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What I Loved Last Month & Loving This Month! A Mini Review :)

              Hello Darlings! Long time no blogging thanks to the amount of work I have these days! So much work in so little time! Lately, My super duper oily skin has become a SAHARA DESERT! :O. I broke out so badly and I had to change every bit of my skin routine and foundation routine just to calm my skin down. After so much of trial, I finally found some stuffs that my skin is loving. There are days when it is quite chilly and some days when the humidity is slightly more. My super oily skin is sometimes combination and sometimes dry or super dry! Here are some of the things that I seem to be reaching out the most lately!

I LOVE.......

1. Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation in Nude Light 4 - This was one product I always had in mind but kept away from it after hearing that it does not fare well on oily skin. So, after my skin became dry, I did not want to spend a huge amount on a foundation for a few months. Results? I LOVE IT! Review to come up soon! 

2. Miss Claire Full Coverage Makeup in 06 Glow - First when I saw this, this is an exact replica of the NYX concealer in a jar! I thought it to be worthless until I used it and I am in love! The price is so good and the best part? The amazing shade range! 8 shades and the lightest one seems to be a beautiful yellow toned concealer. The other shades are pretty dark which is so good! I use this as a corrector and it's beautiful! I will talk about it more after using it more and yes I think it will be a rave review!

3. Lakme Rose Powder - This powder is super budget friendly and gives such great results! Reviewed HERE.

4. Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon & Peachy Sweetie - This is even more famous than some celebrities I feel! :P. A beautiful budget buy! :) 

5. Kryolan Ultra Underbase - If you read the review HERE. You will notice that this does not at all suit oily skin. Since my skin becomes very dry at times, this seems to be my favourite base! 

6. Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream ( Fair 01 ) & Ponds BB Cream - BB creams tend to be more forgiving on dry skin. These two beauties seem to be my " go to " on a daily basis. Gives a lovely medium coverage and lasts well in this weather!

7. Kryolan TV Paintstick in FS 45 - Reviewed HERE. A must have for a special event! Along with my underbase, it suits my very dry skin to the T! 

8. Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact in Ivory Fair - It did not control oil very well during the summers but during the winters, it gives a beautiful finish to the skin and controls whatever little oil that tends to come up the surface. Forgiving on dry skin unlike many compacts! Oh and it has an SPF 23! :D 

 9. Nivea Lip Balm In Cherry - After seeing the video by Lisa Eldridge on the stained berry lip look, I wanted a berry lip balm! I didn't really like berry lips till I saw the video. I opened my draw and found this long lost beauty and every since, it seems to be my everyday fall lip colour, over my lip pencil. 

10. Kryolan Cake Liner - It's in every LOTD & Tutorial & Favourites Mini Review. Check the review HERE.

11. Miss Claire Glimmer Stick For Eyes In Graphite - So Cheap and So Good. Since this fall, grey eye makeup is in trend, it's something I look out for quite often! Reviewed HERE.

12. Jordana Fine Liner in Black - A beautiful liner. I have forgotten my other liners because of this beauty.

13. Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner in Metallic Silver - Budgetted, long lasting, creamy. 

14. Miss Claire Eyeshadows in Silver, Grey and Black - Beautifully pigmented, cheap, easy to blend and lasts for so long. The shades are perfect for fall.

15. Maybelline Eye Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt - I will always love you. Review HERE. .

16. Jordana Quick Liner For Lips in Ruby Stone - Budgetted, beautiful berry lip liner. 

17. Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash - Mild, Soap free and suits my dry skin well.

18. Olay Natural White Night Cream - Moisturising, makes skin look healthy, lightens spots very slightly. Overall, a good night cream. 

19. Dabur Gulabari Rose Water - The only toner that works for me atm and saving my skin from becoming worse! Along with glycerin, it's my Hero!

20. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel - Soothes my dry skin like anything. Also, since I can't use salicylic acid on my dry skin now, this heals my acne slowly. Reviewed HERE.

21. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Moisturizer - Sometimes the weather becomes pagla ( mad ) like how my dad says :P. So when my skin does not feel stretchy and feels rather moisturized, this is my choice. Reviewed HERE.

22. Honey Drops Glycerin - I LOVE GLYCERIN lately! I use it for bath, use it for face packs, use it with rose water and I think everyone needs to have a bottle!

23. Nivea Soft Cream - When skin feels dry, this saves my skin from tearing apart. It's light and when used in right amounts, moisturizes your face instead of greasing you!

24. Dabur Gulabari Cold Cream - I use to collect any and every cold cream in winter, just for it's tiny tiny container specially ponds cold cream. I love collecting tiny cold creams. So far out of all my collections, I tried ponds and I tried Dabur. This cold cream wins over ponds! Ponds leave my skin so oily and greasy. This cold cream vanishes into my pores and makes my skin feel so smooth and soft! Even my teacher loves it! :P. It even smells beautiful! I will get a bigger jar!

Sorry guys, I said this was going to be a mini review but I hope you enjoyed it! I am loving this items in the cold but I am absolutely prepared for the severe cold weather to come unlike last year! My skin had craters more than the moon! :\ 

What are your current favourites? :)

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

EOTD: Eye Makeup For Diwali #2!

              Hello my Beauties! After posting yesterday's EOTD, I was so excited that I did another EOTD! When the Maybelline eye tattoo's were launched, I wanted one in EVERY shade. I didn't buy gold and now I regret cause bold gold is SO pretty! If you have bold gold, and an eyeshadow palette in these EOTD's that I am doing, you can MASTER these looks! Since I said that I would be focusing on golden more than any other shade, expect a lot of blingy post's till Diwali! Funny part is that even though I'm doing so many looks, I myself don't know what eye makeup to do on Diwali! :P  




Faces Metaliglow Eye Primer reviewed HERE.
VOV Golden Cream Eyeshadow
Miss Claire Eyeshadow in 0434
VOV Eyeshadow Palette
Jordana Fine Liner for Eyes
Lakme Ultimate Kohl
Kryolan False Lashes in TV 2
Kryolan Cake Liner reviewed HERE.
Miss Claire Glimmerstick for Eyes in Gold reviewed HERE.
Elle 18 Eye Sparklers in Blue Blast

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What combinations do you like with gold?

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Friday, 25 October 2013

EOTD: Diwali Eye Makeup!

              Hello Gorgeous! The other day I tried to do this post and thanks to my AMAZING *COUGH* internet connection, I could not complete this! Remember the story about Midas and whatever he touched, turned into gold? No, this is not a story telling post. Just about the colour gold. I NEVER liked gold. I always preferred silver cause it looks PRETTIER! I would always choose silver instead of gold. Silver dress, accessories, silver paper, silver glitter and the sparkly silver fuljari (fire cracker) that would light up golden. The sparks with the sparkly silver fire cracker would look so amazingly beautiful! 
             My love for gold started when I joined the makeup world and of course the festival of lights, Diwali ! I love Diwali for the sole reason that it's so pretty with golden crackers everywhere and I see A LOT of people including gold in their outfits and makeup! So the other day when I decided to do an eye makeup keeping Diwali in mind, the first thing that popped in my head was GOLD. Indian's look so beautiful with gold be it eye makeup, jewelry, a sari, anything! I did this eye makeup long back when I attended a dinner party and got tons of compliments for it and that's when I decided that this look HAS to go up my blog one day! And I think Diwali is the perfect time for this look! Do let me know if you want a tutorial for this look! :)

Just a pic of what I would team it with! I didn't plan on face pic's and hence the barely there makeup! :P



Kryolan TV Paint Stick reviewed HERE.
Lotus Herbals Purestay Face Powder reviewed HERE.
Lakme Rose Powder reviewed HERE.
Kryolan Ultra Underbase reviewed HERE.
Meylon Waterproof Bronzer
VOV Blusher


