Friday, 14 June 2013

Empties Post: Maybelline Makeup Remover For Eyes & Lips!

                      Hello everyone! Before I never use to understand what the difference was between a makeup remover and a normal cold cream that removes makeup. For me it was very much the same thing that came in different price tags. We all go through the horrible beginners series don't we? =P. I used cold creams, cleansing milks and cetaphil (I LOVE), to remove makeup. This was my first makeup remover! Is it different? Read on!





I was just so attracted to the blue liquid! See! 

Childish that I am, I found it so fascinating! I thought if I use product then the blue liquid would finish! ( I WAS A BEGINNER OKAY? ='[ ). When I shake the bottle, I see the whole product becoming light blue with bubbles! Okay I will stop! Haha! =P. It has a twist cap packaging. I have to keep the bottle standing because IT LEAKS! UFFF! 

I use to hate removing makeup with lotions and stuff simply because of the tremendous time they took to take out! I CANNOT sleep with makeup AT ALL! Even if I'm dead tired and its 4 in the morning, I WILL take my makeup off and change to my house clothes. Yes, I cannot sleep in my outing clothes! 

It was late and I had put a whole lot of waterproof makeup. I shook the bottle, took some product on my cotton pad, put the cotton pad on my eyes for few seconds and removed my eye makeup very very gently. BOY! I was so shocked! my eyeshadows, gel liner, mascara, almost EVERYTHING came out! One swipe takes almost everything out. The second swipe leaves the area makeup free and makes the other area's on your face look like you tried to put gel liner in the dark and cried your eyes out =P. Its not a major problem because I always remove my eye makeup and lip make up first and then take my HG cetaphil to remove my base! 

The remover makes my skin feel clean and smooth and not dirty! BUT! I STILL wash my face. I'm too scared of clogged pores! Overall I love this product for the simple reason that it removes water proof makeup well! It did not irritate my eyes either! 

L-R - Lakme eyeconic kajal, maybelline eye tattoo, Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara, Colorbar Velvet Matte and Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream.


- Affordable
- Easily Available 
- Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically tested
- Did not irritate my eyes 
- Removes almost all traces of waterproof makeup in one swipe
- Leaves skin clean and refreshed


- LEAKS and not travel friendly!
- I would prefer a pump packaging as I don't like taking out more product and touching things when my hands are full of makeup!  


REPURCHASE? I was suppose to buy Lakme Bi-phase Makeup Remover because it is said to be better. I cant find it in stock in any stores. If I don't find it, I'll definitely buy this!

RATING: 4.75/5 ( packaging does not make it travel friendly maybelline! )

What's your favourite makeup remover?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love!<3

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