Monday, 29 April 2013

What Makeup Looks You Can Pair with LBD's!

                Hey everyone! This is a post for all the beauties out there! At times of last minute party emergencies, an LBD is one outfit that you can ALWAYS rely on! But what about makeup? How would you team a LBD with your makeup? Read on!

1.The Pin Up Girl Look:

          Now, this is one of my favorite looks to do! Quick, easy and simply beautiful! A pin up girl look will look beautiful with a detailed LBD. This simple look can add so much to your outfit and glam up your whole look! 
Points to note:
Matte finish
Deepening of eye socket
Soft Brows
Glossy finish winged liner
Peachy blush
Slight contouring
Bold red lips! 

2. Smokey Neutral and Bold Lips!

   Good for a less detailed LBD!

Points To Note:
Dewy Foundation
Neutral smokey eyes with winged liner
Peach blush
Loads of mascara or individual lashes at the outer corner
Defined eyebrows
Red lips

3. The Sultry:

A great pick for a plain LBD that need some oomph effect!
Points To Note:
Green sultry eye makeup to add color
Peach blush
Defined brows
Peachy frosty lips

4. The Natural:

Simple, Elegant, Classy

Points To Note:
Peach bluch
Soft Brows
Baby pink lips
Winged liner

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: Miss Claire Glimmer Sticks For Eyes!

                         Hey everyone! How do you feel when you buy something at an extremely cheap rate followed by decent quality, good results and multiple choices? Seven Heaven! I hear you! Today I will be reviewing eye pencils from a Korean brand, Miss Claire!



SHADES: Almost every shade is there! I have got 8 shades ( graphite, silky silver, pearl white, copper, tahitian blue, gold, royal blue and spring green ). There was another green, another blue called denim blue and a purple one which i did not buy and i regret :|

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

                      When I first entered the makeup and beauty world, I was always in search of an extremely affordable price tag! I really like Korean products cause of their packaging, decent quality and affordable price! I've had a good experience with them and hence I picked graphite, silver and royal blue first, followed by the rest! Before using any product, I sanitize them! Just something you should do too if the seal is broken or if your scared :P
                            These pencils come with a transparent plastic wrapped around them ( thank goodness! ). The body of the pencil is the color of the pencil. Hence they are so easy to locate in a box full of eye pencils! These look fairly nice and nothing too extraordinary. It is just like any other wooden eye pencil. The nib tends to become blunt fast because of its creamy texture. It is travel friendly as the cover of the pencil does not come off which i really like! It is sleek and can fit in your purse if you carry makeup for touch ups!
                             The pencils are creamy and glide on smoothly but i have noticed that after I put concealer and set my concealer on my lids, it does not have the intensity that it usually does! It turns out to be less intense hence i need to swipe 2-3 times to get that desired color. It has shimmer in it but it doesn't look OTT! Infact it makes my eyes look awake! It is not matte! I didn't like shimmer much but this beauty changed my views! It stays on my oily lids for 6 hours plus with slight fading and transfers on my lower lash line. It does not sting.
TIP: To reduce transfer or smudging of any eye pencil, apply compact powder and then move on to your eye pencil and finish by patting an eyeshadow of the same color.
                               However, I like using these on my lower lash line when i create eye makeup looks to really make my eyes stand out! They come out darker in my lower lash line and even lasts long. The white and silver really pops my eyes! I sometimes use these eye pencils on my lid to create smokey eyes or as a base for my eyeshadows. Since it is creamy, it blends well and easily.


Below is the water resistant test although it does not claim:

When water is sprayed

- SO affordable!
- Travel friendly packaging
- MANY shades to choose from!
- Shimmer isn't too OTT and makes eyes look bright! ( I dislike glitter and too much shimmer in eye pencils and eye primers because it irritates my eyes! This is perfect! )
- Does not sting when used on the waterline
- Water resistant
- Easily available in some places!
- Lasts very long and even stays on long!
- Creamy
- Will suit normal/combi and dry skin better!

- Smudges and transfers.
- Some eye pencils are sold without the transparent packaging which is creepy cause there might be germs!
- These brands are not easily available in some parts of India
- The cover might dent if you close your draw carelessly with the cover  popping up ( better than plastic covers that crack )
- Creamy texture, product wastage
- Not for oily lids and under eye! Specially if your searching for something that will not smudge or transfer!
- Transfers and smudges less if you powder, swipe, powder again!
- Shimmer's ( if you cannot stand shimmer! )


                          These pencils would be ideal for all the college going girls as they are affordable, creamy, lasts for a decent time and available in many colors! I have tried quite a few products from this brand and I can say that I really like this brand! If you come across their single eyeshadow pots, BUY IT! Its a must-have at a very good rate! 

