Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair Serum!

               Hey everyone! I'm back with a hair care post! I have very thin, dry hair and bad hair fall. Therefore, putting conditioner and serum is a must for my dry hair! A product that I always use no matter what is my L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair serum. I never used hair serum's and conditioners. Only oil and shampoo! After seeing how bad my hair had become, I just had to try something! This product was on a trial offer and hence I got my hands on this one! 




The packaging is made of plastic. It is a white bottle with a red flip flop cover just like the other products in the range. The cap shuts tight and is travel friendly. 

The product claims to make hair strong, protect it, smoothen it, make it shiny and detangle it. Its been over a year that I'm using this serum and it is surely high time to review it! My first bottle is still not over even after using tons of it!

The liquid is transparent. It feels a bit sticky but becomes okay after application. It makes my hair really soft, smooth, shiny, detangles and protects my hair! I use it after my hair wash. Sometimes if I have really bad hair days, I damp my hair and put this serum. My hair feels beautiful to touch! After using this serum, my hair feels like it has become good in texture. My hairfall as become quite less as compared to before but it does not prevent or stop hairfall! It smells nice and sweet! Even after being under the sun, my hair does not feel dry and damaged like it used to! The effect stays for 2-3 days. The third day the effect is less. Detangling only happens on the first day of usage. It does not detangle hair on the second and third day! I have dry hair and it suited me a lot. I do not know its effect on oily hair. It does not prevent split ends! After using it for a year or so, I STILL find my hair dry but not like before! I still like this product because my hair has improved after using it religiously!


- Affordable
- It has other variants
- Smoothens hair
- Makes hair shiny
- Compared to other serums, the effect stays for 2-3 days
- Detangles hair on the first day
- Hair feels soft and silky
- Good smell
- Protects the hair
- Lessens hairfall
- Lasts for a longgg time!
- My hair has improved after religious use


- Does not prevent or stop hairfall
- Does not help in preventing split ends!
- If not used religiously, it might not be as effective
- It did not cure my dry hair completely!


L'oreal Paris Total Repair Hair Serum is an affordable product which smoothens, protects, detangles and protects the hair. The effects stay on for 2-3 days. It does not prevent hairfall or split ends. It did not cure my dry hair either! Overall I think it does a good job for a serum! I definitely prefer it over livon, silk and shine and all that!  

RECOMMEND? Already did to some mates! Yes.

REPURCHASE? Got another one. After this, no cause I want to try the keratese one!

 RATING: 4/5 ( -1 for the baddies! )

Did you try this hair serum or any other one from their range?

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: My HG everyday foundation ( Lotus Herbals Nourishing Purestay Foundation SPF 20)

              Hello everyone! Last time I had reviewed the lotus herbals purestay long lasting face powder with spf 20 reviewed here and today I'm reviewing the foundation! Whenever an oily skinned beauty finds her HG foundation, I make it a point to get my hands on it ( if its budgetted :P ). Read quite a few reviews about this foundation and I have my likes and dislikes about it! What makes it my HG? Read more!



SHADES: Same as the compact!



INR 595/-


30 ml


You must be like.. Hold on! Nourishing? Oily Skin? HG? Nuh-uh! Well, I thought the same thing when I came across the "nourishing" word. I have bought the shade bright angel and its a close match. This foundation comes in an attractive pump packaging! The foundation does not have a cover or lock system and hence you get a messy nozzle! I always make it a point to sanitize the nozzle and then use the foundation. I feel a little clean that way! 

The good thing about this foundation is that as you use the foundation, the base inside, goes up! Hence it ensures no wastage of foundation. Point to note, the pump does not work sometimes! It dispenses nothing, very little or the amount it should dispense! After dispensing, you will notice a little more foundation coming out but that's okay cause it's a tiny bit and can be added.

