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Review: Miss Claire Glimmer Sticks For Eyes!

                         Hey everyone! How do you feel when you buy something at an extremely cheap rate followed by decent quality, good results and multiple choices? Seven Heaven! I hear you! Today I will be reviewing eye pencils from a Korean brand, Miss Claire!



SHADES: Almost every shade is there! I have got 8 shades ( graphite, silky silver, pearl white, copper, tahitian blue, gold, royal blue and spring green ). There was another green, another blue called denim blue and a purple one which i did not buy and i regret :|

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

                      When I first entered the makeup and beauty world, I was always in search of an extremely affordable price tag! I really like Korean products cause of their packaging, decent quality and affordable price! I've had a good experience with them and hence I picked graphite, silver and royal blue first, followed by the rest! Before using any product, I sanitize them! Just something you should do too if the seal is broken or if your scared :P
                            These pencils come with a transparent plastic wrapped around them ( thank goodness! ). The body of the pencil is the color of the pencil. Hence they are so easy to locate in a box full of eye pencils! These look fairly nice and nothing too extraordinary. It is just like any other wooden eye pencil. The nib tends to become blunt fast because of its creamy texture. It is travel friendly as the cover of the pencil does not come off which i really like! It is sleek and can fit in your purse if you carry makeup for touch ups!
                             The pencils are creamy and glide on smoothly but i have noticed that after I put concealer and set my concealer on my lids, it does not have the intensity that it usually does! It turns out to be less intense hence i need to swipe 2-3 times to get that desired color. It has shimmer in it but it doesn't look OTT! Infact it makes my eyes look awake! It is not matte! I didn't like shimmer much but this beauty changed my views! It stays on my oily lids for 6 hours plus with slight fading and transfers on my lower lash line. It does not sting.
TIP: To reduce transfer or smudging of any eye pencil, apply compact powder and then move on to your eye pencil and finish by patting an eyeshadow of the same color.
                               However, I like using these on my lower lash line when i create eye makeup looks to really make my eyes stand out! They come out darker in my lower lash line and even lasts long. The white and silver really pops my eyes! I sometimes use these eye pencils on my lid to create smokey eyes or as a base for my eyeshadows. Since it is creamy, it blends well and easily.


Below is the water resistant test although it does not claim:

When water is sprayed

- SO affordable!
- Travel friendly packaging
- MANY shades to choose from!
- Shimmer isn't too OTT and makes eyes look bright! ( I dislike glitter and too much shimmer in eye pencils and eye primers because it irritates my eyes! This is perfect! )
- Does not sting when used on the waterline
- Water resistant
- Easily available in some places!
- Lasts very long and even stays on long!
- Creamy
- Will suit normal/combi and dry skin better!

- Smudges and transfers.
- Some eye pencils are sold without the transparent packaging which is creepy cause there might be germs!
- These brands are not easily available in some parts of India
- The cover might dent if you close your draw carelessly with the cover  popping up ( better than plastic covers that crack )
- Creamy texture, product wastage
- Not for oily lids and under eye! Specially if your searching for something that will not smudge or transfer!
- Transfers and smudges less if you powder, swipe, powder again!
- Shimmer's ( if you cannot stand shimmer! )


                          These pencils would be ideal for all the college going girls as they are affordable, creamy, lasts for a decent time and available in many colors! I have tried quite a few products from this brand and I can say that I really like this brand! If you come across their single eyeshadow pots, BUY IT! Its a must-have at a very good rate! 

Recommend? Yes! Only INR 50/- afterall so no harm trying!

Repurchase? No and that's because it's going to last for a long time! Plus there are other Korean brands that I would love to try!

Rating: 3.5/5 (-0.5 for smudging and transferring, -0.5 for some being sold without their transparent packaging and -0.5 for application)

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

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