Jordana Eye Primer reviewed HERE.
Kryolan Cake Liner In Black reviewed HERE.
VOV Golden Eyeshadow Palette
Miss Claire Eye Shadows ( black, brown )
VOV Gold Cream Eyeshadow ( I LOVE )
Miss Claire Eye Pencil in Gold reviewed HERE.
Lakme Insta-Liner reviewed HERE.
Faces Eye Pencil In Black


Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Pencil In Hollywood Red reviewed HERE.
Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Windsor Rose

I could not find my collection of falsies as I arranged my vanity and draw so please excuse me! Falsies will be up soon in my other diwali looks! :D You can do this eye makeup in other colours too! :)

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Let me know if you have requests!

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Review & Comparison: Kryolan TV Paint Stick in FS45 & Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme in D3 & D4!

              Hello Beauties! My sincere apologies with you all! I had no internet.. in fact it's still so slow! Plus I have so many cartridges to complete ( who said geography is easy? :/ ). Lately I have been getting quite a lot of questions about the Kryolan TV Paint Stick and Kryolan Dermacolor. Questions like:
" Is it suitable for oily skin? "
" Is kryolan Paint Stick better or Kryolan Derma Color? "
" Is it okay to use Kryolan base every single day? "
So on and so forth....

This is going to be a comparative post sort of so i hope everyone's questions will be answered! Let's see which fares better shall we? :D



Firstly, both of them come in every shade for every skin tone but availability can be an issue in shade selection. You can visit to check which shade will suit you the best. The swatches are right as far as I have checked with my products. They both have correctors. Both are an investment. If you don't know what to pick, pick Derma Color. I'll tell you why...

1. TV Paint Stick is INR 800/- and Dermacolor comes in different sizes starting at INR 350/- which is a STEAL! 

2. INR 800/- for one TV Paint Stick. You can buy 2 Derma Colors at INR 700/-. My advice, buy one corrector and by one which suits your skin tone and you will be a happy woman.

3. TV Paint Stick can be the best option for those with normal/dry skin. Both do heavy duty concealing. I don't find the need to use a concealer. Just build up on places you need good coverage and you're done. 

4. Derma Color is for combi/oily skin. Why? It has a more matte finish as compared to TV Paint Stick. Even though it has a more matte finish, it does NOT emphasize dry patches.

5. If you have oily skin and have skin problems, go for derma color. Why not the TV Paint Stick? 
TV Paint Stick is said to clog pores and break out some! Yes! What about derma color? Good news! Derma color is non-comedogenic AND it is MADE for skin problems! Concealing and healing! Now THAT is so AWESOME! 

6. Both have a life span of 4 years. I don't see myself finishing the TV Paint Stick but I am sure I will finish Derma Color by then! 

7. Both are equally long lasting! You wear it from morning till noon or evening and it's there. Touch up is necessary as they both are quite heavy bases. I become oily super fast whatever I use but all I care about is the lasting power of bases. TV Paint Stick makes me oilier faster than Derma Color. This is probably because TV Paint Stick gives that healthy glow and natural finish to the face while Derma Color gives a more natural matte finish. Derma Color controls oil slightly more than TV Paint Stick.

8. They both WILL cake on you if you do NOT get the application right. If you are a beginner, warm up the product and use a damn sponge and you will get an even coverage. Warming up the product is the key to a flawless base. So, warm it up or apply in dots, the product on your face, wait, blend. I find that warming up and leaving it on the face for sometime really helps blending the products well. I use a stippling brush or paddle brush for full coverage.

9. You can simply PLAY with the coverage! It is that buildable! I am referring to both of them.

10. After blending, do wait for the foundation to set as powdering it up instantly can make it look.... not so pretty!

11. Both can be used as foundation and concealer! SO HELPFUL while packing your suitcases for a holiday!

12. The TV Paint Stick comes in a twist up stick which is more convenient compared to the Derma Color containers.

13. Both are travel friendly.

14. Not exactly a pro but Derma Color has a decent packaging compared to TV Paint Stick! TV Paint Stick has such a cheap packaging :/.

