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Review: 6 Nivea Lip balm Reviews & Swatches!

               Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing my favorite lip balms! I LOVE Nivea Lip balms as they are so affordable and give good results! These look beautiful with any makeup you have on! I love lip balms because you can just apply it without looking at your mirror or even worry about bleeding and all that jazz! Besides, girls love taking out their lip balms and reapply every now and then! ;). 


Left To Right:

Nivea Vitamin Shake in Cranberry and Raspberry
Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava
Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry
Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry
Nivea Soft Rose 
Nivea Pearly Shine

All are below INR 150/-
Quantity: 4.8 g


They all come in colourful attractive packaging! The colour of the lip balm is that of the body. I like Nivea packaging more than the Maybelline ones. Just open the cover twist, apply and your done. Maybelline packaging is all about twisting and twisting! Sometimes during lectures, when my lips feel dry, I can apply my Nivea super fast! As for my Maybelline, when I'm done twisting, the teacher would catch me =\. Nivea is hence LECTURE FRIENDLY =D. Not that I got caught LOL!

The covers come out if you drop them. Yes, happened so many times! As you open the cover, the smell of the lip balm spreads to the nose of the person next to you! Smell stays for quite a long time! These lipbalms stay for 2 hours and make my lips soft, smooth and smell good! ;). They do melt in the heat but not as much as Maybelline! I love maybelline lip balms too btw! =P. All of them are decently pigmented. They are of very light coverage. Colour will not show on heavy pigmented lips! They don't provide enough moisture for winter on my really really dry lips. I finish a whole lip balm during the winter only! The tint does not settle into fine lines. Some of them have SPF! No my one's don't ( except for vitamin shake ) and I just noticed! But I saw SPF written on the package! =\. Anyways, I use to use these for years and never noticed my lips getting pigmented. One lip balm lasts for a long time! 

Nivea Vitamin Shake in Cranberry & Raspberry: 

MLBB shade

Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava
Beautiful pink on the lips! JUST SEE THAT GORGEOUS THING!

Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry:

A red tinted lipbalm! I have finished many of these! It is very red in person! Looks like a sheer red lipstick! 

Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry:

Similar to strawberry but more of maroon! Much maroonish in reality! Oh and it smells of one particular candy that I use to have when I was little! <3

Nivea Soft Rose:

My lip colour. Makes my lips look healthier!

Nivea Pearly Shine:

It is so true! It makes your lips shine like a pearl! Pigmented lips, stay far away! I really like this for plain black smokey eyes, it looks so beautiful! When I did not have nude lipstick, I use to turn to this and it never disappointed me! Out of all of them, the smell of this is very over powering! 

I love ALL of them! They all are amazing in their own ways! I LOVE THEM ALL! I am not interested in their plain lip balms. I wish to collect all tinted ones! I have their gloss one in " Natural ". I want the other one as well! Okay I'm being greedy! 

One Boring Monday, before going to college.
* Me putting makeup *
Dad: " You have one lips and you want 100 lipsticks and all that! ".
Me: " Dad! You know girls! Never happy! =P "
In the car. Me applying lip balm time to time.
Dad: " What are you putting since that time on your lips? "
Me: " Oh Dad! I'm putting lip balm! I don't want chapped lips! "
Dad: " Nautanki! >=[ ( Dramaqueen )
Yes, boys and men will never get us or makeup! Any hooo!


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Variety of shades and types
- Lasts for 2 hours
- Good pigmentation
- Moisturising
- Good packaging & Convenient
- Travel friendly
- Makes lips soft
- Long Lasting
- Yummy Smell 
- Did not give me pigmented lips

- Cover comes out if it falls
- Melts in the heat
- Only SOME have SPF! Mostly the boring colours! Ufff! =\

RECOMMEND? Already did and they LOVE! Will always recommend!

REPURCHASE? Again & Again!

RATING: 5/5 ( I LOVE THEM! Okay, I'll stop! )

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3


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