Recommend? Yes! Only INR 50/- afterall so no harm trying!

Repurchase? No and that's because it's going to last for a long time! Plus there are other Korean brands that I would love to try!

Rating: 3.5/5 (-0.5 for smudging and transferring, -0.5 for some being sold without their transparent packaging and -0.5 for application)

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Review: Maybelline Colossal Kajal!

                      Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline Colossal Kajal! We all know the importance of kajal in a girl's life! Sometimes searching for the right one is so difficult! Here's the review! :)


COLOSSAL WEAR: Never before 6 hours of smudge resistant wear. Exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge or fade. No more touch ups.

COLOSSAL CARE: The ultimate in care with a combination of 5 caring ingredients. Formula enriched with Vitamin E soothes the eyes.

INGREDIENTS: Mentioned in the packaging it comes with. I threw it long time back!

SHADES: ONLY black :(

PRICE: INR 175/-

                      The only reason that I purchased this kajal, Packaging. Period. The advertise looked so good! How could I just not buy it? So it was one HOT day when I decided to put this kajal into test because of its claim! It comes in a twist up packaging and as you can see, the print fades a bit :( . When I applied it on my upper lashline, it tugged! I cannot pull one line at a stretch and need to apply it in short strokes. If you want to sport a winged liner , this WILL tug!
TIP: Before using, warm it up with your fingers to get a smooth application. 
                        Since I have a heavy hand, there was not a time when the tip did NOT break! The tip is quite delicate and easy to break, product wastage. It quite dark which i really love but I have seen eye pencils that are darker! I applied it at 7:45 AM and came back at 3:15 one day (7 hours+). I even tried it less than 7 hours. I could see my kajal transferred to the under eye area, i.e, panda eyes. I thought it was cause of heat and decided to use it in a.c places. SAME RESULT. It does not sting. It finishes quite fast as experienced by mom, aunt and friend. It finished fast for me because I only broke the tip! :P. I've also observed that my kajal is drier!
                     I was upset until one day my friend raved about this product! It worked wonders for her! She had claimed that the eye pencil did not bulge or smudge even when she slept with her kajal on! ( she has combination skin and dry eye area ) *TING* Then something dawned my mind. My OILY LIDS! what added to the problem was my concealer. I cannot step out without my concealer. I tried it once without concealer and instead of concealer i powdered my eyelids and under eye and the results were way better! So i assume that it would be suitable for those who do not have oily lids. As for the waterline, it smudges on me and not my friend cause i have watery eyes. I have so many problems :/ ! It is also difficult to remove! Below are the water resistant and water proof tests ( although they don't claim ):

When water is sprayed on it 

After rubbing it slightly!

- Dark
- Availability
- Affordable price
- Lasts for a long time
- Water resistant
- Attractive packaging
- Smudge proof, bulge proof on normal/combination and dry skin types!
- Said to have 5 caring ingredients and vitamin E
- No need to sharpen
- Delicate tip

- Does not perform well on oily lids, oily under eyes or watery eyes
- Only one shade
- Tugs

All though the colossal did not keep up to its claims when it came to me, it definitely lived up to every claim on my mom, aunt and friend! It seems that it is their HG kajal up to date and mind you that they are all kajal people! :P It is a staple in their makeup stash! As for me, I've tried a thousand eye pencils and my search still continues...........</3

Recommend? Yes for normal/combi/dry! No for oily lids!

Repurchase? Not for me! My mom, aunt and my friend is on their 4th one now cause they LOVE IT! Its their HG :O

Rating: 3.5/5 from my side (-0.5 for delicate tip, -0.5 for dry texture which only applied to my colossal and -0.5 for the smudging and transferring on my oily lids!) and from the other's ( mom, aunt and friend ) its a 5/5! They say it finishes fast BUT they are not willing to minus marks for that! :P

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review: Lakme Insta-Liner!