Warm up the foundation and use for best results. You can use your fingers, wedge, foundation brush, buffer brush, easy to blend. It blends well with the skin tone too. The consistency is quite thick. On application the foundation is on the dewy side but it sets to a semi-matte finish after some time. After powdering it is matte which turns dewy over time! It is buildable and has medium coverage ( does not mask major marks, acne marks or flaws ). It makes my skin look so natural, healthy and  flawless. I still reach out for my concealer if I'm going for dinner. If its something like college, I skip concealer so my skin does not look too done up. Setting this foundation is a MUST for oily skinned beauties as the oil control is not great! It keeps me oil-free for 1-2 hours. Although it is not good in controlling oil, it does not melt or oxidize which I LOVE cause many foundations oxidize on my horrible oily skin. It transfers very slightly. When I feel oily, I just take my tissue, dab and I'm done! It lasts for 6 hours. It feels really light on the skin and feels like you have nothing. 

I had read it in a blog that an oily skinned beauty used this foundation without any base or moisturizer and she got fantastic results and very good oil control! Using it without a base definitely feels less oily and gives oil control. But having such bad skin, I cannot skip a primer or my oil controlling moisturizers! This foundation has a particular smell which lingers for sometime! It's not irritating like revlon colorstay but not nice either! I liked it before but now I don't! Got fed up using so much of this product :P. Oh, this foundation went in my eye once and it stung for some time! :\

This foundation photographs beautifully during the day. At night, it flashes back slightly at night. If you do not blot or touch up, you look shiny and oily in pictures. It will definitely suit all skin types. Dry skin will need a moisturizer as the hydrating and nourishing effect won't be sufficient! OH! It did not break me out! <3


- Good quality at an affordable rate
- Natural, healthy, flawless look
- Oil-free
- Preservative free
- Does not test on animals 
- Thick consistency
- Blends easily with hands or brushes or wedges
- 5 shades 
- Nourishing
- SPF 20
- Feels light on the skin
- Works well without base on oily skin
- No transfer
- Does not oxidize
- Medium Coverage
- A very good weightless foundation for everyday
- It's 100% vegetarian
- Did not break me out
- Will suit all skin types. Dry skinned beauties will 


- Expensive from the brand Lotus
- Stung my eyes
- Not good oil control in humid areas
- Smell is a bit disturbing


Lotus Herbals Nourishing Purestay Foundation with SPF 20 is a great pick for those seeking for a good quality foundation at an affordable rate! It is medium coverage and buildable. It covers my skin problems to some extent and this would definitely give a flawless finish to those who have very less blemishes compared to mine! Although it does not fare well in the oil control department, it does not oxidize or transfer and last all day! Suitable for all skin types! 

RECOMMEND? Yes. Better for other skin types.

REPURCHASE? I got another bottle. After that, no cause I'm eyeing for so many other foundations! 

Rating: 3.5/5

( Update: The new bottle I had, the foundation had got spoilt and it was sealed! I broke out after using that)

Which is your everyday HG foundation?

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Monday, 27 May 2013

I'VE HIT THE PAN!!! Lotus Herbals Purestay Long Lasting Face Powder SPF 20

              Hey everyone, I'm back with a review and today I'm reviewing the Lotus Herbals Purestay Long Lasting Face Powder with SPF 20! Now that's a long name! Does the face powder actually lasts long like it's name? :P. Let's find out! 




Royal Pearl
Bright Angel
Royal Ivory
Hazelnut Star


9 g

PRICE: INR 595/-


Rice Powder, Corn Starch and Ginkgo Biloba



Lotus had taken out their purestay range last year but I haven't seen many reviews of it. Whatever few reviews I had read, was quite good and I decided to give it a try! This range of theirs is quite pricey! I wonder why Lotus? Let's take a look! 

This product comes in a classy pink packaging. The packaging is quite heavy because Lotus has looked into their packaging! The product comes with a pink cover to protect the packaging from getting scratched. It comes with a good size mirror and a useful good quality puff! Packaging deserves full marks!

The product is SO soft and smooth! Buttery like texture! I love the texture. Since the product is so soft, it crumbles when you swirl your brush. Hence a lot of product gets wasted. It also blends very well! One fine day when I swirled my brush, I saw I hit the pan! Which means I reached out for it quite often! I use it every sunday when I go out for dinner. 

