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Review: Faces Go Chic Eye Shadow Quad in 03 Mauve Taupe!

               Hello everyone! A feast for purple and pink lovers today I think! Cause, I'm reviewing another purple and pink quad! NO, don't kill me yet cause this quad is really GOOD! :D. One of the best budget buy eye shadow quad! Why so? Read toh! :P 






Decent packaging. Nothing to rave about! Travel friendly. Sponge tip applicator provided and it's useful. IT DOES NOT HAVE A MIRROR! Ufff! =/

I am literally jinxed with baby pink! UFFF! Me no likey baby pink! I have so many baby pinks thanks to my love for the other colours in the quad. Does it happen to you? Do you purchase palettes cause of particular colours? :P

Okay, So I went to the faces counter just to see stuff. Just like other SA's she came running to me and showed me this quad which had just launched. I have TOO many eyeshadows! Almost every colour and I have been on an eyeshadow ban recently cause I didn't hit the pan in even one shade yet! =|.  
At that time I was still collecting eye shadows and when the SA swatched this  on my arm........ O.M.G! I HAD to HAVE it! It had AMAZING pigmentation! I tried to resist and then I hear the price tag of INR 250 then! OMG! I was sold! 

These are sooooo soft and smooth my Gosh! I want to keep touching them!  PAISA VASOOLLLL HO GAYA! :D. They stay on for 6 hours with slight fading on concealer and setting powder. The second and third shade are very very similar! Almost the same when swatched on fingers! On the eye lids, They do appear different. However, if you use them side by side, you can hardly spot the difference! I feel like the palette should have had a black or a lovely hot pink in it instead of the baby pink and the other one! 

Both the purples provided are pretty. One is more pinkish than the other. You can see how pigmented the quad is! :D. Has shimmer which isn't too OTT. It did not irritate my eyes! :D


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Very soft and smooth
- Excellent pigmentation
- Long lasting
- Good staying power
- All variants have great shades
- Useful applicator
- Blends like a dream
- Very good colour pay off
- Does not irritate eyes


- Not for matte lovers! All quads have shimmer in them 
-  The two shades are similar


REPURCHASE? YES! Other variants! :D

RATING: 4.5/5! ( would have loved to see matte shades! )

What's your favourite budgetted eye shadow quad?

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Review: Lotus Herbals Botanical Eye Shadow in 530 Coco Fudge!

                      Hello everyone! The eyeshadow palette that I'm reviewing now is a great budgetted neutral palette for everyday wear! I use this palette quite often! There's another lovely neutral palette which I will review later on. I am reviewing this one since its very easily available! :D



VARIANTS: 3 variants 


This product has a very classy looking packaging. It's red, sturdy, has a cover for the eyeshadows inside, a huge mirror and TWO applicators! 

A lot of work has gone into the packaging. The sponge tip applicator is of great quality! Washed the applicators a number of times but it did not give any problems. The tiny brush picks up decent amount of eye shadow and blends it decently. It's alright though!

Three eyeshadows are provided. A medium brown which reminds me of complan every time I see it :P. A very nice golden, which looks good after swatching. A beautiful dark brown! Its one of the prettiest browns you can find! They have the Lotus design on it. I don't like spoiling designs on eye shadow and stuff! It begins to look less pretty! I'm one of those who would buy makeup simply for it's packaging! :P

The eye shadow however was a bit dissappointing! They are okay in pigmentation. Not GREAT but chalega ( will work ) :P! The complan shade is least pigmented. You need quite a lot of product of that one to make it show on your lids. The other two have decent pigmentation! They are smooth to touch. When I do eye makeup with this, I find that I have to dip my eyeshadow brushes more since it is not as soft or pigmented as the other eye shadows in my collection! 

Also, out of the three eye shadow variants, I found only this palette to be good in its colour selection! 

It lasts for 4 hours with quite a lot of fading with concealer and setting powder as base! It does not crease. It does not irritate my eyes. It is ophthalmologist tested. It has botanical extracts. They all have slight shimmer which is not OTT!

SWATCHES: One swipe each! The first one, complan colour needed two swipes and it still didnt show up much! 

Overall, a good budget buy for office goers! You can get better pigmented eye shadows with the money but if you are one with sensitive eyes or contacts or anything, this one would be a good option since it contains botanical extracts and is ophthalmologist tested!