                                  Hey everyone, I'll start off by narrating my eye liner journey.  Okay, when i was small, I would always look up to parties for the reason that my mom and aunties use to put makeup for me! Black eye liner, pink blush and blood red, fuchsia or baby pink lipstick was what I would be dolled up with! As i grew older, makeup use to be  "occasional" for me. For wedding's I would use mine my mother's *cough* eye pencil which would smudge and give me panda eyes and which some gloss or lip balm. One of my favourites that time was Avon Glimmersticks in satin grey or something, which I wore ONCE cause I never got to see it again! :(. It was when i was 16 when my best friend told me that i should put black eyeliner or kajal cause i would look "PRETTY" in it. As a teen, I wanted to look pretty, obviously! I started my lining my waterline ( don't know how many hours I took just to line my waterline AND I ended up with tiny eyes and looked like a witch :/ ). Then, my best friend told me to line my upper lash line and I started lining my upper lash line with biotique kajal (OMG I KNOW!). After seeing the difference, my love for makeup started and a line of dud's followed. I LOVED my VOV felt tip eyeliner which was like a pen and ultimately it got over which is so sad :(. It was my HG and since that was discontinued, I bought this, since I see almost every Indian woman with this bottle!




SHADES: Black only

PRICE: Best part, ONLY INR 75/-!

SHELF LIFE: 30 months. I used it beyond its shelf life and noticed that the product did not cause any harm or change in texture.

                  Yes, even i thought it was a nail polish at the beginning and hence i do not like the appearance of it! Thanks to the short handle and nail polish type of bottle. The packaging is sturdy as one of my best friend's have the same thing. Her cats keep jumping around the house and dropped the bottle when the bottle was uncovered. Yes, disaster! After the product came out, she was left with an almost empty eye liner bottle! I wonder how she managed to clean the floor up! ANYWAYS, the writing on the packaging fades with time and looks cheap ultimately. I have two bottles and I was shocked to observe some points! Below is the applicators of the two:


                                     As visible, the old bottle has a finer tip than the new one. I even observed that application with the older applicator is much easier as it is firm yet flexible! While the new applicator does not have firmness and hence it makes the application difficult! These eyeliners draw the finest lines and hence it is ideal for those seeking liners with fine tips. The liners dry to a matte finish. It is not the Blackest black BUT it is the perfect black for light skin tones! Hence, it makes my eyes look less harsh! Darker skin tones even look extremely beautiful with this liner! ( i tried it on my friends ). The formula compared to my other liners is runny, not dripping runny! You will notice that because it is runny, it spreads easily! To get a bold winged liner, i dip the applicator 2-3 times as compared to other liners I own. The other liners dry extremely fast and hence application is both difficult ( cannot correct the line once set ) and easy ( No transferring )

                    You can even see that the old bottle gives a smooth application and hence the eyeliner appears dark while the new applicator gives streaky application and makes eyeliner appear lighter because of the applicator. 

                    The eye liner takes A LOT of time to dry. I use to smudge it almost every time in the beginning! How I started avoiding that is by applying the liner below my crease and not dare to look up while it dried. What else added to the problem? My hooded lids!. If you look up while its still wet, the eye liner will transfer on to your lid. Even, when you apply it near your tear ducts and blink after application, It transfers. PAIN.
                      However, when this eyeliner dries, it stays put for a long time!  I put this eye liner to college everyday and it stays put for the whole day ( 6 hours plus ). When I am home, I noticed that the eyeliner still managed to look fresh. Mind you, I have very oily lids and live in an extremely hot and humid place! It is strange when it stays put for such a long time because once I just went to take a nap for sometime and it faded A LOT! Do not rub your eyes when you have this on as you will notice fading. When I rubbed my eyes, there was transfer of eyeliner in a powdery form! 
                      Removing this is IMPOSSIBLE without getting panda eyes and black streaks on your face! It claimed to be water resistant and here was the test:

                     It has surely lived to the claim of being water resistant! I even tried splashing water on my face previously, nothing happened BUT DO NOT rub your eyes when its wet. PLEASE. Specially before you go to meet your lover!
                     As time passed by, I became steady in applying liner and I do not face any issues with this liner now! It is my HG everyday liner! I used this liner in the past a lot and use it at present everyday for college ( bold winged liner ) but i still did not manage to finish half of it! 

- Affordable
- Easily Available
- Very fine tip
- Sturdy
- Formula is runny. Suitable for beginners who would take time to get the perfect line
- Water-resistant
- Stays on for 6 hours plus with very light fading!
- Matte finish ( for those who like matte finishes )
- Not the darkest black but dark enough to suit all skin tones!
- Short Handle ( for those who prefer )
- Comfortable on the eyes unlike some eyeliners!
- Does not sting my eyes
- Even after using it after the expiry date, i noticed it did no harm to my sensitive eyes or change in texture!
- That 9 ml bottle will last a life time!

