at the shopkeeper! :/. Application was easy. The eye liner was not too runny. Just good enough. You cannot make a very fine line as it has a felt tip liner. I like it cause I like my liner to be thick. 

You need to apply 2 layers for a good black. What I hated was that it took so much time to dry. I applied and went off cause I was getting late. Bad idea. No eyeliner disappoints me but this eyeliner got smudged on my crease and EVEN on my under eyes! OMG! Thank goodness I had my makeup kit with me! After cleaning up, I noticed that even after it dried, small dots of eyeliner reached my cheekbone. I do not know how it landed there! I have used it quite a few times in different ways but got the same results! It irritates my eyes. No liner does that to me! :O

Once it sets and after the smudging it creates, it stays put for as long as you want. I have tested it for 6 hours. But it did not impress me thanks to the nautanki (drama) it created. It is not even water proof!

Sorry for the horrible heart haha! =P. It was still wet after taking pictures! =[


- Felt tip
- Long handle
- Travel friendly
- Affordable
- Shimmer does not look OTT
- Easy To apply
- Long wear time


- Not available easily. Found in very few shops and avon representatives
- Does not dry fast
- Not jet black
- Smudges like crazy before setting 
- Stings my eyes 
- Cannot make fine lines
- Not water proof


REPURCHASE? I'm discarding this!

RATING: 2.5 ( Just because of the hassle it creates )

Have you experienced any beauty products that you discarded just for a flaw it had? 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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