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Review: Lakme Insta-Liner!

                                  Hey everyone, I'll start off by narrating my eye liner journey.  Okay, when i was small, I would always look up to parties for the reason that my mom and aunties use to put makeup for me! Black eye liner, pink blush and blood red, fuchsia or baby pink lipstick was what I would be dolled up with! As i grew older, makeup use to be  "occasional" for me. For wedding's I would use mine my mother's *cough* eye pencil which would smudge and give me panda eyes and which some gloss or lip balm. One of my favourites that time was Avon Glimmersticks in satin grey or something, which I wore ONCE cause I never got to see it again! :(. It was when i was 16 when my best friend told me that i should put black eyeliner or kajal cause i would look "PRETTY" in it. As a teen, I wanted to look pretty, obviously! I started my lining my waterline ( don't know how many hours I took just to line my waterline AND I ended up with tiny eyes and looked like a witch :/ ). Then, my best friend told me to line my upper lash line and I started lining my upper lash line with biotique kajal (OMG I KNOW!). After seeing the difference, my love for makeup started and a line of dud's followed. I LOVED my VOV felt tip eyeliner which was like a pen and ultimately it got over which is so sad :(. It was my HG and since that was discontinued, I bought this, since I see almost every Indian woman with this bottle!




SHADES: Black only

PRICE: Best part, ONLY INR 75/-!

SHELF LIFE: 30 months. I used it beyond its shelf life and noticed that the product did not cause any harm or change in texture.

                  Yes, even i thought it was a nail polish at the beginning and hence i do not like the appearance of it! Thanks to the short handle and nail polish type of bottle. The packaging is sturdy as one of my best friend's have the same thing. Her cats keep jumping around the house and dropped the bottle when the bottle was uncovered. Yes, disaster! After the product came out, she was left with an almost empty eye liner bottle! I wonder how she managed to clean the floor up! ANYWAYS, the writing on the packaging fades with time and looks cheap ultimately. I have two bottles and I was shocked to observe some points! Below is the applicators of the two:


                                     As visible, the old bottle has a finer tip than the new one. I even observed that application with the older applicator is much easier as it is firm yet flexible! While the new applicator does not have firmness and hence it makes the application difficult! These eyeliners draw the finest lines and hence it is ideal for those seeking liners with fine tips. The liners dry to a matte finish. It is not the Blackest black BUT it is the perfect black for light skin tones! Hence, it makes my eyes look less harsh! Darker skin tones even look extremely beautiful with this liner! ( i tried it on my friends ). The formula compared to my other liners is runny, not dripping runny! You will notice that because it is runny, it spreads easily! To get a bold winged liner, i dip the applicator 2-3 times as compared to other liners I own. The other liners dry extremely fast and hence application is both difficult ( cannot correct the line once set ) and easy ( No transferring )

                    You can even see that the old bottle gives a smooth application and hence the eyeliner appears dark while the new applicator gives streaky application and makes eyeliner appear lighter because of the applicator. 

                    The eye liner takes A LOT of time to dry. I use to smudge it almost every time in the beginning! How I started avoiding that is by applying the liner below my crease and not dare to look up while it dried. What else added to the problem? My hooded lids!. If you look up while its still wet, the eye liner will transfer on to your lid. Even, when you apply it near your tear ducts and blink after application, It transfers. PAIN.
                      However, when this eyeliner dries, it stays put for a long time!  I put this eye liner to college everyday and it stays put for the whole day ( 6 hours plus ). When I am home, I noticed that the eyeliner still managed to look fresh. Mind you, I have very oily lids and live in an extremely hot and humid place! It is strange when it stays put for such a long time because once I just went to take a nap for sometime and it faded A LOT! Do not rub your eyes when you have this on as you will notice fading. When I rubbed my eyes, there was transfer of eyeliner in a powdery form! 
                      Removing this is IMPOSSIBLE without getting panda eyes and black streaks on your face! It claimed to be water resistant and here was the test:

                     It has surely lived to the claim of being water resistant! I even tried splashing water on my face previously, nothing happened BUT DO NOT rub your eyes when its wet. PLEASE. Specially before you go to meet your lover!
                     As time passed by, I became steady in applying liner and I do not face any issues with this liner now! It is my HG everyday liner! I used this liner in the past a lot and use it at present everyday for college ( bold winged liner ) but i still did not manage to finish half of it! 

- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Very fine tip
- Sturdy
- Formula is runny. Suitable for beginners who would take time to get the perfect line
- Water-resistant
- Stays on for 6 hours plus with very light fading!
- Matte finish ( for those who like matte finishes )
- Not the darkest black but dark enough to suit all skin tones!
- Short Handle ( for those who prefer )
- Comfortable on the eyes unlike some eyeliners!
- Does not sting my eyes
- Even after using it after the expiry date, i noticed it did no harm to my sensitive eyes or change in texture!
- That 9 ml bottle will last a life time!

- Only available in black! C'MON LAKME!
- Boring packaging
- Short handle ( I personally prefer long handles )
- Takes a lot of time to dry
- Applicator differs from bottle to bottle!
- Messy to take off
- Not very suitable for hooded lids in the initial stage ( when your a beginner )
- Some applicators are not firm and apply streaky and hence you have to keep dipping and go over the line again to get that black!

                   Lakme Insta-Liner is a water-resistant liner with a runny formula. Since the formula is runny and takes sometime to dry, it would be good for beginners as the runny formula would spread better and gives time to those who take time to draw a straight line. The packaging could be improved but its okay for the price since the product in the bottle is good! It stays on for 6 hours plus with slight fading. This bottle lasts for a long time! It is difficult to even finish half the bottle! However, before purchasing it, i would advice you to check the applicator before buying. Despite its flaws, to me it turns out to be a winner! What more could you want at an affordable price tag by an Indian Company? That's why so many women have or had this eye liner for years! It has managed to be a staple in my vanity as my HG everyday liner. I have many eyeliners but i noticed that I always turn back to this!

REPURCHASE? Got 2 bottles already. Will last my entire life time.

RECOMMEND? Absolutely! If you want to perfect any eye liner style, I would advice you to start off with this eye liner to make your hand steady!

RATING: 4.5/5 ( -0.5 for time to dry ) I did not minus marks for applicators as you can avoid it by checking from before unless, you purchase this online. The rest are not such a disadvantage once your hand gets steady!

                   Hope you liked the review guys! What is your favourite eyeliner? :) I shall be back soon! Bye! Much Love <3.


  1. i have this bt applying it is a pain!!
    D applicator is so short,i guess i will give it a try..

    1. True! It is difficult at first but you will get the hang of it! :)


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