This product lives up to some of its claims! It gives an absolute flawless complexion! Whatever marks left behind my foundation and concealer are all concealed by this face powder! Its a medium coverage. It sets my foundation well. It makes my skin look so airbrushed and fills up my large pores! decided to take photo's and my skin looked simply flawless and airbrushed. The compact does reflect back and sometimes it makes you look flawless while sometimes it makes you look ghastly! 


After half an hour of application, the matte effect is gone and dewy comes in. After another half an hour, my face becomes VERY oily! Oh my! Horrible! It was such a dream as long as it was on and then I see oil peeping through. What was worse was that it had faded a lot and my acne had started getting the spotlight! I was so disappointed in it! It was meant to last all day long! Is my skin is that oily? I tried it in a.c environments and the compact lasted a bit longer but I still felt a bit oily! It is suppose to have rice powder and corn starch! They are suppose to be good in controlling oil! :(. I tried changing my foundation and I had got the same results! Very disappointed in the oil control department AND ITS INR 595/- ! AND IT'S LOTUS! I should get decent oil control. 


- Medium coverage. Covers ALL minor imperfections.
- Flawless and airbrushed look
- Very soft, buttery and smooth to touch
- Blends very well
- Fills up large pores and makes them INVISIBLE!  
- Sets matte 
- 100% Vegetarian
- No preservatives
- Photographs very well 
- Useful puff and big mirror
- Very good packaging and shuts with a click!
- SPF 20
- 5 Shades. Shade selection is good for dark skinned beauties!

- Pricey from a brand like Lotus 
- The matte effect goes after half an hour on my oily skin
- Within an hour, the powder fades and the coverage fades. Skin imperfections begin to show again.
- A lot of product wastage because of it's buttery texture
The packaging might break! It looks delicate!
- Ingredients list is not mentioned


Lotus herbals have lived up to its claims of giving a flawless and airbrushed look with a buttery soft, easy to blend texture. It has SPF 20. It is 100% vegetarian and preservative free. It gave good results when freshly applied but within an hour I see a lot of fading and oiliness. Hence, this powder will best suit dry skinned beauties and maybe normal skinned beauties! 

RECOMMEND? Yes to dry skin. Girls with normal skin can give it a try.

REPURCHASE? No. Does not control oiliness at all!

RATING: 2/5 for oilies as the effect does not last long but the finish deserves some marks! It will definitely get full marks from normal and dry skinned beauties!

Did you experience any such experiences? 

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review: Kryolan Ultra Underbase!

                      Hey everyone! Did you ever buy products in a hurry and realize that it is not meant for you? It pinches even more when you see the price tag! I'm reviewing the Kryolan Ultra Underbase which I bought in a rush because I trusted my shopkeeper so much! It's not his fault cause I cannot resist hoarding! :P



PRICE: INR 1000/-


So, this product comes in an okay looking packaging. I do not like kryolan packaging but the content is good and hence I should not be so fussy! :P. The base is white, cream based and acts as a base + moisturizer. 

I do not like completely opaque bottles specially when it's cosmetics :P. It is good that kryolan has come up with the idea of a small transparent strip on the bottle. It has a pump dispenser. The cover of the cap shuts well but comes off sometimes. It does not shut with a click. You have to carry it with the carton provided with it if you're travelling. It smells of grandma makeup which fades soon :/. It did not break me out or irritate my skin.

The problem starts here. I have super oily skin. I did not read the contents ( okay, it's my fault ). The liquid is white and has a really creamy and smooth consistency. One pump dispenses enough content to moisturize and prime the face and neck. Excited me used a pump on my face and tried to blend it. Wait.. one sec! IT'S NOT ABSORBING! I USED TOO MUCH! NO WAIT.. I shall wait for sometime.. maybe 5 minutes?. After 5 minutes, skin is all the more oily. I run to wash my face and I get relief! In those 5 minutes, my skin felt  heavy :(.

