Monday, 20 June 2016

MOTD: Purple Lips? I'll Show You How!

                          Hello everyone! it feels great posting after a long time. Hope you all are doing great. Lately, my life just seems to be... super busy? I guess it's all a part of life and hopefully all this stress and work will be rewarding some day! 

So, I was really confused regarding what post to do because this year my haul was INSANE. I can't do haul posts cause it is wayyyy too much! I also believe using each product for a decent time to review it. Hence, you would not see posts of latest products! :P

Just when I wanted to do a make up look, pictures of Aishwarya Rai from the Cannes festival went viral. I really liked one of her looks. However, in one looks, I was rather speechless. A really contrasting,bright,popping purple lip popped up my screen. I liked the fact that her look was experimental but something was just not right. There was a whole lot of negative comments but I believe she carried that lip with a whole lot of confidence. I think the look would have been perfect only if.......

Image Courtesy: Source

The eyes were toned down a bit. I think the smokey lower lash line only made her look more tired. It looks a little..harsh? Idk. I just think that something went wrong in that look. Anyway, I recreated this look in a wearable way with a purple lipstick I had somewhere in my draw! After seeing her picture, I remembered that I have the exact shade so I came up with...

No, my skin is not that flawless, it's my camera. Also, I will never be going out with that lip colour cause I cannot imagine the amount of death stares that I will get. I went for matte skin, natural brows, highlight&contour slightly, natural falsies and soft smokey eye. Oh! and a good dose of inner corner highlight!

Products Used:

Face (all favourites by the way!)

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer 
Maybelline FIT ME! Matte & Poreless in 120 Classic Ivory
Chambor Silver Shadow Compact Powder in 003
Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation in Natural Beige
Oriflame Illuskin Concealer in Fair Light
The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 02
Miss Claire Pressed Powder in 07
Milani Baked Blush in Bella Rosa


Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick (as eye primer) in Fair
Maybelline Colorsensational 3D Eyes Palette in Rose Quartz
Elle 18 Color Pop Eye Liner in Grey
Maybelline Color Show Crayon Kohl.. Shade name is not written on the pencil. It is the shiny beige one!
Konad Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
False Eyelashes by Odbo

Lips ( The Showstopper )

Cameleon Line'n Design in Deep Purple
Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipstick in Depraved

A 1000 pictures taken and only 1 is posted.. for obvious reasons.. I look less of a joker! :P

I think these type of make up look looks great only in pictures, youtube, instagram, blog posts. I can never really wear that out to be honest. I believe, as long as you have confidence and don't care about anyone, go ahead and do your thing! 

Hmmm, just wondering what to do for my next post? Recommendations anyone? 

Also, thank you for still READING my posts! It means a lot to me! 

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Sunday, 13 March 2016

FOTD & Mini Reviews: Keep It Casual!

                 Hello my dolls! I am back with a post and I have been getting quite a few requests to do work/college make up and review some good products as well so I thought I'd just combine the two and make both parties happy! :P When it comes to work and specially if it's a bit conservative or if you newly joined, you want to keep it casual and simple. I am just doing a bit of base, blush, lip balm/ neutral lip and eye liner or only mascara and that's it! My acne skin looks awful but trust me,  I cannot be bothered with too much make up as I look like a zombie after my working hours anyways! Lol. Lets move on to my selfie LOTD ;)

No, I do not have such flawless skin. My skin looks like the roads in Kolkata atm as I broke out like crazy! 

Now, this does not even look like I did anything. I have to say though, I used everything. Primer, concealer and the rest. I also just realised that my eyebrows are not in talking terms. Lol. Sorry but it's all because of the light! For the first time, I actually made an effort to do a FOTD in daylight! Okay I should just keep quiet and write the important things instead!

Things Used:

Clean & Clear Oil Free moisturiser: Oil-free, contains salicylic acid, non-clogging and cheap. Definitely a very good option for those who have oily/acne prone skin. 

Biotique Almond Under Eye Cream: I had literally finished all of the VLCC under eye cream and I was searching for something new. I got hold of this one as it claims to be soothing and nourishing. Firstly, soothing.. it stings your eyes if the product enters your eye so I do not really get the "soothing" part. The product does not sting once you know how to use it though and actually is kind of soothing....Strange! Nourishing? Oh yes! my under eyes do feel very nourished but I think that when I use too much of it, my under eyes become slightly oily!