- Only available in black! C'MON LAKME!
- Boring packaging
- Short handle ( I personally prefer long handles )
- Takes a lot of time to dry
- Applicator differs from bottle to bottle!
- Messy to take off
- Not very suitable for hooded lids in the initial stage ( when your a beginner )
- Some applicators are not firm and apply streaky and hence you have to keep dipping and go over the line again to get that black!

                   Lakme Insta-Liner is a water-resistant liner with a runny formula. Since the formula is runny and takes sometime to dry, it would be good for beginners as the runny formula would spread better and gives time to those who take time to draw a straight line. The packaging could be improved but its okay for the price since the product in the bottle is good! It stays on for 6 hours plus with slight fading. This bottle lasts for a long time! It is difficult to even finish half the bottle! However, before purchasing it, i would advice you to check the applicator before buying. Despite its flaws, to me it turns out to be a winner! What more could you want at an affordable price tag by an Indian Company? That's why so many women have or had this eye liner for years! It has managed to be a staple in my vanity as my HG everyday liner. I have many eyeliners but i noticed that I always turn back to this!

REPURCHASE? Got 2 bottles already. Will last my entire life time.

RECOMMEND? Absolutely! If you want to perfect any eye liner style, I would advice you to start off with this eye liner to make your hand steady!

RATING: 4.5/5 ( -0.5 for time to dry ) I did not minus marks for applicators as you can avoid it by checking from before unless, you purchase this online. The rest are not such a disadvantage once your hand gets steady!

                   Hope you liked the review guys! What is your favourite eyeliner? :) I shall be back soon! Bye! Much Love <3.

Review: Makeover Eyeshadow!

                                  Hey everyone! Hope you had a good day! Before I start, I want to say that sometimes  every time, i fall for products with cute packaging and products that have an affordable price tag! Even after I've gone through so many duds, i still didn't learn a lesson. After all, some things never change :P. So, while i was walking through one of my favourite makeup shops, something caught my eye. Something colourful, something big, something affordable! My favourite shopkeeper saw me, "Maam! Aap ko kuch chahiye? Mera paas naya cheez hai! ". For all those who do not understand hindi, and even for those who do :P- "Maam, do you want anything? I have new things!". I resisted, I tried but the devil always wins in me! :P. the price tag, quantity and colours caught my heart and here is the review! 

                       Why do all these Korean products have Paris attached to it? :/ just an observation! 



SHADES: There are blues, greens, purples, white, etc.! 

PRICE: Ranges from INR150-200, Depends from where you buy it!

                      It is quite big I know! The eye shadow comes with a screw top transparent cover. Hence, it is easy to locate them if you have quite a collection! I picked up two shades that i really wanted in my vanity, i.e, Shade 28 (a beautiful purple) and Shade 19 (matte white). I dropped the white one the very first day, NOTHING happend! :O.
                     As i reached home, I quickly tried to swatch them because they looked so beautifully pigmented! On touching, it felt smooth and silky so i had expected to get decent results. I swiped my finger lightly, nothing came. Second try, same result. It tested my patience and i swirled my finger round and round the dibbi (container) and there! I could see SOME colour! If that was the case with my fingers, what about my brush? How will it show up on my horrible dark eyes? I tried it with a brush and TAPPED it on my eyes. I uselessly made my brush dirty, FAIL. No wait, EPIC FAIL!.
                        When i tried blending the colour with a blending brush, the intensity which I so difficultly built up, faded. Suddenly I remember why eye primers even existed in the makeup world. It even failed with my eye primer :/. It was not my primer's fault cause that is my favourite primer for POPPING colours. This one didn't POP, it was POOP!. The colours only show after packing on layers of eye shadow for 5 minutes. Hence, it is NOT ideal for the 5 minute makeup emergencies! These do not even have good staying power. It fades as time passes and almost vanishes by the time I'm home. I have shifted them from my vanity to the other box which contains "fairly okay" products :P. I just use them occasionally maybe to set my eye pencils or when I try creating new looks.



- Easily Available
- Variety of shades
- Affordable
- Decent Packaging
- Does not break and crumble easily
- Smooth and silky to touch
-  Variety of finishes

- Bad pigmentation
- One needs to pack colour on for 5 minutes to achieve the shade in the container.                                
- NOT emergency friendly
- Very low staying power
- Not ideal for blending or smokey eyes
- Fails to show up well even with an eye primer.
- No price given. Hence, you can be cheated! :O

                                                 SUMMING IT UP:

                       Makeover Paris has a variety of eye shadow shades to choose from, with an affordable price tag. The quantity provided is quite a lot and will last a long long time! It feels smooth and silky to touch and has a variety of finishes like matte, satin, shimmer, etc. Despite these good things, the eye shadow does not score even a point in its quality! A lot of product is to be packed to get the desired colour and would not be ideal for 5 minute makeup emergencies as it takes 5 minutes to really pack on the colour! It does not have good staying power as it starts fading quickly and is not ideal for creating smokey looks!