Next time I thought of using a tiny bit of it. Half a pump for face and neck. Did that and I got BETTER results! It makes the skin so soft and smooth. It did not feel very oily in the beginning AND my skin STILL felt slightly heavy. Since I was going to an extra lighted place that day, I used my Kryolan TV paint stick to hide all my flaws. The paint stick went on so beautifully with the base and it helped in application of  the paint stick. It even helped in blending difficult to blend foundations quite well. I was impressed at this! 

I knew that this product WILL make me oily and it did after half an hour even after using a mattifying loose powder! I was in an A.C environment and it was rainy that day. Hence I concluded that it is absolutely not for oily skinned beauties! Combination and Normal too should give it a skip as it does not have oil control capacity at all. Dry skinned beauties will LOVE this!

See the swatches:

From the swatches, you can see how healthy it makes my dry hands look. To show you it's effect on a very matte foundation, I have used Lakme Absolute foundation on the base. You can see how it makes my skin look dewy! It becomes completely matte after powdering which doesn't last long! 


- Makes application of foundation a breeze
- Transparent strip shows the amount of product left
- Pump dispenser  
- Will be very good for dry skinned beauties as it is cream based
- It is said to facilitate application of foundation, true. Moisturize, true. Care and protect the skin which is true as it did not break me out or irritate my skin.
- Affordable as you get 60 ml of product! 


- Maybe availability
- Does not control oil
- Cap comes off
- Makes oily skin oily, half an hour after application
- Smells of grandma makeup 
- Feels heavy on the skin
- Even in A.C environment and and good weather, it does not suit oily skin. 


Dry skinned beauties should take a look at this product as I believe it will really suit them. This product makes foundation glide on the skin, cares, moisturizes and protects the skin. It is cream based and hence not suitable for oily skinned beauties. Normal and combination skin too will feel heavy as it is very moisturizing and creamy! 

RECOMMEND? Yes. Only to dry skinned beauties!

REPURCHASE? No. Not made for me!

RATING: For oily skinned beauties 1.5/5. For dry skinned beauties a 5/5! ( You will <3 it! ). 

What is your HG base/primer? 

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Tutorial: How to cover up dark marks or tattoo's!

               Hey everyone! Today I am doing a really special post. This post is for all the women who have dark marks left behind on their face or body due to insect bites or cuts or anything! Right now my acne has been behaving well and decreased in redness and I really wanted to take up the challenge to cover up much darker spots! So I found a really dark mark on my leg ( light in pictures due to lighting ). I hope I'm able to help everyone out there! Enjoy! :)


1. Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation in bright angel ( Medium Coverage ) 
2. Kryolan Underbase
3. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme
4. Flat eyeshadow brush ( synthetic )
5. Eye blending brush ( natural hair )
6. Kryolan loose powder in TL4
5. Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink



Choose your base and blend on area where you have the mark


Take half a pump of foundation


Note where your marks are and apply foundation on the marks and a few centimeters away from the marks


Apply foundation in a DABBING motion only on the marks. Blend the rest like you normally apply foundation


Your marks should decrease in intensity


Take your concealer and warm it up on your hand for better blending ( I have used a yellow based concealer )


Take your flat synthetic brush and DAB on marks and the surrounding areas


Take your blending brush and blend the border of the concealed area of your skin well and blend wherever the concealer looks cakey or chalky


Take loose powder which has good coverage. I have used kryolan loose powder.


Dab on the area and ensure seamless blending. You can stop here if it blends well. If it doesn't, follow the next step! 


Since I have used a yellow based powder, I will use another loose powder with a hint of pink to neutralize the yellow.


Dab and blend. Your marks are concealed! 

Thanks for stopping by! Any question or queries are welcomed! Much Love! <3

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review: NYX Eyeshadow Base In White Pearl!

               Hey everyone, today I shall be reviewing the NYX eyeshadow base in white pearl. This was one of my earliest buy as a beginner! I found it while I was settling my vanity ( I'm a huge hoarder and never finish products fast ). I used it again and oh oh! Here's the review:




Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Silica, Methicone, Nylon-66 Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/Hexastrearate/Hexarosinate, Ricinus Communis(Castor)Seed Oil Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Octyldodecyl Myristate Ceresin, Polyethylene, Frangrace, Butylparaben Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT Titanium Dioxide(I77891). May Contain: Iron Oxides(CI77491), Iron Oxides(CI77492), Iron Oxides(CI77499), Mica.