Essence All About Matt Oil Control Make up Base: This product does not have that smooth silicone texture. Neither does it do very well in the oil controlling and pore refining department (Kolkata humidity). I would not say it's the best primer but it does a decent job for the price and is good enough for daily make up!

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake: To be VERY honest, I was really really disappointed with the product. Then I thought to myself, it's not really right to judge the product without using it like the way it is actually suppose to be used! So I applied this product using a damp buffing brush and I am quite impressed! Impressed, that I actually took out all my powder foundations and started testing them. I have to say, even thought some of them completely failed as a compact, they impressed me in their foundation form! I never wear powder foundations but my views are slightly changing!

Palladio Herbal Stick Concealer: I found this product while randomly window shopping. I did not expect much but I quite love it! I wish Palladio was more accessible as it's not available easily. 

Jordana Eye Primer: I will not even say anything because it is in every look of mine. Click on the link to read the review! :)

Miss Claire 98-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette: Must have. I used an eye shadow shade close to my skin colour (shimmer finish) and just defined my crease with a taupy brown and blended it. I took the same taupe brown on my lower lashes. Brightened my inner corners with the first shade I used and added more definition by lining the outer lash line with a grey eye shadow.

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Grey: Oh my Gosh. How was I even living without this one? I am a fan of grey liners and this one is super impressive. It is not waterproof. However, it is water resistent and stays till the end of my working hours. The applicator is good as you can make really thin lines. The shade is super gorgeous. A beautiful gunmetal grey with shimmers and really makes the eyes look so pretty. I love it so much that I bought the brown and green shade (equally gorgeous). I want the blue one too! <3

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes in Creamy Cinnamon & Fresh Coral: Must haves. Who does not love these? 

Sivanna Bronzed Professional Bronzer: A super budget friendly bronzer with a good mixture of warm and cool tones. I really like it! Do buy it if you get a chance! 

Essence Mosaic Compact Powder: This product is super confused. Is it suppose to be a highlighter? bronzer? compact? no idea. Essence claims it can be used as all three! I use this product as a highlighter during the day and it is pretty okay.Bronzer/compact, I don't think that idea is good. Not going to repurchase!

Lastly, Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick in Royal Rouge: If you are upset about not being able to wear red to work, don't be. This is such a beautiful and wearable red! I usually use it as a stain like as seen in the image. However, even after building it up, it is very safe to wear this shade to work. It was a beautiful creamy formula and feels very comfortable to wear! 

Konad Eye Brow Pencil: Great formula, very blend-able, stays well and I really like it! 

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara in Very Black: I love this mascara for everyday. I usually don't apply mascara. But when I do, it's this one! ;) It is not waterproof so I cannot even think of crying with this on! :P

Did you enjoy this FOTD+Mini Reviews? If yes, then do comment below! If no, then do let me know what you want to see! 

Also, I am thinking of doing a make up look inspired by Beyonce in the new music video, Hymn For The Weekend. I think that make up look is sooooo gorgeous! 

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Monday, 29 February 2016

Workaholic Favourites: Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream!

                  Hello dolls! As promised, I am going to review my work go-to makeup favourites and do some looks soon too. As you know, I started working and luckily (or unluckily) my workplace always has A.C. Unlucky, because my skin doesn't know whether to become oily or flaky. Lucky, because my skin can use dewy bases! So, I have this huge hoard of foundations as I love foundations and I need something mattifying 24/7. As I joined work, I noticed how everything just looked so cakey and dry on my skin. That is the time I thought of trying and opting for something more hydrating and lighter for everyday wear. I wanted to buy the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick as I loved it previously but I was so upset to find out that.... IT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! Is it just me or do the best products just get discontinued? :( Anyways, I went for this one because of the price and it looked like a decent product too! So dolls..... presenting you, the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream! 

I love the product's packaging. It's so cute! Also, the size is so perfect to fit into my makeup pouch (which is blue as well :P). What I like about the tube is that, you can really control the amount of product you dispense. 

The texture? Smooth, creamy and light. Very easy to work with!

The shade I have is 02 Radiance. It is not the exact bang on shade as it is more on the peachier side. However, it doesn't really matter as it adjusts pretty well on the skin and also because it does not have much coverage. 

The product takes a little time to set. When it does set, it sets into this beautiful my skin but better product. It feels very lightweight and has this beautiful sheen which makes your skin look really nice and healthy. Also, my pores are not that noticeable and my skin looks smoother and redness is minimised. It is not the type of product to conceal any marks so you definitely do need a concealer. It is a light to medium coverage BB cream, depending on your skin. 