You can get better eye shadows and palettes within the INR150-200 range.

RATING: 1/5 

Thought for the day. Attractive packaging, good quantity and price tag is not always the stairways to happiness and content. Do not judge a book by it's cover! :P. Thanks for stopping by! Much love <3.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Favourite Lipstick Shades!

                        Hey guys, sorry for not coming up with a post today! Today i was too busy hence i could not do a proper post! Okay we all know i love lipsticks but what are my go-to shades for every occasion? they say that a girl's vanity case SHOULD have a red lipstick which I truly believe! Other than red, what are the other colours that dominate my vanity? Check it out! 

                               MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK SHADES:

1. INGLOT 194: I LOVE fuchsia's any lipstick in the pink family, oh wait, I love all shades almost :P. This is one of my favourites! A lovely barbie pink! 

2. INGLOT 264: That Kim Kardashian shade! Me love!

3. COLORBAR VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK in HOT HOT HOT: Firstly they could have just named it hot :/. Anyway, this shade IS HOT no doubt! The brightest, most vibrant, attention seeking red! ;)

4. COLORBAR VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK in OBSESSED ORANGE: I never liked orange till my friend told me to buy it. LOVE! 

5. MEILIN LIPSTICK in SASSY PINK: Pink lipstick with lovely purple undertones! Looks beautiful with eye makeup!

6.TEEN TEEN LIPSTICK 61: The coral that i lusted for my whole life time! <3

                 Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day! What are your favourite lipsticks? Much Love! <3

Friday, 19 April 2013

My Perfume Collection!

                   Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing good <3 The weather is lovely here! Today I thought I'd do a really short post. Reason being, I have lots in store for you guys! Being a blogger surely isn't easy I have figured out! Anyways today i wanted to show you my small perfume collection! Enjoy! :)


Mariah Carey
Incanto Bliss - Ferragamo
Christina Aguilera
Curious - Britney Spears
Midnight Fantasy - Britney Spears

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipliner!

                            Hey guys I'm back with a post! Before I move on to the review, I want to say that I'm totally a lipstick person! Earlier it was only balm and gloss for me. Lipsticks.. errrr! we all go through that phrase don't we? I love lipsticks for the reason that they just give a twist to your whole look! It is a MUST for me to use lip liners since I love lippies! So here it goes! :)


SHADES: 630 Velvet Beige, 150 Stellar Pink, 750 Choco Pop, 338 Midnight Plum, 775 Copper Brown, 540 Hollywood Red.

                    I have Velvet Beige, Stellar Pink and Hollywood Red.


PRICE: INR 250/-


                     Keep your lip color looking beautiful with coordinating lip liners that won’t smudge and smear.
Slant tip and slim-line barrel provide precise application and control for a perfectly defined look

Since I'm a college student, searching for budget buys is VERY necessary specially if you hoard makeup (like me). I came across this online when i was newbie in lipstick. I had got it last year for INR 200 when the price was originally INR 210 which become INR 250 this year! The shades are very limited and not very interesting!   
             Packaging of this lip liner is just like any other. A wooden pencil that needs to be sharpened every now and then. The body of the lip liner is sleek and the colour of the body is the colour of the lip liner and hence it is easy to identify the shade! It is travel friendly as the cover does not come off easily.
           When i used the lip liner at first, i found it tugging on my lips because of my exceptionally dry lips! After i applied a lip balm and waited for it to sink in, i found the application much smoother and easier to apply! It gives an opaque coverage to my lips, however, if you have badly pigmented lips, you will need 2-3 swipes more. The nib of the lip liner did not break and it needs to be sharpened after 2-3 uses!
            Now, at first it looked so beautiful! Until, it was half an hour after application, my lips felt dry,tight and the lip liner began to settle into my fine lines! Oh My! Since then i started using it as a base for my lipstick and the results were much better! It made my lipstick last longer and the results were fairly good! During summers, these lip liners tend to become softer and go on better and behave better! It's a no-no for winter! All of the shades have shimmer in them but that's not a problem as the shimmer isn't too OTT. In fact it gives a nice glossy sheen and makes lips look healthy when applied. The shimmer does not settle into fine lines. The shimmer travels if you try to remove it with a tissue! It transfers!
               Velvet Beige is a lovely brownish lip liner with shimmer. It might be a nude shade for dusky beauties!  Stellar Pink appears to be more frosty and shimmery. I love it! Hollywood Red, well, who named this one? Cause its surely not the "Hollywood Red" which we think off! :/ BUT! I love the shade! I think they should have named this Hollywood Maroon cause it does irl! :P
elow are the swatches!