White Pearl
Skin tone


0.25 7g


I bought it for INR 499/-


NYX comes in a cute white jar packaging made of plactic. Sturdy and travel friendly. My fingers fit in just perfectly. If you have long nails, you will not like it!

White Pearl is off white in colour with lots of shimmer particles in it. The other two don't have shimmer! I wanted to purchase skin tone but skin tone and white were out of stock everywhere and online white pearl looked off white with no shimmer. Anyways, I like the texture of this product. It is creamy and creamy products just make me want to swirl my finger round and round! :P. On applying and spreading the product, the product blends like a dream. So easily and smoothly. It sets partly non-oily. 

This product does not work alone on pigmented lids because it is translucent and had shimmer particles. This product sets VERY fast. Apply, blend and its set! A very little amount is needed. When I first tried it in the beginning, I took too much product and blended it on my lids. DISASTER. I looked like a disco ball. I tried to remove it with a tissue and handkerchief and DISASTER PART 2 follows! Once set, it does not bulge BUT the glitter travels everywhere if touched. So funny :\. Do not touch your face after application. The product residue on your finger will transfer glitter to your face. Disco look is not in! :P. Alright, so there I was with my disco ball lids and la la la la la I spent my day. I come home and guess what? DISASTER PART 3. It smudged like crazy on my oily lids and oh it even made my smudge proof liner bulge! Makeup disaster! (P.S: I made too many disasters! :P)

I got so angry and just threw it away somewhere and it comes up again! Truth, I CANNOT throw products unless I use it up. It pains me cause I buy from my pocket money :P. The ones that I tell my parents or family to get are products that I have investigated for months! :P

So NYX comes up and says, " I know you want me, You know I want ya! ". I go, " NO! You caused me disasters 1,2,3 and its going to be 4 ".

So, the person that I am, I decided to use it. I always use to crib for good highlighters and white liners. Why not use this on my tear ducts and lower lashline? Bad idea! I messed it up a bit and I could not redo cause it sets fast and I was getting late for college. I used very little product this time. The base had opened my eyes so much and made me look so awake and thank you shimmer particles or irritating my eyes! ANDDDD ITS SUPPOSE TO BE HYPOALLERGENIC AND CRUELTY-FREE. I felt like a was the experiment or rabbit :/. I don't look at the mirror at college because I want to spare myself :P. So I come home and head straight to the mirror. It was still there. BUT, it blended with my eyeliner and together became grey! EWWWW! DISASTER PART 4.

 Best way to use this product is with a brush to avoid glitter travelling everywhere! 



- Easily available online
- Affordable
- Smooth
- Applies very easily
- Blends easily
- Available in skin tone colour 
- Enhances eyeshadows 
- White pearl works well as a highlighter for tear ducts and lower lashline
- Cruelty free
- Hypoallergenic


- Only 3 shades
- Creases quite badly on oily lids
- Does not set to a complete non-oily finish
- Jar packaging
- Glitter travels everywhere
- Sets really fast and might not be your 5 minute makeup routine!
- Too shimmery for me! Even if you powder over the base, the shimmer peeps through.
- Shimmer irritates my eyes through out the whole day! 


NYX eyeshadow base in white pearl is a off-white translucent base with lots on shimmer in it. It has a smooth consistency, easy to apply and blend and sets to a partly non-oily finish. It is available in three shades. White pearl is not suitable for oily lids or sensitive eyes 

RECOMMEND? Only to non-oily lids! Oilies would be better without it! 

REPURCHASE? No. One jar is enough and I don't look out for it much!

RATING: 1/5. I completely disliked the product! :(. I gave it a 1 for the little good stuff it had! 

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: BUDGET BUY! Teen Teen Lipsticks!