There is but one slight problem. Oil control. This is not going to be a product for the humid, sweaty summers. When I am travelling to my work place, I do have to step out in the heat and I do feel like the product cannot handle heat very well. Right now, the weather seems all right so it's okay but I'm 100% sure that this is not for oily skin in summer. Also, you have to set it with powder if your skin is combination/oily. Oh, because it does not control oil well, don't let it mislead you to think that dry patches would be invisible! DO moisturise using something oil-free!

I noticed that I blot twice a day with blotting sheets (even after setting with powder). I thought my BB cream just slid off my skin by the end of the day.To my surprise, it was still very much there. I had it on for 10 hours! (9am to 7pm). Imagine! 

Now, I find myself reaching out for it most of the times and I can see myself finishing this tube up soon! I RECOMMEND! <3

Btw girls, which is your favourite BB cream? Could someone please confirm if the BB stick is REALLY DISCONTINUED? :( 

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Makeup Tips For The Workaholics!

 It's been a long day without you my friend,
I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.

No, relax. Nothing tragic happened but that is how I feel lately....when I see my bed! Lol. Why? I joined work recently plus doing some freelancing makeup, hence the super slow blog posts! As I am home, I want to sleep. I cannot promise that I will post 24/7 but I do promise that I will not vanish! :)

Belated Happy Valentines Day to all my Dolls! I missed you all dearly! Valentine's day I thought that I would do a post. By the time I got to it, the day ended! =\ I was thinking what to do and then I thought, since I started working, I should share my tips on what make up I wear to work or quick easy to do make up! Now let's begin......

I LOVE my bold lips and smokey eyes and crazy looks but if you are working, forget about being a rainbow to work. You have to look professional and polished. Not like you are heading for a girls night out! Hence, the "less is more" dialogue REALLY fits in! If you are working in a place where you can experiment then I really envy you. I cannot even think of colour as I work in the bank! LOL. 


I have noticed that my make up routine has changed a lot. I tend to search for products that are very easy to use, fuss free, fast, blend easily with my finger tips. Thus mousse foundations, bb/cc creams are my choice for base make up. I even tend to choose hydrating base products as my skin gets pretty dehydrated in the A.C at work. Concealers are a must for me because they just make me look well rested and cover my blemishes. I opt for hydrating under eye concealers and cream/stick concealers for concealing acne. I set my make up with a semi matte powder. Matte powders make my skin look very dead in the office lights. Semi matte powders look very natural and let's my skin look healthy and glowy. Whereas for primers, I just use a mattifying/pore refining one on my T-zone. Oh, if you are into the Kim Kardashian contouring and highlighting, then you need to stop.


 I opt for matte or luminious looking blushes. Do not put a lot of blush or a blush with lots of visible shimmer because my friend, those dreaded white office lights show EVERYTHING! I can even count the pores on my skin. Those white lights can challenge any make up artist or make up product! I even noticed that I like using cream blush because it looks soooo natural like you did not even apply blush! I have only one cream blush but I reach out for it a lot and now I am going to buy lots of it! 


Eye primer/concealer as base and neutralise darkness on the lids. A wash of eye shadow or cream eye shadow and that's it. Sticking to neutrals is a must but you must also remember to use more of mattes. If you do want to use shimmer eye shadow, restrict it to your crease. Always blend the shimmer eye shadow with a matte eye shadow. Remember to be light handed while applying or use a fluffy eye shadow brush, to give a wash of the shade on your lids. Do inner corner highlight only if your concealer is really failing to brighten your eyes! I reach out most for grey or brown eye pencil as it is subtle compared to black and give my eyes definition. Sometimes I just put eye liner on my eyes. Try avoiding cat/winged liner. Just a simple eye lining is enough. Days when I am lazy to the power of infinity, my eyelash curler and mascara is my choice!


Say goodbye to fall lips and red pouts and bold lips. Say goodbye to mattes. Okay, not exactly but you know those pretty drying ones? Go for more creamy formulas. I have so many lipsticks in my stash that just cannot lie there forever. They are so bright and pretty! How do I wear them? Stain them. It upsets me to be honest but seriously, it is much better than lying idle! If you have a huge stash of nude lippies then noone is stopping you! ;) I also see myself going A LOT for tinted lip balms. They are so easy to reapply and give me hydration on my lips.

Btw, what would be your recommendations/favourites for work or college? Would you like to see some office/college looks and product reviews for office/college friendly makeup? Don't forget to leave your comments! xx 

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

MOTD: Tips & The PERFECT Fall Lip!