- Affordable
- Long lasting
- Good as a base for lipsticks
- The nib does not break easily
- Decent pigmentation
- Good coverage

- Very limited and boring shades!
- Tugs on lips if your lips are dry
- Heavily pigmented lips will need 2-3 swipes
- Cannot be worn alone
- Very drying
- Needs sharpening after 2-3 uses ( product wastage )
- Accentuates dry lips; lip balm needed!
- During winters, the pencil becomes hard!
- Contains shimmer ( may be a con for some! )
- Transferssss!

              All those who want to try out lip liners that are affordable, this is a great pick! The dryness of this lip liner can be solved with a good lip balm beneath. It provides as a good base for lipsticks and is smooth to apply during the summers! It gives an opaque coverage. However, heavily pigmented lips will need 2-3 swipes. It has shimmer but does not look OTT and make lips look healthy.

RECOMMEND? Yes. For those searching for affordable lip liners.

REPURCHASE? No. Because I have other lip liners which i love BUT IF maybelline launches more vibrant shades, I will DEFINITELY repurchase :)

RATING: 3/5 ( -0.5 for very boring shades, -0.5 on application during the winters and -0.5 for dryness and -0.5 for tranferring )

Hope I helped! Thanks and stay tuned guys! :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Review: Garnier Anti Dark Circle Tinted Eye Roll-On

                        Hey everyone! I'm reviewing my HG everyday concealer today so stay tuned!



Taken from
Dark circles not only make you look tired but also darken your eye contour. Garnier introduces Light Anti Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Eye Roll-on, the 1st refreshing roll-on with dual anti dark circles action

    Instant covering action: Concentrated in mineral pigments, it covers dark circles in a flash. Giving you soft, natural looking finish for long lasting wear.
    Anti dark circle hydrating care: Enriched with caffeine and pure lemon essence, known for its brightening properties, it combines a hydrating formula and the draining effect of a massage to effectively reduce dark circles and reveal a radiant and fresh look.
    Available for 2 skin tones 
    1. Fair 
    2. Medium
Proven efficacy:
- Dark circles are perfectly covered and appear reduced
- Eye contour is refreshed and brighter
How to use: Apply Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll On to the eye contour area in light circular massaging movements. The liquid will be applied automatically via the roller ball. If necessary, use your finger tips to spread evenly.
Recommended usage: Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.



              Is it just me or is it that im unlucky when it comes to packaging? over time, the product turned out to look like this.

                                              EWWWW! =/

            *SIGH!* Anyway, Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll-On comes in a sleek pen like packaging. There are 4-5 shades but India hoards 2 shades i.e fair and medium. I have seen some shops stock dark too! Although i have used this product religiously for a year and a half ( under my eye AND my PIMPLES ), it is still not over! No matter how much concealer I've used for the entire face, I'm still stuck with it. Yes, i use it on my pimples, you read it right. It does a fairly good job in decreasing my pimple's redness! This product as a thin consistency which i like as its easy to blend and gets absorbed fast. It took a good amount of time for me to learn how to use it properly!
              I purchased the shade fair and it has strong yellow undertones. Medium claims to have pink undertones to it. This product spreads easily and hence you don't require a whole lot of product. Yellow is said to correct dark circles and this does a great job! It doesn't completely camouflage my dark circles but it does reduce my dark circles and make my eyes look more awake! It gives a cooling sensation to my eyes. Even after using it every single day, I've noticed no cooling sensation! This concealer dries to a matte finish and sadly emphasizes fine lines! Girls with dry under eye area would hence not like it! I've worn this in the horrible humid and sweaty climate and it lasted for a long long time! I got 7 hours of wear with slight fading through the day because of oily under eye area and a not so great setting powder! It photographs well and makes me look awake. The roller is a nice massager but too bad a lot of product comes out =/. Below are the swatches:


                Yes i know it looks very yellowish! When set with powder, it becomes okay BUT one question arises and that is, if this is fair then how would medium and dark be? I have seen the swatches of medium and there is just a slight difference! By the swatch, you can see i have horrible dark circles. It looks less horrid cause of lighting! I just dot them in a triangular shape and blend with my fingers. You can see how it spreads and gives me medium matte coverage. The last swatch shows how it emphasizes fine lines (i did not moisturise my undereye) ! It is NOT buildable and hence i would advice you not to use too much of the product! 