15. Both need a primer or base underneath. Reason? They go on much smoother! You don't want to get saggy skin do you? 



Overall, I think I like Derma Color MORE. Reason that it conceals and heals at the same time! Otherwise they both are equally good in terms of their claims!



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Which one do you like more? Share below! 

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wicked Witch Eye Makeup Tutorial

                     Hello everyone! I'm so busy lately that by the time I'm home from college.. I'm fully dead! T.T. Anyways I got a request for my very first LOTD and I was SO excited! :D. I only did the eye makeup part as my skin is going through a pathetic time! Sorry my reader! :(
               Although I cannot do the face, I will give you the base makeup in details and go ahead with the eye tutorial. Before that, let us get a glimpse of the evil witch/spirit or whatever she is! Oh you know the serial finished? :O Even in the dying scene, the evil witch had amazing makeup on! LOL :P OKAY. STOP. A reminder of how she looks! 

She's such a stunner..... No! I'm not a lesbian! 


When you see her face.. the first thing you notice is how matte it is! I don't know why but I just feel like her face spells KRYOLAN! Maybe I like Kryolan products a bit too much! :P. Alright so her base is FLAWLESS. You will not see a single mark on her face. In my condition it is impossible since I have really bad skin atm. Her base is strictly matte. She is mostly seen in red lipstick and her blush always matches the shade of the lippie. 98% of the times you will see her in the above look. Her blusher and lipstick is matte as well most of the times. 

Apply your base with a buffing brush and buff it in for an airbrush finish ( If you have large pores ). If you have good skin, go in for a lighter coverage and use your foundation wedge or paddle brush for an even coverage. Concealer is SO important here. Reason? That black eye will make you look like a raccoon! Please conceal. Even correct and conceal ALL redness as the red lippie and blush will make your acne more visible! I used very simple everyday products and my skin is always in a bad phase. If I had to do the makeup again with my existing products, these would be my picks....

1. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
2. Kryolan TV Paint Stick 
3. Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
4. My Korean Bronzer instead of blush ( Since I do not have sharp features like Anamika )
5. Nice Shop Duo Brow Powder for those dark brows
6. Kryolan Lashes TV 2
7. Gala Of London Lipstick No. 315 Dreams. Its SUPER cheap and SUPER pretty! I got so many gorgeous reds but I'll go with GALA since it's my current favourite :P.
8. Maybelline Gel Liner as my base 
9. Faces Metaliglow Primer reviewed HERE.
10. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate.

Here's what I use for the eyes! 


1. PREP & PRIME! PAAP MAAT KARO! ( Don't sin :P ).

2. Tightline your eyes and line them. It does not have to be perfect.

3. Extend your liner towards your brow. To get the sharp and accurate look, tape the side of the eyes.

4. If you have hooded eyes like me, you will have to draw your fake crease using your eye pencil. If you have prominent lids, just trace the socket of your eyes.

5. Fill the empty spaces with the eye pencil. ( Reminds me of "incomplete" by Backstreet Boys! * Piano Part*....Empty spaces.. Fill me up with holes kohl! Sorry if that was lame lol! :P ) 

6. Take a matte black eyeshadow. No Chumki! Pat over the area's where you used your eye pencil/ gel liner. Almost the whole of your eye lid and your lower waterline. Take black eyeshadow on your blending brush and blend the harsh edges.

TIP: Do your base makeup after this eye makeup as there will be fall out. Pat black eyeshadow for better intensity. If you already did your base, put lots of loose powder below your eyes and dust it off later OR hold a tissue under your eye :).

7. Apply a white eye shadow as your highlighter. Do your brows.

8 & 9. Apply Falsies and you are done! Wasn't that easy? :D

I hope this tutorial helped my reader! If you have any queries or want to know about product substitutes, you can surely comment below! 

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Would you like me to do more of makeup tuts? Share your comments below!

