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Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipliner!

                            Hey guys I'm back with a post! Before I move on to the review, I want to say that I'm totally a lipstick person! Earlier it was only balm and gloss for me. Lipsticks.. errrr! we all go through that phrase don't we? I love lipsticks for the reason that they just give a twist to your whole look! It is a MUST for me to use lip liners since I love lippies! So here it goes! :)


SHADES: 630 Velvet Beige, 150 Stellar Pink, 750 Choco Pop, 338 Midnight Plum, 775 Copper Brown, 540 Hollywood Red.

                    I have Velvet Beige, Stellar Pink and Hollywood Red.


PRICE: INR 250/-


                     Keep your lip color looking beautiful with coordinating lip liners that won’t smudge and smear.
Slant tip and slim-line barrel provide precise application and control for a perfectly defined look

Since I'm a college student, searching for budget buys is VERY necessary specially if you hoard makeup (like me). I came across this online when i was newbie in lipstick. I had got it last year for INR 200 when the price was originally INR 210 which become INR 250 this year! The shades are very limited and not very interesting!   
             Packaging of this lip liner is just like any other. A wooden pencil that needs to be sharpened every now and then. The body of the lip liner is sleek and the colour of the body is the colour of the lip liner and hence it is easy to identify the shade! It is travel friendly as the cover does not come off easily.
           When i used the lip liner at first, i found it tugging on my lips because of my exceptionally dry lips! After i applied a lip balm and waited for it to sink in, i found the application much smoother and easier to apply! It gives an opaque coverage to my lips, however, if you have badly pigmented lips, you will need 2-3 swipes more. The nib of the lip liner did not break and it needs to be sharpened after 2-3 uses!
            Now, at first it looked so beautiful! Until, it was half an hour after application, my lips felt dry,tight and the lip liner began to settle into my fine lines! Oh My! Since then i started using it as a base for my lipstick and the results were much better! It made my lipstick last longer and the results were fairly good! During summers, these lip liners tend to become softer and go on better and behave better! It's a no-no for winter! All of the shades have shimmer in them but that's not a problem as the shimmer isn't too OTT. In fact it gives a nice glossy sheen and makes lips look healthy when applied. The shimmer does not settle into fine lines. The shimmer travels if you try to remove it with a tissue! It transfers!
               Velvet Beige is a lovely brownish lip liner with shimmer. It might be a nude shade for dusky beauties!  Stellar Pink appears to be more frosty and shimmery. I love it! Hollywood Red, well, who named this one? Cause its surely not the "Hollywood Red" which we think off! :/ BUT! I love the shade! I think they should have named this Hollywood Maroon cause it does irl! :P
elow are the swatches!




- Affordable
- Long lasting
- Good as a base for lipsticks
- The nib does not break easily
- Decent pigmentation
- Good coverage

- Very limited and boring shades!
- Tugs on lips if your lips are dry
- Heavily pigmented lips will need 2-3 swipes
- Cannot be worn alone
- Very drying
- Needs sharpening after 2-3 uses ( product wastage )
- Accentuates dry lips; lip balm needed!
- During winters, the pencil becomes hard!
- Contains shimmer ( may be a con for some! )
- Transferssss!

              All those who want to try out lip liners that are affordable, this is a great pick! The dryness of this lip liner can be solved with a good lip balm beneath. It provides as a good base for lipsticks and is smooth to apply during the summers! It gives an opaque coverage. However, heavily pigmented lips will need 2-3 swipes. It has shimmer but does not look OTT and make lips look healthy.

RECOMMEND? Yes. For those searching for affordable lip liners.

REPURCHASE? No. Because I have other lip liners which i love BUT IF maybelline launches more vibrant shades, I will DEFINITELY repurchase :)

RATING: 3/5 ( -0.5 for very boring shades, -0.5 on application during the winters and -0.5 for dryness and -0.5 for tranferring )

Hope I helped! Thanks and stay tuned guys! :)

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