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Review: Faces Metaliglow and Faces Metaliglow Eye Primer!

                      Hey everyone! I'm back with a review. At first, primers were almost extinct in my city. When I use to ask the SA's for face or eye primer, they would be like, "Sorry ma'am what?". Yes, No lie! I'm glad primers are coming into the market now and i'm reviewing two of them :)


              All FACES primers are formulated to hold, lock and seal in color. Choose from a variety of products specifically formulated to enhance the look and feel of makeup all day long, without the hassle of having to reapply. Let your makeup last from day into night.

WHAT METALIGLOW CLAIMS: Apply to face and body for soft metallic glow. Use directly on skin or on top foundation.

European award-winning lightly textured lotion flowing with iridescent shimmer. A product with an inimitable dual performance. Due to its quick setting, non-smudging capabilities it is a necessity for all eye shadow wearers. Voted Top Eye Primer by FACES customers, this product extends, intensifies and holds eye shadow, allowing eyes to look runway perfect all day long! Prevents eye shadow from creasing.



PRICE: I bought it for INR 499/- and the price has gone up to INR 699/- now!

SHADES: 4. 1 is Pinkish Pearl and the others are shades of brown! All shimmer!

METALIGLOW EYE PRIMER DETAILS: I got it with the smokey eyes kit!

QUANTITY: My one is 8ml. I guess it will be the same!

SHADES: The website shows only 1!

PRICE: Individually sold for INR 699/-


                           Since I have oily lids, eye primer is a MUST! Eye primers were not sold until FACES launched! Since I'm always so keen, I bought both to see the difference! Metaliglow comes in a bottle packaging and the eye primer comes in a doe foot packaging. Packaging wise, eye primer wins.
                                A person like me who dislikes shimmer ( unless its eye shadow or mild shimmer ) I dislike them both! The Metaliglow claims to give a luminous glow to the face. Tried that and it was not OTT BUT it was a bit too shimmery for me ( My face dislikes shimmer bases! ) . If worn alone or over foundation, up close it seems like you played with shimmer but from far it gives you a good glow! Unless you like shimmer and luminators try this! It would definitely do good as highlighter! And as for the eye primer, I would have very much preferred an opaque coverage, matte eye primer! It would have eliminated build up!
                                 It was last summer when I first tried the eye primer in the humid and sweaty climate! I expected a lot of eye shadow creasing since i was sweating like crazy. I applied the eye primer over my concealer and set it with powder by the way. I went back home, scared to look at the mirror and I was shocked to see my eye makeup intact! It was still intense and intact! And mind you, it drizzled just a tiny bit that day! Then I thought to myself to give the metaliglow a try since it had same texture and i got the same result! Both are a winner in staying power and its function! I wore them both for 7 hours plus! One blogger had claimed that it stayed 11-12 hours. Another claimed it stayed throughout the whole day and night! 
                                 The texture of both is beautiful. Slightly runny, spreads beautifully and sets quickly to a non-sticky finish! Just a little bit of product is required to prime your eyes and your good to go! Hence, it would last for months! It not only intensifies your eyeshadows but also makes them look luminous! 

                                   Below are the swatches of both:



- Easily Available
- Will last for very long
- Excellent staying power on oily lids
- Intensifies eye shadows
- Gives a smooth base to work on
- Metaliglow is a multi- purpose product which can be used as highlighter, luminator and primer
- It makes eye shadow look luminous and photographs well
- Eye primer comes with a doe-foot applicator
- Non-smudging, quick setting, beautiful texture and results
- Travel friendly
- Affordable. Considering the availability,quality and results! 

- Shimmer. Yes, the very first thing I had to point out. Eye primers are best opaque cause we can always use shimmer eye shadows!
- Metaliglow is 15ml and the eye primer is 5ml. Both are INR 699/- absolute nonsense! Hence, purchasing metaliglow is a better option. More quantity, multi- function.
- Metaliglow should have come with a built-in spatula. Unhygenic packaging!
- It fares well on oily lids as it sets completely dry. I am unsure of dry lids!

                                           SUMMING IT UP: 

                      According to me, both fare well and give the same results but purchasing metaliglow would be a much better option as it has more quantity and is priced the same as the eye primer! It truly holds it's claim of intensifying eye shadows, non-smudging, quick setting and has excellent staying power! It fares well on oily lids as it sets dry and as for dry lids, I do not think it would fare well on them! 

Recommend? Definitely! Great product for oily or normal lids. Unsure of dry lids!

Repurchase? I already have two. But i would not repurchase because I'm in search of a non-shimmery eye primer. If i fail to get any, I will definitely repurchase! 

Rating: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for shimmer and the price variation!)

                            Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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