- Long lasting ( 7 hours+ with slight fading )
- Matte finish ( for oilies )
- Cooling sensation
- Makes eyes look visibly awake 
- Yellow undertone eliminates dark circles
- Absorbs fast 
- Easy to use and blend
- Travel friendly
- Takes a long long time to finish
- Very affordable

- Limited shades, fair and medium
- Packaging becomes messy after usage
- Not buildable
- Emphasizes fine lines ( if under eye is not moisturised and powdered )
- Does not cure dark circles

Recommended? Yes, if you are searching for an everyday concealer, this is perfect for you! Dry under eye eyes should be well moisturized before application! 

Repurchase? Yes for daily wear. Got another as a back up and the first one is still not over! 

Rating: 3.5/5 ( -1.5 for limited shades, messy packaging, emphasizing fine lines if under eye is not moisturized and powdered )

Review: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture!

                  Hey guys I'm back with a product review and its my " Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer For Oily/Combination Skin! ". I wanted to try this moisturizer for a long long time but i did not purchase it cause of the price and cause I had other moisturizers to finish :P. It was one fine day when my dad bought this from  a supermarket. The SA had told my dad to give this a try cause dad use to get itchiness and rashes after a shower! Like always, all the cosmetics land up in my cupboard. ANYWAYS, lets move on to the review!




               Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for combination skin is clinically proven to normalise combination skin by moisturising dry areas while controlling shine in oily areas. Moisturises dry areas, lightweight, non-greasy formula, formula moisturises where skin is dry, without leaving it oily or shiny.
                  Controls shine in oily areas. Clinically proven, oil-absorbing MICROSPONGE system controls oil and shine in the T-zone for a natural matte finish all day.
- Won't clog pores
- Alcohol-free
- Allergy tested
- Fragrance free



PRICE: INR 299/-


                      This product is simply AMAZING and has become my HG moisturizer. It claims a lot and lives up to its claims! The packaging looks classy and it comes in a pump dispenser form. Sadly, it does not have a cover and hence the fear of accumulation at the nozzle is there! I don't know whether its only my product or not but the pump simply does not work! I actually got late for college once because i was trying to take the product out for half an hour :| . Ultimately I had to open the pump and take the product from the pipe ( read UNHYGIENIC AND BACTERIA! ). Below is a pic of the pump that does not work!

                                                                           See? =[

                                I had to transfer this to another bottle. Anyways, I've whined enough about the packaging! Moving on, the formula is BEAUTIFUL! It is fragrance free. The smell is very pleasant and not at all disturbing. The formula is white and non-greasy. It spreads easily into the skin. At first your face feels a bit sweaty but when it sets in a few seconds, your skin is left feeling fresh, soft and non-oily! It keeps the skin mattified which i haven't experienced in any moisturizer till today! Although it claims to keep the face matte for the whole day, it has managed to keep me oil-free for 2 hours after which i get little shiny! This would not be a good option for dry skinned beauties!
                               I have used this product as a base and it has worked beautifully! It made my foundation go on smoother, controlled shine and made my makeup last longer than it usually does, in this pathetic humid climate! I use this product three times a day along with my cleanser and toner and it works just fine. There were some girls who claimed they broke out but it did not break out on my skin AND I have sensitive,acne-prone skin! Good results considering the price you pay! Overall I recommend this to normal/combi/oily skinned girls! Fantastic product!

- Keeps skin matte for 2 hours in this heat, which is great cause i did not get this result from other moisturizers!

- Non- greasy
- Spreads and absorbs easily
- Pump dispenser
- Fragrance free
- Good results and hence you don't get the pinch of spending INR299/- =P
- Skin feels fresh, soft, smooth
- Good as a makeup base
- Does not break me out


- It does not keep me oil-free the WHOLE day
- Would not be moisturizing enough for dry skinned beauties
- Breaks out some girls! =O
- There is an alcohol content =|

Will I Buy This Again? ABSOLUTELY! <3

RATING: 4.5/5 (-.5 for packaging! )

Friday, 5 April 2013

Maybelline BB Stick Review!