                           Hello my Dolls! I am back with a look. I know I should start reviewing products again but I do not know where to begin as my stash is double the size now! lol. If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen me posting this look where I put this really dark shade of lippie. Honestly, I am very intimidated by shades like these because it makes me look all the more pale! I don't think I wear wear it out anytime soon but I LOVE the shade! Oh, even my favourite blogger friend Nivedita from MakeupandChitChat insisted that I do a MOTD post of it! ( Love you Nivi! <3 )

Here it is..........

I decided to put this one up as everything is more clear (lipstick is much darker in person). The one on my instagram with the top knot looks very ugly without edits :P. Not only that but also because my forehead was looking so huge and the makeup looked different. You know how us girls find a flaw in every pic! ;)


Keep it simple.


Matte. For some reason, I love matte foundations paired with dark lips! Others may have other preferences and that is completely fine. Make sure that all blemishes, scars, redness, darkness are all concealed. Dark lips can emphasise the smallest blemishes! Also, remember to moisturise your skin well in this dry weather. Use a hydrating primer if you wish!
I used:
Himalaya Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion (dry/very dry skin)
Oriflame Face Perfecting Primer (dry areas)
Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (for pores and T-zone)
Ashley Concealer Palette (Thai brand. For colour correcting)
Sivanna Colors Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation
Sivanna Colors Pro Make up Creamy Concealer (for blemishes)
Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation (for under eyes)
Loreal Infallible 24hr Powder Foundation


Even a makeup noob can do it. Use a primer, followed by a creamy grey eye shadow or a grey eye pencil as base. Apply it till your crease. Next, using a flat eye shadow brush, take a similar eye eye shadow and apply till crease and blend the edges. Don't forget to apply the eye shadow on your lower lashline too! Take a taupe eye shadow to define your crease and blend it with your grey eye shadow. To line my lashline, I went with a grey eye pencil. The goal is to make your lips the focus so be soft with the eye makeup! Now, if you have horrible dark circles like me, the grey eyeshadow might just make it look a bit tired. Hence, I recommend that you highlight your inner corners with a shimmer white eyeshadow. Add a bit on 1/3rd of your lower lashline. Next, instead of using white eye pencil on my lower waterline, I chose a silver. I just wanted that extra pop and it popped the eyes beautifully! Finish off with a very very natural pair of falsies. If you are one of the lucky ones with super long lashes (I envy you), just apply a few coats of mascara!
I used:
Deborah Milano Eye Perfect Primer
Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (grey shade & white shade)
Sivanna Colors Smokey Eyeshadow Palette (taupe shade for crease and outer corner)
Unbranded lashes
Meis Eyebrow Duo
Essence Mosaic Compact Powder (to highlight)
Sivanna Colors Bronzed Professional (contour)


The star products....
Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner in Cocoa Fudge
Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick in W267

FEW TIPS (my personal preferences):

ALWAYS opt for neutals when wearing shades like this. You cannot do rainbow eyes and pair this lippie. Just saying! Cause I saw one girl in broad day light with blood red eye shadow till her brows, paired with red blush and red lipstick! Oh, she was eating paani puri and everyone was a bit intimidated! :P

Go for a nude blush. This goes unsaid.

Idk why, I LOVE contouring and highlighting when I wear dark lips. Not a must but definitely a try!

Use a lip liner. Dark colors on unlined lips do not look prim and proper.

Skin needs to be as flawless as baby bum.

TADA!!! :D

BE UPDATED WITH ME (Self advertising going on here! :P)

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You can recreate my looks and tag me! I will surely put it up and appreciate it tons!

Which is the darkest shade of lippie you own? Mine is this so far! Share below!

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Sunday, 10 January 2016

3 MOTDs: Including The Pantone Colours Of The Year!


I hope this year, you all have a prosperous and a great year ahead of you! May you get all you wish and all the worlds makeup <3 Atleast I wish I do. Lol. Okay..  

Oh my goodness. I have been LONGING to post. Honestly. I don't know what on earth happened to my dongle. It was just being a....never mind. I had created looks. Yes, THREE. Two for new years and one featuring the pantone colour of the year and very obviously, nothing happened according to my plan. I AM SO SORRY! :( I even had a HORRIBLE breakout. It was so bad that I did not want to step out on Christmas even with makeup on. Now that Christmas and New Years have gone, my skin is clearing. Does this only happen to me? T_T. 

