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Review: BUDGET BUY! Teen Teen Lipsticks!

                      Hey guys! This post is for all those who are lipstick lovers! Lipstick? Love. Many shades? Love. Cheap? LOVE!. I have always been on a hunt for budgetted makeup and I saw tons of these available! Read On:


SHADES: Tons to choose from!

PRICE: INR 175/- Only!

L-R: Numbers 61, 36, 34, 25, 26, 200, 23.


Packaging is so attractive! It is so sleek and has a twist up packaging. The cover shuts tight and does not come off. The colour of the lipstick is that of the body. The shades do not have names. They are numbered and their numbers are printed at the end. They are very travel friendly. These are great for beginners or those who want to start wearing lipstick! Great for a few hours of hangouts, shopping, etc.

The best part about them is their bullet size. As seen from the previous picture, their bullets are thin and therefore they are a breeze to apply! The lipsticks are a mix of mattes and frosted. I picked up some frosted and some mattes. The quantity however is very little! I mean the bullet is thin and quantity is less! Yeh kya baat hai? ( what is this? ) :P

These lipsticks if used alone will not give very good results. However, if you use the "lip balm-scrub-line-fill-apply-blot-apply" method, these stay for an average time. Intensity stays for 2 hours. After 2 hours it begins to fade. Reapplication is not needed for 4 hours. After snacking a tint is left behind. They do not apply well on dry lips. Some are a sheer wash of colour which is buildable and some are pigmented. They do not feel dry at all and do not irritate my lips ( I have horribly dry lips ). It settles in fine lines if lips are not prepped. They do transfer. I'm quite happy with them for the price I paid! 


( Look how beautiful it makes my lips look! )

 Such a beautiful MLBB shade! It's a great everyday shade! When worn with more intensity and over a lip pencil, it's a beautiful nude! 

This has more of orange than 61 and has gold shimmer. Needs to be worn with eye makeup! 

One of the best budgetted subtle peachy shade! Need I say more?

I love lipsticks and specially if it's pink! Beautiful! 

What's different in 26? It's completely a barbie pink lippie! LOVE! 

Now this shade was suppose to be red. Its reddish in person and has gold shimmers. Cant be worn alone. It look's aunty types. BUT nothing that makeup can't fix right? ;)

Now this shade is beautiful! It's a red with pink undertones in real life. I have no idea what happens to my camera when it sees colour. BUT it's one of the prettiest shades! 

These lippies might not satisfy those who like MAC, colorbar velvet matte ranges or maybelline moisture extreme ranges! I think at this price, its a steal! I don't really mind transfer or the long procedure for making the lippy last cause I'm use to it but for those who just like to apply a lipstick without touch ups, this is not for you!


- Affordable
- Easily Available ( for some )
- Not drying 
- Decently Pigmented
- Average staying power for the price 
- Thin bullet
- Good packaging and travel-friendly
- Variety of shades
- Variety of finishes


- More of shimmer and aunty shades in the collection
- Lots of aunty type colours in most shops!
- It settles into fine lines and does not last on lips that is not prepped properly!
- Transfers
- LESS QUANTITY! I MEAN LOOK AT THAT! Thin bullet and less quantity! :/ 
- Not available everywhere
- Save a bit more and you can buy velvet mattes which are so good!

Teen Teen lipsticks are beauties without burning a hole in the pocket. For those who want to start entering the makeup zone, this is definitely good! I love using these lipsticks for shopping, meeting friends, hanging out, makeup looks, short time plans and events. As for formal occasions, I prefer my brands! 

Recommend? Yes for beginners who are not confident of wearing lipsticks! For those who are use to lipsticks or for those who do not like the hassle to prep, no.

Repurchase? YES! Just a few shades till I find it in a better brand. But, not anytime soon! Let it finish toh! :P

Rating:3.5/5. (I would have given it full marks for more younger shades and if I look from others view point, I wish it included less hassle to increase the staying power! It settles into fine lines by the end of the day. If compared to velvet mattes, velvet mattes are a better option and its so affordable! Just 75 rupees more!)  

Which is your favourite affordable lipstick? Please share below! 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3


  1. Hello may i knw frm whr i can get thm in delhi...

    1. Hello Deepika! Thanks for stopping by! I have never been to Delhi and stuff but I do know that shops that stock up korean and chinese cosmetics like vov & miss claire stock these lipsticks! Another good cheap alternative are meilin lipsticks which I love! You can check out elle 18, jordana and streetwear which is similar but cheaper to this! If you can spend a bit more, you can go for colorbar, lakme, maybelline, Rimmel,kryolan, inglot freedom system, etc. Hope I helped a bit! :)

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  3. Replies
    1. Hello doll, you will get this in stores that sell miss Claire and other imported brands!I only know where you get these in Kolkata. Sorry!

      Thanks for stopping by! ♡

  4. All shades are very beautiful and i want exactly the same shades and how will i get these all of shsdes in india!?plz tell me...

    1. Hello Dear! Thanks for stopping by! I don't think these lipsticks are easily available. Where do you live? If you live in Kolkata then I can surely help you! :)

    2. Hello Dear! Thanks for stopping by! I don't think these lipsticks are easily available. Where do you live? If you live in Kolkata then I can surely help you! :)

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