Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair Serum!

               Hey everyone! I'm back with a hair care post! I have very thin, dry hair and bad hair fall. Therefore, putting conditioner and serum is a must for my dry hair! A product that I always use no matter what is my L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair serum. I never used hair serum's and conditioners. Only oil and shampoo! After seeing how bad my hair had become, I just had to try something! This product was on a trial offer and hence I got my hands on this one! 




The packaging is made of plastic. It is a white bottle with a red flip flop cover just like the other products in the range. The cap shuts tight and is travel friendly. 

The product claims to make hair strong, protect it, smoothen it, make it shiny and detangle it. Its been over a year that I'm using this serum and it is surely high time to review it! My first bottle is still not over even after using tons of it!

The liquid is transparent. It feels a bit sticky but becomes okay after application. It makes my hair really soft, smooth, shiny, detangles and protects my hair! I use it after my hair wash. Sometimes if I have really bad hair days, I damp my hair and put this serum. My hair feels beautiful to touch! After using this serum, my hair feels like it has become good in texture. My hairfall as become quite less as compared to before but it does not prevent or stop hairfall! It smells nice and sweet! Even after being under the sun, my hair does not feel dry and damaged like it used to! The effect stays for 2-3 days. The third day the effect is less. Detangling only happens on the first day of usage. It does not detangle hair on the second and third day! I have dry hair and it suited me a lot. I do not know its effect on oily hair. It does not prevent split ends! After using it for a year or so, I STILL find my hair dry but not like before! I still like this product because my hair has improved after using it religiously!


- Affordable
- It has other variants
- Smoothens hair
- Makes hair shiny
- Compared to other serums, the effect stays for 2-3 days
- Detangles hair on the first day
- Hair feels soft and silky
- Good smell
- Protects the hair
- Lessens hairfall
- Lasts for a longgg time!
- My hair has improved after religious use


- Does not prevent or stop hairfall
- Does not help in preventing split ends!
- If not used religiously, it might not be as effective
- It did not cure my dry hair completely!


L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair Serum is an affordable product which smoothens, protects, detangles and protects the hair. The effects stay on for 2-3 days. It does not prevent hairfall or split ends. It did not cure my dry hair either! Overall I think it does a good job for a serum! I definitely prefer it over livon, silk and shine and all that!  

RECOMMEND? Already did to some mates! Yes.

REPURCHASE? Got another one. After this, no cause I want to try the keratese one!

 RATING: 4/5 ( -1 for the baddies! )

Did you try this hair serum or any other one from their range?

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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