            Hey guys! This is my first product review and I'm so excited! :D. I'm Emmy from Kolkata and I love anything associated with makeup! I wish to be a makeup artist one day! I'm a college student and hence i cannot afford premium brands! But i will try my best to review whatever I can! Thanks for stopping by! <3
        So! There seems to be quite a hype about BB creams in the market! When the awaited maybelline clear glow bb cream was launched in the market.. It didn't suit oilies! Next, garnier bb cream.. Good for oilies but no coverage! Next came the "Maybelline Clear Glow Shine Free Clear Stick With Micro-Minerals SPF 21 PA++". Firstly, why the python size name? :/ anyways lets see how it fares! :)

Maybelline BB Stick:- 




SHADES: Only available in 2 shades , radiance and fawn ! (I picked up radiance for my fair skin)




 It Provides 8 benefits in just 1 step!  
1.    Instantly brightens: Brightens skin to one tone lighter.
2.    Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++: Has a smooth, light & non-greasy texture.
3.    Evens tone: Hides imperfections & corrects uneven skin tone.
4.    Hydrates: Moisturizes all day (8 hours).
5.    Conceals: Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes & redness.
6.    Smoothes: Instantly makes skin softer & smoother.
7.    Mattifies: Controls shine all day.
8.    Freshens: Resists sweat & sebum for 5 hours.


PACKAGING: Is it just me or does the packaging look super cute? Lipstick like packaging makes the product so easy to use! It is so travel friendly because of its compact size and sturdy cover. The shade of the BB cream can be identified with the sticker at the bottom , along with the manufacturing date. The ingredients and other details are provided with the plastic packaging that comes with it ( which i discarded cause of my impatience to use this cutie! )

( Note : I have layered it only once! )

  INSTANTLY BRIGHTENS SKIN TO ONE TONE LIGHTER: True! At first when i swiped the product on my face, it came out 2 shades darker than my skin tone. I was like, " Ewwww! ". Then

I started blending in the product with my fingers and it felt "Oh So Lovely!". To my surprise the product blended so well with my skin tone! It actually made my skin one tone lighter !

SPF AND TEXTURE/SMOOTHES: True! It comes with SPF 21/PA++ which is good for girls who do not like layering products on their skin *like me*. Texture is like rubbing feathers on your skin! Smooth, light and non-greasy! It even contains Salicyclic Acid which is said to be good for acne. I cannot comment on that, however, I have experienced no break outs!

EVENS SKIN TONE AND HIDES IMPERFECTIONS: True! It evens out my skin tone! I have a darker forehead and it evens out my forehead like the rest of my face!

HYDRATES FOR 8 HOURS: True! The product mattifies but at the same time it does not dry my skin out, considering my oily skin. It keeps me mattified yet hydrated for a long long time! ( i have tested this for 7 hours and seeing the results, it can definitely last longer! ) I have dry patches on my nose, it did not emphasize it! Dry skinned beauties can even use this product with a moisturizer underneath so not a problem! 

CONCEALS: ALRIGHT folks! Pay attention now! lol :P. For those who have bad acne like mine, horrible red angry pimples, it does not conceal them! It conceals the veins on my cheeks and conceals my open pores, giving it an airbrushed and flawless look! For acne, it does not conceal acne completely but it does make them look less red! I would say it is a medium coverage and can be layered :)

MATTIFIES/FRESHENS FOR 5 HOURS: Having horrible oily skin, I have noticed that I am oil-free for 4 hours with my neutrogena oil-free moisturizer as base. However, when i use the product over a primer, it keeps me oil-free for 5 hours! It does not oxidize or melt!

The YAY'S:

Smooth, softer skin
Blends well and brightens skin
Mattifies and hydrates for a long time
Evens out skin tone
Medium Coverage
Contains SPF 21/PA++ and Salicyclic Acid
Gives a flawless airbrushed look
Does not Melt
Convenient Packaging
Very affordable price!
Looks good in no flash photography

The NAY'S:

Only two shades available, radiance and fawn
Looks BAD in flash photography! (depends on your camera!)

Considering the humidity in Kolkata and the price you pay for the product, this product is a must-have for oily skin! Maybelline BB stick comes in a small lipstick like packaging. It evens out the skin tone and controls oil and serum and keeps the face fresh for 4-5 hours. It has medium coverage and can be layered. It contains salicyclic acid which is good for acne. It has SPF 21/PA++. Overall a recommended product for oily-skinned beauties! 5/5 ( considering the price you pay for such a good product! :D ).

Please Note: Products are only recommended through experience of my own. I do not support or endorse any brand.