The first makeup look is what I did for Christmas Eve. You want your eye shadows and everything but you cannot go to Church looking like you are going to Park Hotel! =P Here it is.......

I love Rose Gold. I paired this with a brown liner as I wanted the look to be subtle and I like the softness of this look. I paired this with a nude peachy lippie, peachy blush and added very natural falsies. I did my brows very natural so it does not steal the subtleness of the look! 

The second makeup look, featuring what I wore for the new years:

Very simple. Let me tell you, this looks very simple. On camera, it's a different story. Every picture of mine looked so pretty! Simplicity at it's best huh? ;) This eye makeup is sooo easy to do and you can pair it with any lipstick shade that you wish. Brows are more defined, liner is sharp enough to cut haters. Just kidding. LOL.

My third look that I did yesterday after finding out the pantone colour of the year! Tbh, I LOVE how this came out! I thought pastels are boring but I really like how beautiful Rose Quartz and Serenity pair up together!

I paired it with baby pink blush, a little highlighting and a very pastel pink lippie. Tbh, this lippie looks VERY weird and washed out on me. After blotting it down, I liked how it complemented the makeup! This eye makeup is easy as well just like the other two. This one, unlike the others, did not even need 3  eye shadows! 

Also, what did you guys do for Christmas and NY? Did you do any kind of special makeup?

Which one did you love out of the three? If you want to know about any products used. Leave your comments and doubts below! xx 

Follow me to be updated with everything! 

Much Love, 
Emmy <3

Thursday, 10 December 2015


                  Hello my Dolls! Recently, my blog has really slowed down as I am very busy doing makeup in this wedding season. I cannot believe this is my 100th post. It is small, yes. However, it was slightly difficult for me. If you have ever seen my first few posts, you would see how I have 0 comments and let me tell you that it was absolutely demotivating for me. There was even a time when I had stopped blogging for a year. It was not entirely because of demotivation but also because I lost my grandmother who I was so so so close with! 

                 I wouldn't have gone back to blogging, had it been for Nivedita from Makeup&ChitChat. Yes, I am always praising her because honestly, she gave me the boost I very much needed. She is not just a beauty blogger but she is also such a beauty at heart. Today, each and every post of mine at least has some comments and I could never be more grateful. Hence, you would notice that I always reply to my readers, even if it is late. I appreciate each and every one of you reading my blog! One day, I do hope I get my own domain name and inspire millions and zillions! 

                 Very honestly, I had posted this much earlier too. I just found this picture appropriate for the post so here it is again! The caption? Yes. I feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! 

                 To all my fellow bloggers, I salute you all for your hard work. My readers? my support pillars! Okay, I shall stop the speech because I am talking as though I am receiving an Oscar award! Haha! 

                 Also, I just want to ask you all.. what post do I do next? I am totally confused! =P Till then.....

Keep Loving and Inspiring Dolls!
Emmy <3

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Review: Crushing On Elois Hair Removal Cream!

                  Hello everyone! Lately I have been having a lot of problems blogging but now I am here with a post! The first hair removal cream that I've ever used was Veet. For some reason, Veet never seemed to work for me. It use to sting a lot, have a very strong chemical smell and did not remove all of the hair. I only use hair removal creams for underarms. I don't need waxing on my hands and feet. So when I had received this products from the Company, I thought it was just like any other. Why do I love this one but? Read on!

Variants: Three. Aloe for Sensitive Skin, Rose for Normal Skin and Papaya for Dry Skin. It has 100% Natural Extracts!

Price: INR 40/-


I had used the dry skin variant as during winters, my underarms tend to be very dry which leads to itchiness. The tubes come with a pink spatula and a leaflet with the required instructions. I did not do a patch test because I don't do patch tests. I know it's not good considering my skin problems! Anyway, the product was easy to apply just like any hair removal cream. Also, I did not detect any strong chemical smell. The smell was very mild and non-irritating. It is said to have the product on for a maximum time of 7 minutes. I faced very very slight tingling, not at all bothersome. Usually, I have a problem in removing the hair but it was not the case with this one. Hair came out very easily. 

After removal, I usually experience a bad stinging sensation if I use roll-on/deodorant. I use hair removal creams before bath by the way. I thought it would be the same for this one but honestly, I did not get any sting from it. I can wear sleeveless for a good 4 days. Even when the hair grew back, it did not poke and cause discomfort or dryness. It remained moisturised and comfortable.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product! If you face problems like I do with hair removal creams, give this a try. Specially the Papaya Variant this winter. You will not be disappointed. I would repurchase it!