                      Hey guys! This post is for all those who are lipstick lovers! Lipstick? Love. Many shades? Love. Cheap? LOVE!. I have always been on a hunt for budgetted makeup and I saw tons of these available! Read On:


SHADES: Tons to choose from!

PRICE: INR 175/- Only!

L-R: Numbers 61, 36, 34, 25, 26, 200, 23.


Packaging is so attractive! It is so sleek and has a twist up packaging. The cover shuts tight and does not come off. The colour of the lipstick is that of the body. The shades do not have names. They are numbered and their numbers are printed at the end. They are very travel friendly. These are great for beginners or those who want to start wearing lipstick! Great for a few hours of hangouts, shopping, etc.

The best part about them is their bullet size. As seen from the previous picture, their bullets are thin and therefore they are a breeze to apply! The lipsticks are a mix of mattes and frosted. I picked up some frosted and some mattes. The quantity however is very little! I mean the bullet is thin and quantity is less! Yeh kya baat hai? ( what is this? ) :P

These lipsticks if used alone will not give very good results. However, if you use the "lip balm-scrub-line-fill-apply-blot-apply" method, these stay for an average time. Intensity stays for 2 hours. After 2 hours it begins to fade. Reapplication is not needed for 4 hours. After snacking a tint is left behind. They do not apply well on dry lips. Some are a sheer wash of colour which is buildable and some are pigmented. They do not feel dry at all and do not irritate my lips ( I have horribly dry lips ). It settles in fine lines if lips are not prepped. They do transfer. I'm quite happy with them for the price I paid! 


( Look how beautiful it makes my lips look! )

 Such a beautiful MLBB shade! It's a great everyday shade! When worn with more intensity and over a lip pencil, it's a beautiful nude! 

This has more of orange than 61 and has gold shimmer. Needs to be worn with eye makeup! 

One of the best budgetted subtle peachy shade! Need I say more?

I love lipsticks and specially if it's pink! Beautiful! 

What's different in 26? It's completely a barbie pink lippie! LOVE! 

Now this shade was suppose to be red. Its reddish in person and has gold shimmers. Cant be worn alone. It look's aunty types. BUT nothing that makeup can't fix right? ;)

Now this shade is beautiful! It's a red with pink undertones in real life. I have no idea what happens to my camera when it sees colour. BUT it's one of the prettiest shades! 

These lippies might not satisfy those who like MAC, colorbar velvet matte ranges or maybelline moisture extreme ranges! I think at this price, its a steal! I don't really mind transfer or the long procedure for making the lippy last cause I'm use to it but for those who just like to apply a lipstick without touch ups, this is not for you!


- Affordable
- Easily Available ( for some )
- Not drying 
- Decently Pigmented
- Average staying power for the price 
- Thin bullet
- Good packaging and travel-friendly
- Variety of shades
- Variety of finishes


- More of shimmer and aunty shades in the collection
- Lots of aunty type colours in most shops!
- It settles into fine lines and does not last on lips that is not prepped properly!
- Transfers
- LESS QUANTITY! I MEAN LOOK AT THAT! Thin bullet and less quantity! :/ 
- Not available everywhere
- Save a bit more and you can buy velvet mattes which are so good!

Teen Teen lipsticks are beauties without burning a hole in the pocket. For those who want to start entering the makeup zone, this is definitely good! I love using these lipsticks for shopping, meeting friends, hanging out, makeup looks, short time plans and events. As for formal occasions, I prefer my brands! 

Recommend? Yes for beginners who are not confident of wearing lipsticks! For those who are use to lipsticks or for those who do not like the hassle to prep, no.

Repurchase? YES! Just a few shades till I find it in a better brand. But, not anytime soon! Let it finish toh! :P

Rating:3.5/5. (I would have given it full marks for more younger shades and if I look from others view point, I wish it included less hassle to increase the staying power! It settles into fine lines by the end of the day. If compared to velvet mattes, velvet mattes are a better option and its so affordable! Just 75 rupees more!)  

Which is your favourite affordable lipstick? Please share below! 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3