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Good packaging
- Decent Pigmentation
- Decent colour pay off
- Decent staying power
- Smooth
- Blends well
- Ophthalmologist tested
- Contains botanical extracts
- Good neutral palette
- Did not irritate my eyes


- The variants of this palette is not very appealing
- One shade does not have good pigmentation compared to the others
- Need to dip your brushes a lot to get good amount of product on your eyes
- Fades quite a lot by 4 hours! 

RECOMMEND? Yes to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. NO to those who can use anything on their eyes :P! You can get better palettes and eye shadows at this price!    

 REPURCHASE? NO. I have found an AMAZING AND VERY VERY AFFORDABLE neutral palette from a korean brand which I made my best friend buy too and she loved it! :D 

RATING: 3.5/5. I didn't LOVE this palette and neither do I HATE it! :(

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Review: Jordana Color Effects Eyeshadow Powder

               Hello everyone! I have been avoiding LOTD's lately because my right eye has swollen up really badly. Don't know the causes of it but I hope it gets better so that I can do LOTD's again! I realised that I didn't do any eyeshadow posts out here so today's three posts are all budget buy eyeshadows! Well all my post's are! :P. I've read good reviews of this one. I didn't know you get Jordana products or other good products in the smallest of cosmetic shops! So I just went to one of my favourite cosmetic shops to ask if Jordana was available. I bought quite a few products and I really like Jordana products! :D 



QUANTITY: 2.66 g 

PRICE: Don't remember! It was around INR 190-230! 

SHADES: Many good shades! :D

You can buy it HERE. 


This eyeshadow duo comes in a sturdy packaging. Major disadvantage, no mirror or applicator!

The product is very very soft and smooth. Amazing pigmentation for the price you pay! I don't usually apply eyeshadows without a base cause of my horrid veins that peep through. I can't really comment on how it would fare on bare lids! I ALWAYS create a base for eye makeup, be it with my faces eye primer reviewed HERE. or just concealer with setting powder. This has lasted for 6 hours with fading in the heat with my concealer and setting powder. When I use my faces primer, it lasts for as long as I want it to! I love my faces primer! :D. 

Whether you use a simple applicator, your fingers or your eyeshadow brushes, it won't let you down cause it shows up well with all types of application! This duo needs to be carried with a seperate brush! I don't like carrying brushes in my bag as it gets messy and neither do I retouch. The only thing I would retouch ( very very rarely ) is compact, lipgloss, lipbalm and maybe kajal! Some of you maybe like :O! Yes I know! What to do! People stare at me like O.o. That's why I like long lasting lipsticks and all that! 

The purple is one of the most beautiful purples ever! I have wanted that purple since ages! The baby pink is very common. I bought it simply for the purple! :D. They both have shimmer. Very very subtle! Doesn't look OTT! Makes the eyes look pretty :D. 

Overall, I love the eyeshadow duo and I LOVE the purple in this duo! Good pigmentation too! :). ALSO, Jordana is a well known brand in USA and many parts so I'm not scared to apply it on my eyes! :P It does not irritate my eyes or crease :D 

I have used it in my LOTD HERE.


- Affordable
- Two eyeshadows in one
- Good pigmentation
- Soft and Smooth
- Glides very well on the lids
- Shows up well on the lids & blends like a dream
- Lasts for a good amount of time with concealer and powder as base
- Sturdy packaging
- Does not irritate my eyes like some cheap eye shadows 
- Does not crease


- No mirror or applicator included
- Not easily available


REPURCHASE? YES! I want all the colours! BUT its not easily available! :(

RATING: 4.5/5! <3

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Best Budget Buy Matte Lippies- 8 Colorbar Velvet Mattes Review & Swatches!

               Hello all! Today, I will be reviewing my favourite lippies of all times! I LOVE matte lippies. When there were such a buzz about this matte lippies at such an affordable rate, there was no reason for me NOT to buy it! =P. For all lippie lovers, this has got to be a " MUST HAVE " in your vanity. I thought I'd buy one and be happy but I just couldn't resist buying more! What makes it the best budget buy matte lippie? Read On!


            For a rich lip colour with a creamy shine, the Velvet Matte Lipstick, available in stunning shades infuse the lips with vibrancy. Its unique 2-in-1 formulation gives the lips a creamy, yet matte finish. A one of a kind product in India, it has super softening agents that give the lips a soft and supple appearance while keep them nourished with Vitamin E. Staying on up to 5 hours on application, the Velvet Matte Lipstick can be further accentuated with lip gloss and lip liner.