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

What I'm Loving This Month! :D

                  Hello Darlings! No, I am not makhan marofying (buttering). I am so sorry for such a late and short post! 2nd Year of college is so hectic AND I have geography! Yes I know, Ewww. I have absolutely no time thanks to my horrible schedule but my posts will be quite short and stuff so please bear with me! 
                  I recently hauled a bit. Yeah yeah nothing new I know! I have discovered and learnt new things in makeup and also improved in some aspect and hence my edited photo's! :P. Very soon I shall be putting up a post on heat proof makeup and makeup for monsoons since the rain is so unpredictable. This post has products that I'm using quite often this month depending on the weather. Now I shall keep my mouth shut and let the pictures do the talking! :P

These are my favourites this month! Hope you enjoyed my tiny post! 

Thanks for stopping by! Share what your favourites are below! :)

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Buyincoins Shopping Experience!

              Hello my beauties! I know I know! I have been extinct! Not that blogging became boring for me but cause my computer crashed and cause my exams are coming up! My exams are taking place from 29th August to 2nd September. After that, I shall blog regularly again! Yay! Okay so I had recieved my parcel last week and I was admiring this beauty since then! Whenever I receive or buy something new, I don't know why but it takes a lot of courage for me to dig in the product! It's just that products look better when they are new! LOL =P. If you love colors and love seeing haul posts, this is for you beautiful! <3. Saturday when I got up, this was right beside my pillow! That feeling! <3

I had bought this product from . It was my first time buying on an international website but after this, I don't have that fear anymore! Let me tell you more about this wonderful site! buyincoins is a China based online shopping site. You enter the website and you will be amazed buy the goods sold there! They sell a variety of goods, clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup, etc.! PLUS, at a really affordable rate! I LOVE! <3. I had placed my order on the 19th of July. The product was shipped on the 21st of July and I received the product on 10th August! I was impressed by the decent shipping time! I had expected it to get delayed but I was wrong! I even liked how buyincoins would update you about when they dispatch your products in your account. They even send you a picture of your parcel and hence gives you some feeling of security!

The only con with this site is the payment option! If you love COD like me, you will not like it! What I ABSOLUTELY LOVED was the condition of the product! Not a single review had stated that the product was in a good condition! Some had their eyeshadows or mirror broken! When I opened, the packaging, I was impressed by the careful and thorough packaging! See below! 

The product was wrapped in two large sheets of bubble wraps!

 Next was thermacol packaging, cellotaped.

Aaaahhhh! We are finally there! 

Look at that beauty! The eyshadows were covered with two transparent wrappings! 120 shades! They look so much brighter in real life. This was taken with the transparent wrapping and hence they look less intense! All the eyeshadow shades are different! It looks the same but it isn't! Some are very pigmented while the others are alright! I totally love this palette! It was my dream to buy this palette for few years now and now I'm so happy! :D

One product down my wishlist! :D <3 

I do highly recommend shopping from! If you are patient enough to receive your product, do give this site try! 

Did you ever shop internationally? How was your experience? Do you have this palette already? Share below!

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Pink Smokey Eyes Anyone?

                      Hello everyone! There will be a whole lot of EOTD's coming up since I have to finish tons of eyeshadows and even complete a 100 EOTD series post! This is the 3rd of the series and I hope you all like it! As always, request for tutorials are welcomed! :). I plan to focus on all colours! :D. Today I present to you an eye makeup using a very shimmery pink eyeshadow teamed with a purple eyeshadow. I love bold eye makeup just because it looks so bright and eye catching! ;). I will be doing both bold and simple eye makeup so stay tuned! You can watch my updates on my facebook page, "makeupwithemmy". Sorry for not being able to blog regularly and stuff! Computer is acting funny plus exams! I will not be blogging as much now because of university exams next month! Please don't mind! :( I hope you enjoy it! 