Note: Although this is sent by the Company to me, my review is completely honest like always. 

Try it to believe it! :)

UPDATE: I tried the rose and aloe vera variants too and faced no issues! :)

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Savior Foundation For Me This Winter!

                 Hello my Dolls! Lately I have been quite busy. The past few days I have been running around doing makeup as the wedding season is here and it was a crazy experience! No, I am not trying to boast. This is related to the post! :P I kept telling myself that the Maybelline Dream Satin Skin is not for my oily skin but after my skin became very dry, I decided to try it as it's affordable! I wanted to buy the Dream Liquid Mousse (LOVE IT) but can't find my shade anywhere :( Did this one impress me? This post was requested by my Lady love, Nivedita from MakeupandChitChat

You will see this pearl necklace very often because I love it :P

Price: INR 700
Shades: 6. I am shade 02 (Porcelain)

Before picking this up, I kept telling the SA a big NO. The moment she swatched and blended it.... well, we all know what happens! Haha. This shade is a little pink for me but thankfully it is not that noticeable. The amount dispensed can be controlled so hardly any wastage. 

This foundation has a creamy/whipped consistency and imparts a medium coverage, dewy finish to the skin. Also, the finish is quite tacky and doesn't really go so I have to set it with powder. Funny part was when I touched by face while it was still tacky, I saw my finger print on my face LOL. So better set it with powder or let it set for a while if you have very dry skin. My skin looks quite poreless and smooth! Because it is tacky, expect it to transfer on to your phone. All foundations transfer for me so not really a con. 

My skin loves the hydration and moisturisation this product provides. However, it does emphasize a bit of my dry patches in my nose area. I was required to work in the a.c from morning to evening and this foundation stayed on (9 hours) and made my skin hydrated throughout. I just had to do a single touch up through the day. This foundation has good sun protection, i.e, SPF 24 PA++. It does not give a whitish cast. Yes, I am serious. I wore this to a place without a.c and it fared well but I was required to touch up more. So, this is not your summer foundation. 

 I did not use any primer! :D


A big YAY for me! I think it is my go-to for my current skin condition. A NAY if you have very oily skin or for the summers. I will admit and say that I still love the Dream Mousse Liquid more BUT this is not bad at all.

If your skin is very dehydrated and dry because of the dry air, do try this! Don't think of trying this in summers unless your skin is dry throughout the year! 

Have any of you'll used this? What is your favourite winter foundation?

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Eyebrow Favorites & Tips For Sparse Brows!

                           Hello Dolls! This post was requested by Anurima from KohlandStilettos. Anurima had asked me about my eyebrow routine and frankly speaking, I didn't know how to go about it. Reasons are:

1. I thread/tweeze and trim my own brows and shaped them myself. Don't ask about my first few times. Ever.

2. I take pictures from my phone. Hence, posing while threading or plucking is like some stunt for me. 

About My Eyebrows:

  •  I got very very scarce eyebrows. Empty spaces in my eyebrows are as depressing as the empty spaces in my life. LOL.

  •  A black eyebrow pencil/shadow makes my eyebrows look like shinchan (a cartoon boy with super thick rectangular brows). A brown eyebrow pencil/shadow makes it look like my eyebrows had some cadbury chocolate. So a grey suited me until..
I highlighted my hair....and find dark browns the best!

Here is a picture of my natural looking brows. If you did not check this post then click HERE.

And this one is a picture where my brows are more dramatic! Check out the Buttterfly Post! If you like Rihanna, then check my Fall MOTD where EVERYTHING is bold. From brows to eye shadow to lips!

Compare the two pictures above. It might not be very noticeable but if you check my Adele Eye Makeup Tutorial, you will be able to see a good difference.

When I have to do natural brows, I use only one shade of eyebrow pencil/shadow (taupy brown). With that one shade, I just define the outer arch of my brows and fill the rest of the eyebrow with the remaining product on the brush. Brush it with a spoolie to soften it and I am sorted.

When I have to do more dramatic brows, I use two shades of eyebrow pencil/shadow. Darker one to fill the outer arch and the lighter one to fill in the remaining eyebrows. Brush it with a spoolie to blend it and done. I do not use eyebrow wax or anything. If it is VERY unruly, I groom it with aloe vera gel, hair gel/spray or a liquid lipstick sealer (yes, you read that right!). It is very rarely that I set it with anything because it is good enough!

Favorite Brow Products:

1. Maybelline New York Fashion Brow in Brown. Dolls, if you did not buy this product by now, you are missing out on amazing stuff! Even a beginner can use this! 

2. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown. I love this when I have to darken my brows a bit but I cannot use it alone as it is quite warm.

3. Konad Drawing Style Eyebrow in Dark Brown. I am surprised that it is not very popular because this one is really good! It is so easily to blend if you go a bit overboard and the quantity is a lot! I have been using it since a long time and I have not even made half way through!

4. Meis Eyebrow Powder. I picked this up from some random shop in the market and it turned out to be such a good product! I use this on almost ALL my EOTDS. Oh and I even got three brow stencils. All sealed very well. Only for INR 120. Whaaaaa?

5. Nyx Eyebrow Gel. To be honest, this one is a PAIN to squeeze out of the tube. I really liked this because it stayed forever and my "brows were on fleek". The shade however was just too chocolaty (my fault partly cause I chose the wrong shade). I cannot afford to use it alone. 

6. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel is like one of the only brands that has clear aloe vera gel. I use this for everything and my brows too at times! Does a decent job at it!

7. Pick up any hair spray, spray it on your spoolie and it will do a fantastic job. 

8. Lipcote Lipstick Sealer. Yes, funny part is that I never used it to set lipstick. LOL. However, one day my brows needed trimming and I didn't have the time so I thought to myself that if this seals in lipstick, it should seal in brows too right? (I made no sense). So there I was, coating my spoolie with the sealer and applying it on my brows. Very impressed! My eyebrows looked tamed and it wasn't hard or anything. Very natural. 

Before I end the post, I would have to say that my Desi Dolls are so blessed with beautiful eyebrows! I always admired them and wish I have brows like you all because mine are sparse. Most of my friends don't even need any brow product cause their eyebrows are so beautiful. I will not be ungrateful. So I will say that I like the fact that I maintain my own eyebrows. No arguing with the parlour ladies for anything! ;)

Do let me know your favourite product dolls and if you have had any horrible eyebrow experience! (First time, my eye brows were so thin that my mother refused to let me go out. LOL!)

Ping me for requests or anything you wish and do be updated with me on social media and tag me everywhere if you wish! :)

Much Love,
Emmy <3

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Requested Review: Sivanna Colours Smokey & Brown Eyeshadow Palette!

                  Hello Dolls! Today I will be reviewing the Sivanna Colours Eye shadow Palettes in Smokey & Brown. I had bought this quite sometime back and use it very very often. This review was requested by Nivedita from MakeupAndChitChat. Sivanna Colours has become quite popular in the blogosphere.  I use to use the products even before it became popular. I love the variety of makeup that they offer at such an amazing rate. So let's head on with the review! 

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I had better pictures of this but there is a problem with my IPad! :(

Price: INR 350 ( Prices may vary )
Shades: Pink, Natural, Naked, Smokey and Brown

These eye shadows are a very similar dupe of the NYX eye shadow palettes and even share the same names. The palettes have a sponge tip applicator which is of decent quality so no complaints!

Smokey: Is it just me or I am sold when I see a beautiful purple eye shadow? It was the same with this palette.
 L-R: This Silver-Grey is a beautiful shade. It is my kind of silver. It is more like gun metal. This shade is very smooth to touch and has good pigmentation. Blends without a fuss.
The second shade is a matte black and you maybe already disappointed with the swatch. I think this black has a good, smooth buildable pigmentation. I like this black because sometimes when I want to do a black smokey eye, I go for this. It is more forgiving against my colouring. I still love a super matte black though!
The third shade..... Let us take a moment to appreciate this shade. Okay done! This plummy purple is soooo gorgeous and I was crossing my fingers before using it the first time. It has the same pigmentation and smoothness as the first shade. Love it!
The fourth: I like it for slight brightening when I do not want to use any shimmer for highlighting and that's about it. NEXT!
Fifth Shade: This shade is a very helpful transitional shade on my colouring. I did want it to be more pigmented. This shade would not even show up on on my Dolls with darker skin! 
Sixth Shade: I love this one. It is smooth, decent in pigmentation, defines my crease beautifully and an amazing contouring shade on my colouring. 

Overall: Although it is a good palette, I do wish that the last three eye shadows had better pigmentation. Also, the shades cater to a very limited number of skin tones. If you do have extremely pigmented lids then I don't think it would show much except for the first three shades. Recommended!