SHADES: 47 ! =O


PRICE: Now INR 275/-

You can check details and shades HERE.


The Lippies come in a steel like packaging with a transparent cover. The base of the packaging denotes the lippie colour. This packaging is quite convenient if you have many velvet mattes to store. The cover does not come off while travelling. It is travel friendly.

Although I love matte lippies, it intimidates me a bit. Why? I have very dry lips! Eeekkss! These lipstick's made me fall in love with matte lippies! If you have dry and scaly lips like mine, you might want to exfoliate and apply vaseline before using these lippies cause it tugs on dry lips! Having dry lips, I cannot skip exfoliating and applying lipbalm. It makes a major difference to my lips and for application of lippies! 

After prepping, this lippie just glides on so creamy and smooth. It is very pigmented. One swipe gives a rich wash of colour. Two or more swipes will definitely hide heavy pigmentation of lips. I have tried this without a lip liner and with a lip liner. This lipstick once it sets, it sets matte but not the type of matte that dries your lips out or emphasizes your fine lines! It did not bleed. Oh yes! It transfers! So you might want to think when to wear em! ;]

Without a lip liner, the colour is still very intense. It lasts for 4 hours with slight fading. Without a lipliner, after some snacking, it leaves a strong tint behind which lasts for a long long time.

WITH lipliner, I don't think any lipstick can beat the staying power of this one! It stays for 6 hours+ with the same intensity. I use Miss Claire lip pencils which I love, with these lippies and it stays on forever! It is very very staining so you HAVE to use a makeup remover to remove it or the tint stays on! These lippies will last the whole day or night too I believe because if it stayed for 6 hours with snacking and lunch in between, it can definitely stay for few hours more! 

Many people have asked me, " How come your lipstick doesn't come out when you eat your lunch? ". =D

The claims of these lippies are absolutely true and much better infact! I LOVE THEM!


All the shades that I have are my lovies! I want to collect more but there seems to be a lot of brownish shades! I am not very fond of browns! By the end of the swatches, my lips have got stained! Looks nice though =P. Oh and I wear them almost everyday and they never finish! =O


- Easily available
- Soooo long lasting
- Very good staying power
- Rich pigmentation
- 47 shades
- Smooth and creamy
- Does not dry the lips out
- Hides pigmentation


- So many aunty shades! =[
- Prep is needed for good results


REPURCHASE? Forever and Ever!'

RATING: 5/5 <3 ! BUT COLORBAR! More pretty and young shades please! O=)

Did you try these beauties? If not, SNAP ITTT! Some shades are always out of stock! 

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review: 6 Nivea Lip balm Reviews & Swatches!

               Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing my favorite lip balms! I LOVE Nivea Lip balms as they are so affordable and give good results! These look beautiful with any makeup you have on! I love lip balms because you can just apply it without looking at your mirror or even worry about bleeding and all that jazz! Besides, girls love taking out their lip balms and reapply every now and then! ;). 


Left To Right:

Nivea Vitamin Shake in Cranberry and Raspberry
Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava
Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry
Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry
Nivea Soft Rose 
Nivea Pearly Shine

All are below INR 150/-
Quantity: 4.8 g


They all come in colourful attractive packaging! The colour of the lip balm is that of the body. I like Nivea packaging more than the Maybelline ones. Just open the cover twist, apply and your done. Maybelline packaging is all about twisting and twisting! Sometimes during lectures, when my lips feel dry, I can apply my Nivea super fast! As for my Maybelline, when I'm done twisting, the teacher would catch me =\. Nivea is hence LECTURE FRIENDLY =D. Not that I got caught LOL!

The covers come out if you drop them. Yes, happened so many times! As you open the cover, the smell of the lip balm spreads to the nose of the person next to you! Smell stays for quite a long time! These lipbalms stay for 2 hours and make my lips soft, smooth and smell good! ;). They do melt in the heat but not as much as Maybelline! I love maybelline lip balms too btw! =P. All of them are decently pigmented. They are of very light coverage. Colour will not show on heavy pigmented lips! They don't provide enough moisture for winter on my really really dry lips. I finish a whole lip balm during the winter only! The tint does not settle into fine lines. Some of them have SPF! No my one's don't ( except for vitamin shake ) and I just noticed! But I saw SPF written on the package! =\. Anyways, I use to use these for years and never noticed my lips getting pigmented. One lip balm lasts for a long time! 

