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Review: Makeover Eyeshadow!

                                  Hey everyone! Hope you had a good day! Before I start, I want to say that sometimes  every time, i fall for products with cute packaging and products that have an affordable price tag! Even after I've gone through so many duds, i still didn't learn a lesson. After all, some things never change :P. So, while i was walking through one of my favourite makeup shops, something caught my eye. Something colourful, something big, something affordable! My favourite shopkeeper saw me, "Maam! Aap ko kuch chahiye? Mera paas naya cheez hai! ". For all those who do not understand hindi, and even for those who do :P- "Maam, do you want anything? I have new things!". I resisted, I tried but the devil always wins in me! :P. the price tag, quantity and colours caught my heart and here is the review! 

                       Why do all these Korean products have Paris attached to it? :/ just an observation! 



SHADES: There are blues, greens, purples, white, etc.! 

PRICE: Ranges from INR150-200, Depends from where you buy it!

                      It is quite big I know! The eye shadow comes with a screw top transparent cover. Hence, it is easy to locate them if you have quite a collection! I picked up two shades that i really wanted in my vanity, i.e, Shade 28 (a beautiful purple) and Shade 19 (matte white). I dropped the white one the very first day, NOTHING happend! :O.
                     As i reached home, I quickly tried to swatch them because they looked so beautifully pigmented! On touching, it felt smooth and silky so i had expected to get decent results. I swiped my finger lightly, nothing came. Second try, same result. It tested my patience and i swirled my finger round and round the dibbi (container) and there! I could see SOME colour! If that was the case with my fingers, what about my brush? How will it show up on my horrible dark eyes? I tried it with a brush and TAPPED it on my eyes. I uselessly made my brush dirty, FAIL. No wait, EPIC FAIL!.
                        When i tried blending the colour with a blending brush, the intensity which I so difficultly built up, faded. Suddenly I remember why eye primers even existed in the makeup world. It even failed with my eye primer :/. It was not my primer's fault cause that is my favourite primer for POPPING colours. This one didn't POP, it was POOP!. The colours only show after packing on layers of eye shadow for 5 minutes. Hence, it is NOT ideal for the 5 minute makeup emergencies! These do not even have good staying power. It fades as time passes and almost vanishes by the time I'm home. I have shifted them from my vanity to the other box which contains "fairly okay" products :P. I just use them occasionally maybe to set my eye pencils or when I try creating new looks.



- Easily Available
- Variety of shades
- Affordable
- Decent Packaging
- Does not break and crumble easily
- Smooth and silky to touch
-  Variety of finishes

- Bad pigmentation
- One needs to pack colour on for 5 minutes to achieve the shade in the container.                                
- NOT emergency friendly
- Very low staying power
- Not ideal for blending or smokey eyes
- Fails to show up well even with an eye primer.
- No price given. Hence, you can be cheated! :O

                                                 SUMMING IT UP:

                       Makeover Paris has a variety of eye shadow shades to choose from, with an affordable price tag. The quantity provided is quite a lot and will last a long long time! It feels smooth and silky to touch and has a variety of finishes like matte, satin, shimmer, etc. Despite these good things, the eye shadow does not score even a point in its quality! A lot of product is to be packed to get the desired colour and would not be ideal for 5 minute makeup emergencies as it takes 5 minutes to really pack on the colour! It does not have good staying power as it starts fading quickly and is not ideal for creating smokey looks!



You can get better eye shadows and palettes within the INR150-200 range.

RATING: 1/5 

Thought for the day. Attractive packaging, good quantity and price tag is not always the stairways to happiness and content. Do not judge a book by it's cover! :P. Thanks for stopping by! Much love <3.

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