Brown: I use this palette quite often. I used it in my very recent Adele makeup tutorial and Adele MOTD
First Shade (L-R), a matte brown with a good, smooth pigmentation. It would make a great transitional shade for my wheatish dolls. I like to use this shade to define my crease in some eye makeup looks. 
Second shade, I like this shade on top of eye primer as my base eye shadow. This shade also helps me blend the harsh edges of any look. It has a smooth and decent pigmentation. This shade however, might not show up on darker skinned dolls! 
Third Shade, this shade is a taupy brown and I love this shade to define outer corners and my crease. It has a good and smooth pigmentation and texture.
Fourth Shade, This shade is slightly warmer than the first shade. It has golden shimmers which is not OTT and looks quite pretty. 
Fifth Shade, this one is a common shade between both the palettes. This is a wee bit warmer and a bit more sheer. Once again, a great shade for contouring for me and also a good one for slight definition in the crease. 
Sixth Shade, the best in this palette for sure! It is a very beautiful bronzey brown and has good pigmentation and really smooth to touch. I love it!

Overall: I use this palette quite often as it is very helpful for me BUT those who are dark skinned and have really pigmented lids, this palette too will have a bit of problem showing up on your lids except for the darker colours. Also, I will be very honest and say that the palette should not have two similar looking browns (1st&4th shade). They should have replaced it with a beautiful golden shade and a rose gold shade. I know the palette's name is Brown but similar shades in a palette really puts me off! Overall though, I would say it's a great palette at a good budget and I use this almost every time! Recommended! 

I will also have to say that these palettes are priced well so they do perform well for the price. They last for 4 hours without a primer and with a primer, they last much longer! You cannot go wrong with these palettes because they are very friendly to use. These palettes are available on flipkart. I bought this from Kolkata itself. I have quite a few sivanna products and I really like them!

Do let me know it you have any queries. Do you have any Sivanna Colours favourites or tried any of their products?

Much Love,
Emmy <3.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Requested Picture Tutorial: Adele's "Hello" Look!

                  Hello Dolls! Few days back, I had done a MOTD, inspired by Adele's look in Hello. Swathi from curiousandconfusedme and Sangeeta from BeautyNyx requested me to do a tutorial for this look and I was so happy to do it because I love receiving feedback and requests from my readers! Even though the makeup looks very simple, it does require a bit of work. It is easier for me to do picture tutorials as lighting and gadgets is a big issue (reason why I still cannot start youtubing). I thought I would just tell you how to go about the face makeup and elaborate on the eye makeup so here it is! 


Prep your skin really well and get rid of any dry flakes as Adele's complexion is kept matte. If you prefer a dewy finish because of dry skin then it's not an issue! 
Apply foundation, concealer, powder. After each application, let them set well.
Enjoy contouring your face because Adele has a strong contour like always!
Apply a very nude shade of blush to just enhance the cheeks.


Matte again. Choose a nice lipstick shade that is the shade of your lips or something similar.


1. Prime your lids with a tinted eye primer and dust it with compact, to even out discoloration. If you do not have a tinted one, use concealer and powder.

2. Take an eye shadow shade that is a little lighter/similar to your skin tone.

3. Apply with a flat eye shadow brush on your lid to your crease.

4. Next, take a taupe brown shade on an angled eye shadow brush.

5.mark your crease. If you have hooded lids like me, mark it just above the fold like I did.

6. Take a warm dark brown shade and go over the area you marked.

Blend the outer corner and crease very slightly as this eye makeup is supposed to look crisp.

8. Go for the skin shade again, this time with a fluffy brush.

9. Blend it above the marked crease till your browbone.

10. Take your eye pencil and very very roughly, with a light hand, line your lower lash line. This is because we only want to give an illusion of thick lashes on the lower lash line.

11. Take a grey toned brown/dark brown or grey on your smudger brush and blend the two on your lower lash line.

12. Use a jet black matte eyeliner. Adele does not use a glossy one. 

13. Adele does not have a dramatic cat liner so line your eyes normally like you would. Keep note that the lid shade shows through or else it defeats the purpose.

14. Highlight your inner corners and brow bone with a pearl/shimmery (not glittery) eye shadow.

15. Apply a nude eye pencil on your water line, to make your eyes appear bigger. Apply volumising mascara in your lower lash line well. Do the same with your upper lash line. Do your brows (brows on fleek kind), apply false lashes (short in the inner corners, longer in the outer corners)....

I like this more than my last look because the lighting came out better! For the list of products, you can check HERE. 

Hope you guys loved it as much as me! If you have any more requests, you can send a sample picture or any of my previous EOTD'S.

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