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Review: Kryolan Ultra Underbase!

                      Hey everyone! Did you ever buy products in a hurry and realize that it is not meant for you? It pinches even more when you see the price tag! I'm reviewing the Kryolan Ultra Underbase which I bought in a rush because I trusted my shopkeeper so much! It's not his fault cause I cannot resist hoarding! :P



PRICE: INR 1000/-


So, this product comes in an okay looking packaging. I do not like kryolan packaging but the content is good and hence I should not be so fussy! :P. The base is white, cream based and acts as a base + moisturizer. 

I do not like completely opaque bottles specially when it's cosmetics :P. It is good that kryolan has come up with the idea of a small transparent strip on the bottle. It has a pump dispenser. The cover of the cap shuts well but comes off sometimes. It does not shut with a click. You have to carry it with the carton provided with it if you're travelling. It smells of grandma makeup which fades soon :/. It did not break me out or irritate my skin.

The problem starts here. I have super oily skin. I did not read the contents ( okay, it's my fault ). The liquid is white and has a really creamy and smooth consistency. One pump dispenses enough content to moisturize and prime the face and neck. Excited me used a pump on my face and tried to blend it. Wait.. one sec! IT'S NOT ABSORBING! I USED TOO MUCH! NO WAIT.. I shall wait for sometime.. maybe 5 minutes?. After 5 minutes, skin is all the more oily. I run to wash my face and I get relief! In those 5 minutes, my skin felt  heavy :(.

Next time I thought of using a tiny bit of it. Half a pump for face and neck. Did that and I got BETTER results! It makes the skin so soft and smooth. It did not feel very oily in the beginning AND my skin STILL felt slightly heavy. Since I was going to an extra lighted place that day, I used my Kryolan TV paint stick to hide all my flaws. The paint stick went on so beautifully with the base and it helped in application of  the paint stick. It even helped in blending difficult to blend foundations quite well. I was impressed at this! 

I knew that this product WILL make me oily and it did after half an hour even after using a mattifying loose powder! I was in an A.C environment and it was rainy that day. Hence I concluded that it is absolutely not for oily skinned beauties! Combination and Normal too should give it a skip as it does not have oil control capacity at all. Dry skinned beauties will LOVE this!

See the swatches:

From the swatches, you can see how healthy it makes my dry hands look. To show you it's effect on a very matte foundation, I have used Lakme Absolute foundation on the base. You can see how it makes my skin look dewy! It becomes completely matte after powdering which doesn't last long! 


- Makes application of foundation a breeze
- Transparent strip shows the amount of product left
- Pump dispenser  
- Will be very good for dry skinned beauties as it is cream based
- It is said to facilitate application of foundation, true. Moisturize, true. Care and protect the skin which is true as it did not break me out or irritate my skin.
- Affordable as you get 60 ml of product! 


- Maybe availability
- Does not control oil
- Cap comes off
- Makes oily skin oily, half an hour after application
- Smells of grandma makeup 
- Feels heavy on the skin
- Even in A.C environment and and good weather, it does not suit oily skin. 


Dry skinned beauties should take a look at this product as I believe it will really suit them. This product makes foundation glide on the skin, cares, moisturizes and protects the skin. It is cream based and hence not suitable for oily skinned beauties. Normal and combination skin too will feel heavy as it is very moisturizing and creamy! 

RECOMMEND? Yes. Only to dry skinned beauties!

REPURCHASE? No. Not made for me!

RATING: For oily skinned beauties 1.5/5. For dry skinned beauties a 5/5! ( You will <3 it! ). 

What is your HG base/primer? 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3


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  2. Now I feel like y the hell did I spend so much money to buy this thing which is not even useful for me!!!

    1. True! It's not a bad product. It just didn't work on my oily skin! Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. What Primer do you recommend for oily skin then?

    1. Hello dear, thanks for stopping by! My recommendation would be colorbar perfect match primer. You can even try lakme blur primer xx


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