Qianyu 12 color eyeshadow palette. A budget must have for party makeup! 
Kryolan Cake Liner reviewed HERE.
Avon Simply Pretty Eye liner reviewed HERE. 
Kryolan False Lashes in TV 2 
Lakme Perfect Definition Eye Pencil
Miss Claire Eyeshadows ( Navy Blue and black )
Faces Go Chic Palette in Mauve Taupe ( baby pink as highlighter ) reviewed HERE.
Faces Eye Primer reviewed HERE.
Nice Shop Eyebrow Duo


Deborah Milano 5 in 1 bb cream 
Rimmel 25 hour Lasting Finish Foundation
VOV blush in 007
Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme reviewed HERE.
Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact


Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Champagne

I am not very fond of pink eyeshadow's and I don't know why! I'm beginning to like it though!

Do you have a particular pink eyeshadow that you just LOVE?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Match Your Eye Makeup To Your Earrings Instead!

                Hello everyone! Last night I was going through my makeup stash and I came across this berry eyeshadow that I bought long time back just because it was the last piece! =P.  I didn't use it as nothing came in my head till last night I felt creative! This eyeshadow is so pigmented and such a beautiful colour! I even had a glitter palette that I bought because it was really affordable and now I'm beginning to like the palette A LOT! I'm beginning to like bold eye makeup! Too bad I cannot wear them or people would be like O.o? I am really wanting to do a 100 posts on eye makeup all composed by myself! I hope you all liked this look! :D 

Here are the pictures of my eye! 

These are all the pics that managed to upload to the comp.. I don't know where the other files are! =\. 

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! <3

Requests for tutorials are ALWAYS welcomed! :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Jordana Eye Primer!

              Hello everyone! Now I will be reviewing my very FIRST eye primer that I really like! Another product from Jordana! I have quite a few Jordana products that I love because of its price tag and quality! 



Enhances the wear and color of your eyeshadow

Ingredients list and expiry date is missing! 

SHADES: Jordana say's 2 shades available. I haven't seen the second one! It is supposed to be yellow toned!



This product comes in a screw packaging. The moment I saw this in the shop, I HAD to have it! I was a beginner and I wanted to know the wonders of an eye primer. Plus, my favourite shopkeeper had two pieces! I asked him the price, 140 he said, I thought I heard wrong but nope! =D

There was a problem of the base moving that was faced by many bloggers. Many thought it was packaging problem so did I. I was upset to find the packaging this way until one day I was playing with screw drivers and found out that the packaging is made convenient for depotting! I really liked the fact that I could depot it with so much ease! So it's not a problem at all now! 

Firstly, it's pink! Totally not for dark skinned beauties unless you are opting to go for heavy eye makeup! When you touch it, the texture is completely confusing! It is something like rubber! You have to warm it up really well to get a good amount, prevent tugging and spread it out! This was a bit of a task till I decided to use a little damp brush! The application was easier and better. 

It feels a bit sticky on application which goes away after some powdering. Once I used it over powder since I forgot to apply primer and it looked horrible! 

It POPS up eyeshadows really well! I tested this in summer and winter. If you use A LOT of this and you have oily lids, it will definitely crease badly when your lids get oily. If you apply just a bit of it, eyeshadows last for 4 hours with good intensity after which you might notice a bit of creasing. Winter has a better scenario. For that price I really don't care! :D. Therefore I use this the times when I will not be out for long! Not for a function or occasion! Oh! It brightens my eyes and covers the veins!

See the swatches under least pigmented eyeshadows and a pigmented eyeshadow!

Yes, it really does POP them! LOVE! <3


- SO affordable!
- POP'S up eyeshadows! <3
- Extends the wear of eyeshadows
- Brightens eyes
- Covers my veins

- Not easily available
- VERY weird formula
- This shade will not suit dark skinned beauties
- Creases on oily lids if used in excess
- Will not last for long functions! 
- Takes time to blend and not for 5 minute emergencies!


REPURCHASE? Got 2 already!

RATING: 4.5/5! ( Did not like the formula one bit! It was the most disappointing part! BUT I LOVE THE POP IT GIVES! Okay, I will shut up with the pop! )

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Do you own any cheap eye primers? Please Share!

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