Nivea Vitamin Shake in Cranberry & Raspberry: 

MLBB shade

Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava
Beautiful pink on the lips! JUST SEE THAT GORGEOUS THING!

Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry:

A red tinted lipbalm! I have finished many of these! It is very red in person! Looks like a sheer red lipstick! 

Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry:

Similar to strawberry but more of maroon! Much maroonish in reality! Oh and it smells of one particular candy that I use to have when I was little! <3

Nivea Soft Rose:

My lip colour. Makes my lips look healthier!

Nivea Pearly Shine:

It is so true! It makes your lips shine like a pearl! Pigmented lips, stay far away! I really like this for plain black smokey eyes, it looks so beautiful! When I did not have nude lipstick, I use to turn to this and it never disappointed me! Out of all of them, the smell of this is very over powering! 

I love ALL of them! They all are amazing in their own ways! I LOVE THEM ALL! I am not interested in their plain lip balms. I wish to collect all tinted ones! I have their gloss one in " Natural ". I want the other one as well! Okay I'm being greedy! 

One Boring Monday, before going to college.
* Me putting makeup *
Dad: " You have one lips and you want 100 lipsticks and all that! ".
Me: " Dad! You know girls! Never happy! =P "
In the car. Me applying lip balm time to time.
Dad: " What are you putting since that time on your lips? "
Me: " Oh Dad! I'm putting lip balm! I don't want chapped lips! "
Dad: " Nautanki! >=[ ( Dramaqueen )
Yes, boys and men will never get us or makeup! Any hooo!


- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Variety of shades and types
- Lasts for 2 hours
- Good pigmentation
- Moisturising
- Good packaging & Convenient
- Travel friendly
- Makes lips soft
- Long Lasting
- Yummy Smell 
- Did not give me pigmented lips

- Cover comes out if it falls
- Melts in the heat
- Only SOME have SPF! Mostly the boring colours! Ufff! =\

RECOMMEND? Already did and they LOVE! Will always recommend!

REPURCHASE? Again & Again!

RATING: 5/5 ( I LOVE THEM! Okay, I'll stop! )

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

Review: Faces Makeup Wedges!

               Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing the Faces Makeup Wedges  that I use in my LOTD's. I have even used it in my concealer tutorial HERE. At first I use to use my fingers for foundation application, sponge tip applicators for eyeshadow, puffs that use to come with compact and so on. I then saw YT Guru's use such interesting tools for applying foundation and other makeup and I wanted to use makeup tools too! I always wondered what was the difference in using my fingers and makeup tools. I have so many makeup tools and I can absolutely not survive without it. One of the easiest tool to apply foundation with is a wedge/sponge. This was my first one! Here's the review!




I was really confused whether I wanted the Audrey's wedges or the Basicare Wedges. I didn't want to order online cause I just wanted wedges and free shipping. I was roaming around in New Market when I saw this hanging! I ran to it and instantly bought it.
My friends: " What on earth is this? "
Me: " Makeup Wedges! I wanted them since ages! "
Friends: " You want everything in makeup! It's just a sponge! "
Only makeup lovers will understand my story! =P

The wedges are so soft and look like triangular shaped marshmellows! *YUM*.
I use to rely on these wedges till my favourite foundation brushes began taking importance. Why did I stop reaching out for these? 

Firstly, these wedges do not come in a sealed packet and I can see my white sponges becoming dirty! You really wouldn't want grey sponges on your face! 

The wedges are not cut fully. They are all joint in the middle and hence you have to cut it yourself. Do not seperate with fingers or it will tear. When you take out the brand new wedge, foundation application is pretty good and becomes easy for the first two usages. After the second usage, my sponge did not give me the same results. After the third and fourth time, I use to see some funny residue on my face. Yes, the sponge crumbled! Two of them tore apart and the third one here is also tearing apart. 

It applies foundation evenly and gives light coverage. What I have noticed is that this sponge gets very stained! Specially when I used fast setting foundations like Revlon Colorstay and Lakme Absolute. The stain does not go and the sponge tears if you apply force. Foundations that do not set very quickly, come off easy. The sponge applies slow setting foundations quite well. It does not soak a lot of product when you damp it well. Using it dry will suck a lot of product, specially fast setting foundations.

