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Review: Maybelline Colossal Kajal!

                      Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline Colossal Kajal! We all know the importance of kajal in a girl's life! Sometimes searching for the right one is so difficult! Here's the review! :)


COLOSSAL WEAR: Never before 6 hours of smudge resistant wear. Exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge or fade. No more touch ups.

COLOSSAL CARE: The ultimate in care with a combination of 5 caring ingredients. Formula enriched with Vitamin E soothes the eyes.

INGREDIENTS: Mentioned in the packaging it comes with. I threw it long time back!

SHADES: ONLY black :(

PRICE: INR 175/-

                      The only reason that I purchased this kajal, Packaging. Period. The advertise looked so good! How could I just not buy it? So it was one HOT day when I decided to put this kajal into test because of its claim! It comes in a twist up packaging and as you can see, the print fades a bit :( . When I applied it on my upper lashline, it tugged! I cannot pull one line at a stretch and need to apply it in short strokes. If you want to sport a winged liner , this WILL tug!
TIP: Before using, warm it up with your fingers to get a smooth application. 
                        Since I have a heavy hand, there was not a time when the tip did NOT break! The tip is quite delicate and easy to break, product wastage. It quite dark which i really love but I have seen eye pencils that are darker! I applied it at 7:45 AM and came back at 3:15 one day (7 hours+). I even tried it less than 7 hours. I could see my kajal transferred to the under eye area, i.e, panda eyes. I thought it was cause of heat and decided to use it in a.c places. SAME RESULT. It does not sting. It finishes quite fast as experienced by mom, aunt and friend. It finished fast for me because I only broke the tip! :P. I've also observed that my kajal is drier!
                     I was upset until one day my friend raved about this product! It worked wonders for her! She had claimed that the eye pencil did not bulge or smudge even when she slept with her kajal on! ( she has combination skin and dry eye area ) *TING* Then something dawned my mind. My OILY LIDS! what added to the problem was my concealer. I cannot step out without my concealer. I tried it once without concealer and instead of concealer i powdered my eyelids and under eye and the results were way better! So i assume that it would be suitable for those who do not have oily lids. As for the waterline, it smudges on me and not my friend cause i have watery eyes. I have so many problems :/ ! It is also difficult to remove! Below are the water resistant and water proof tests ( although they don't claim ):

When water is sprayed on it 

After rubbing it slightly!

- Dark
- Availability
- Affordable price
- Lasts for a long time
- Water resistant
- Attractive packaging
- Smudge proof, bulge proof on normal/combination and dry skin types!
- Said to have 5 caring ingredients and vitamin E
- No need to sharpen
- Delicate tip

- Does not perform well on oily lids, oily under eyes or watery eyes
- Only one shade
- Tugs

All though the colossal did not keep up to its claims when it came to me, it definitely lived up to every claim on my mom, aunt and friend! It seems that it is their HG kajal up to date and mind you that they are all kajal people! :P It is a staple in their makeup stash! As for me, I've tried a thousand eye pencils and my search still continues...........</3

Recommend? Yes for normal/combi/dry! No for oily lids!

Repurchase? Not for me! My mom, aunt and my friend is on their 4th one now cause they LOVE IT! Its their HG :O

Rating: 3.5/5 from my side (-0.5 for delicate tip, -0.5 for dry texture which only applied to my colossal and -0.5 for the smudging and transferring on my oily lids!) and from the other's ( mom, aunt and friend ) its a 5/5! They say it finishes fast BUT they are not willing to minus marks for that! :P

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! Much Love! <3.


  1. i faced d same problem with this kajal,cannot line my upper eyelid.And i dont line my waterline coz i hve horrible dark circles nd d kajal alwsys tends to spread.
    What do u suggest i do to make my liner and kajal intact??

    1. Sadia! :) make sure your eye area is absolutely clean. Use very very little concealer if you do or use a tinted eye primer of your skin shade. Use loose powder or your compact and powder your lids. Apply your product. Next take a black eyeshadow and pat it on your kajal. Or go over it with gel liner. Since I have oily lids.. I tend to avoid eye pencils. Liquid liners and gel liners fare a lot better than eye pencils on oily lids! I hope I helped! :D

    2. thanks for the tip... :) :)


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