Thursday, 16 May 2013

FIRST STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL using Maybelline Eye Tattoo!

                      Hey guys! I've done a step-by-step tutorial for you guys, using the maybelline eye tattoos. I am sorry if my pictures are bad! My pictures don't look very professional because of my camera! So sorry but please bear with me! :(. Here is my FIRST STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL using Maybelline eye tattoos! ENJOY! <3



1. VOV eye shadow palette of 5
2. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara ( Love this one! )
3. Lotus Herbals Palette in Coco Fudge
4. Mels eye shadow palette
5. Miss Claire eye shadow
6. Maybelline eye tattoo in bad to the bronze
7. Lakme eyeconic kajal
8. Garnier eye tinted roll-on
9. Miss claire glimmersticks for eyes in pearl white
10. Lakme rose powder in warm rose for setting the concealer!


1. Prep your eyes

2. Apply eye tattoo till your crease and apply on lower lash line ( I put it above my crease since I have hooded lids! )

3. Take the same eye shadow shade as the eye tattoo and tap where you applied the eye tattoo. Blend.

4. Take a medium brown and apply on the outer corner and crease. Blend.

5. Take a matte black eye shadow and line your upper lash line and create a "V" in the outer corner. Blend.

6. Take a shimmery white eye shadow and apply on brow bone, tear ducts and inner corner of the eyes. Extend halfway on the lower lash line if you have small eyes. Blend.

7. Line your eyes. I have used an eye pencil instead of a liner, to open up my eyes. You can use eye pencil if you want to go less dramatic and eye liner for more drama! I have not lined my lower lash line fully because of my small eyes. However, if you have big eyes, you can line your lash line! Blend.

8. Line your waterline with white eye pencil. It opens up small eyes!

9. Put your favourite mascara on

10. Fill Your brows are your ready! :D

BTW, This would look lovely with a LBD! <3 :)

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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