Wedge sponge or other foundation sponges are said to give light and even coverage. It does its job well in that aspect. However, I was not impressed at all by its longevity. Three uses max ( for me ) and it needs to go to the bin! I don't blame the wedges as I am quite heavy handed. Girls who have a lighter hand will definitely like the wedges for its application and longevity. I have noticed that when I did use a light hand for my third sponge here, it lasted me for about 6 usages, after which it has become the condition below.

I tried applying blush with this and it blended the blush alright. Not flawless! 

Overall, I find this product ideal for all those who are beginners and want to experiment with foundation application. This product is affordable and blends Liquid, stick, cream, powder concealer/foundation very well. It is also ideal for those who apply foundation or concealer for occasional basis. This pack of 8 would last 3-4 months for those would use them regularly! 

They are a great pick! BUT I would suggest all girls with acne and sensitive skin to stay away from wedges or sponge completely as it is very unhygenic. Plus, the stains do not get washed off completely on these wedges!


- Affordable
- Easy Available 
- Blends all kinds of concealer/foundation well
- Does not soak a lot of product
- Even & Light Coverage
- Long Lasting if used with light hands


- Those with heavy hands will not like the longevity ( like me ). The sponge crumbles faster ( after 3 uses )
- Fast setting foundations stain the sponge very badly. Even after a good wash, it looks dirty. ( Read: Bacteria! )
- It does not come in a seal pack and hence you have to store it in a seperate container or draw.
- Force is prohibited. After few washes, the sponge is not as good! 

RECOMMEND? Yes, to beginners, light handed people and those who want even and light coverage!

REPURCHASE? No. I have got 5 left and colorbar wedges too! I do not like light coverage on my horrible skin. PLUS, I'm more of a brush person! =P

RATING: 4/5! 

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Empties Post: Maybelline Makeup Remover For Eyes & Lips!

                      Hello everyone! Before I never use to understand what the difference was between a makeup remover and a normal cold cream that removes makeup. For me it was very much the same thing that came in different price tags. We all go through the horrible beginners series don't we? =P. I used cold creams, cleansing milks and cetaphil (I LOVE), to remove makeup. This was my first makeup remover! Is it different? Read on!





I was just so attracted to the blue liquid! See! 

Childish that I am, I found it so fascinating! I thought if I use product then the blue liquid would finish! ( I WAS A BEGINNER OKAY? ='[ ). When I shake the bottle, I see the whole product becoming light blue with bubbles! Okay I will stop! Haha! =P. It has a twist cap packaging. I have to keep the bottle standing because IT LEAKS! UFFF! 

I use to hate removing makeup with lotions and stuff simply because of the tremendous time they took to take out! I CANNOT sleep with makeup AT ALL! Even if I'm dead tired and its 4 in the morning, I WILL take my makeup off and change to my house clothes. Yes, I cannot sleep in my outing clothes! 

It was late and I had put a whole lot of waterproof makeup. I shook the bottle, took some product on my cotton pad, put the cotton pad on my eyes for few seconds and removed my eye makeup very very gently. BOY! I was so shocked! my eyeshadows, gel liner, mascara, almost EVERYTHING came out! One swipe takes almost everything out. The second swipe leaves the area makeup free and makes the other area's on your face look like you tried to put gel liner in the dark and cried your eyes out =P. Its not a major problem because I always remove my eye makeup and lip make up first and then take my HG cetaphil to remove my base! 

The remover makes my skin feel clean and smooth and not dirty! BUT! I STILL wash my face. I'm too scared of clogged pores! Overall I love this product for the simple reason that it removes water proof makeup well! It did not irritate my eyes either! 

L-R - Lakme eyeconic kajal, maybelline eye tattoo, Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara, Colorbar Velvet Matte and Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream.


- Affordable
- Easily Available 
- Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically tested
- Did not irritate my eyes 
- Removes almost all traces of waterproof makeup in one swipe
- Leaves skin clean and refreshed


- LEAKS and not travel friendly!
- I would prefer a pump packaging as I don't like taking out more product and touching things when my hands are full of makeup!  


REPURCHASE? I was suppose to buy Lakme Bi-phase Makeup Remover because it is said to be better. I cant find it in stock in any stores. If I don't find it, I'll definitely buy this!

RATING: 4.75/5 ( packaging does not make it travel friendly maybelline! )

What's your favourite makeup remover?

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